Central Virginia Mustang Club


Annual Central Virginia Spring Car Show





16th Annual Central Virginia Spring Car Show!


Rules and Regulations

1.           Pre-Registration Deadline is April 15th midnight.  If not registered by April 15th, registration the day of show will be available.

2.           All show cars, with model year before 1997, are recommended to have a FIRE EXTINGUISHER mounted or in the trunk.

3.           Popular Vote includes all show cars which may receive a top ten award for their class.

4.           Popular Vote ballot per show entrant included in registration packet.

5.           NO AWARDS will be mailed - MUST BE PRESENT to receive award. Awards will be presented as soon as humanly possible.

6.           For liability purposes NO tents, banners, or individual display signs of any type will be allowed in the show.  This will be strictly enforced.

7.           If any vehicle/engine is started or moved during the show, to include award presentations, that vehicle will be disqualified for an award.

8.          Any vehicle speeding, doing burnouts, smoking tires, or racing on or around show field will NOT be tolerated.