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MCA President’s Awards



Lunch Social-Brock's BBQ-1/27/2024

Virginia International Auto Show-2/16-18/2024

MCA 60th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Birmingham-4/5-7/2024

Mustang Day Cruise-4/13/2024

Mustang Day-Charlotte NC-4/17/2024

Great American Pony Drive-4/8-24/2024

17th Annual Spring Show-4/27/2024

Ford Nationals-Carlisle PA-5/31/2004-6/2/2024

Richmond Ford Cruise In-6/8/2024



Winter Party-1/14/2023

Virginia International Auto Show-2/17-19/2023

Lunch Social-Shorty’s Diner-2/25/2023

Lunch Social-Giovanni’s-3/11/2023

Ponies In The Smokies-3/21-25/2023

Laurels of Willow Creek Cruise-In-4/16/2023

Mustang Day Celebration-4/22/2023

16th Annual Spring Show-4/29/2023

Bon Air Parade-5/13/2023

National Memorial Day Parade-5/29/2023

Sanston Memorial Day Parade-5/29/2023

Ford Nationals-Carlisle PA-6/2-4/2023

Richmond Ford Cruise In-6/3/2023

Father's Day Cruise In at Vitality Living West End-6/11/2023

Father's Day Cruise In at Bickford Senior Living-6/17/2023

Beaverdam Independence Day Parade-7/4/2023

Dry Ice Cleaning Demo-Performance Autosport-8/13/2023

Woodward Dream Cruise, Mustang Alley and Mustang Memories Car Shows-Michigan-8/19-20/2023

38th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/16/2023

Midlothian Day Parade-10/21/2023

Leaf Cruise-10/28/2023

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/19/2023

Prince George Christmas Parade-12/2/2023

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/3/2023

Wreaths Across America-12/16/2023

Dominion Raceway Holiday Laps-12/16/2023



Lunch Social-Ashton Creek Vineyards-2/19/2022

Lunch Social-Legend Brewery-3/5/2022

Lunch Social-Northside Grill-3/20/2022

MCA National Show-Florence-4/1-3/2022

National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade-4/9/2022

Mustang Day Cruise-4/16/2022

15th Annual Spring Show-4/30/2022

Great American Pony Drive-5/2022

Chocolate Fox Show-Hershey PA-5/12-14/2022

National Memorial Day Parade-5/30/2022

Sanston Memorial Day Parade-5/30/2022

Richmond Ford Cruise In-6/4/2022

Wave Church Father’s Day Cruise-In-6/19/2022

Ford Nationals-Carlisle PA-6/3-5/2022

CVMC Picnic-6/25/2022

Beaverdam Independence Day Parade-7/4/2022

Flying Circus Airshow & Hot Air Balloon Cruise-8/20/2022

MCA Grand National Show-Evans GA-9/2-4/2022

37th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/17/2022

Glen Allen Day Parade-10/8/2022

Midlothian Day Parade-10/15/2022

Leaf Cruise-10/29/2022

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/20/2022

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/4/2022

Providence Forge Christmas Parade-12/11/2022

Wreaths Across America-12/17/2022

Dominion Raceway Holiday Laps-12/18/2022



Ford Nationals-Carlisle PA-6/4-6/2021

Hole In The Wall Cruise-6/27/2021

Vampire Penguin Shaved Snow & Desserts Social-7/14/2021

Beaverdam Independence Day Parade-7/3/2021

Woodward Dream Cruise-8/21/2021

Chris Evans' Mustang Mods-9/2021

MCA Show-Oklahoma-9/3-5/2021

Sandston 100 Year Parade-9/6/2021

36th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/18/2021

Leaf Cruise-10/30/2021

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/5/2021

Wreaths Across America-12/18/2021



Virginia International Auto Show-2/16/2020

Beaverdam Independence Day Parade-7/4/2020

Ford Nationals-Carlisle PA-7/31/2000-8/2/2020

Richlands Dairy Cruise-7/18/2020

Charlottesville Cruise-8/8/2020

Goochland Drive-In-8/24/2020

Richmond Raceway Track Laps-11/7/2020

VIR Full Throttle-11/14/2020

Wreaths Across America-12/19/2020



Virginia International Auto Show-2/17/2019

14th Annual Spring Show-4/27/2019

Richmond Raceway Track Laps-6/23/2019

MCA Grand National Show-Fredericksburg-9/1/2019

35th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/14/2019

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/24/2019

Trailer Wrap-12/5/2019



Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/7/2018



33rd Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/19/2017

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/19/2017

Christmas Party-12/2/2017



Virginia International Auto Show-3/10/2016

Mustang Day Cruise-4/18/2016

Ford Nationals-Carlisle PA-6/3/2016

32nd Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/17/2016

Richmond Raceway Track Laps-11/6/2016

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/20/2016



Virginia International Auto Show-3/13-15/2015

10th Annual Spring Show-5/2/2015

31st Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/19/2015

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/22/2015



Virginia International Auto Show-3/23/2014

CVMC Mustang 50th Birthday Party-4/5/2014

MCA 50th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Charlotte-4/17/2014

9th Annual Spring Show-5/2/2014

Round-Up At Smithfield-5/17/2014

National Memorial Day Parade-5/26/2014

MCA National Show-Savannah-2014

30th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/13/2014

Leaf Cruise-11/2/2014



Virginia International Auto Show-2/2013

8th Annual Spring Show-4/20/2013

29th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/21/2013

Leaf Cruise-10/26/2013



Virginia International Auto Show-3/24/2012

7th Annual Spring Show-4/21/2012

Crossroads Ford Cruise In-6/2012

O’Reilly’s Cruise In-3/17/2012

Roll With Cole Car Show-3/17/2012

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/18/2012

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/2/2012



6th Annual Spring Show-4/30/2011

Bon Air Parade-5/7/2011

National Memorial Day Parade-5/29/2011

Richmond Ford Cruise In-6/2011

27th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/24/2011

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/20/2011

Christmas Party-12/3/2011



5th Annual Spring Show-4/17/2010

National Independence Day Parade-7/3/2010

Bon Air Parade-5/8/2010

Richmond Ford Cruise In-6/5/2010

Leaf Cruise-10/23/2010

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/21/2010



Virginia International Auto Show-3/12-13/2009

4th Annual Spring Show-4/25/2009

Bon Air Parade-5/9/2009

Blackstone Cruise In-5/9/2009

2010 Mustang Debut-5/16/2009

Kenbridge Memorial Day Parade-5/23/2009

National Memorial Day Parade-5/25/2009

Sandston Memorial Day Parade-5/25/2009

SVT Cobra Club at VIR-5/30-6/1/2008

Richmond Ford Cruise In-6/13/2009

MCA National Show-Raleigh, NC-7/3-5/2009

Carroll Lipscombe Memorial-8/6/2009

25th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/19/2009

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/22/2009

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/6/2009

Christmas Party-12/5/2009

Chester Christmas Parade-12/13/2009

BOSS Shelby And Cobra Meet-2009

Peninsula Mustang Club Show-2009

SCMC Show Winston-Salem NC-2009

Williamsburg Cruise-2009



Boy Scouts Presentation-1/28/2008

Quinton Fire Department Show-3/29/2008

3rd Annual Spring Show-4/5/2008

National Capital Region Mustang Club Spring Show-4/19/2008

Bon Air Parade-5/10/2008

Kenbridge Memorial Day Parade-5/24/2008

National Memorial Day Parade-5/26/2008

SVT Cobra Club at VIR-5/30-6/1/2008

MCA Buckeye National-6/20-22/2008

Performance Autosport Open House-7/12/2008

Richmond Ford Cruise In-7/19/2008

9th Annual MDA Show-8/9/2008

Woodward Dream Cruise-8/16/2008

Woodward Dream Cruise - MRT Open House-8/16/2008

Woodward Dream Cruise - Mustang Alley-8/16/2008

Woodward Dream Cruise - Rouge Factory Tour-8/16/2008

Woodward Dream Cruise - Roush Open House-8/16/2008

Chesterfield County Fair Parade-8/22/2008

24th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/27/2008

King Queen Parade-10/18/2008

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/23/2008

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/7/2008

Chester Christmas Parade-12/14/2008

Christmas Party-12/20/2008

Boomer Magazine Photo Shoot-2008

BOSS Shelby And Cobra Meet-2008



Rae Newsome Cruise-3/4/2007

Virginia International Auto Show-3/8-11/2007

Quinton Fire Department Show-3/31/2007

2nd Annual Spring Show-4/14/2007

Cruisin For A Cure-4/28/2007

Bon Air Parade-5/12/2007

Blackstone Cruise In-5/12/2007

National Memorial Day Parade-5/28/2007

Colonial Beach Show-2007

Elton Car Show-6/23/2007

Fun Ford Weekend-VA Motorsports Park-6/24/2007

Richmond Ford Cruise In-7/21/2007

8th Annual MDA Show-8/11/2007

Summer Party-8/18/2007

Chesterfield County Fair Parade-8/24/2007

MCA Grand National Show-Augusta GA-8/31-9/2/2007

23rd Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/22-23/2007

Chesterfield Air Show-10/20-21/2007

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/18/2007

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/2/2007

Christmas Party-12/8/2007

Chester Christmas Parade-12/9/2007



Asphalt Angels Car Show-2/11/2006

1st Annual Spring Show-4/1/2006

Virginia Classic Cruisers Show-4/15/2006

Cancer Show-4/29/2006

Bon Air Parade-5/13/2006

Famous Daves-5/20/2006

MCA National-Johnson City TN-5/26-28/2006

National Memorial Day Parade-5/29/2006

Fun Ford Weekend-VA Motorsports Park-6/24/2006

National Independence Day Parade-7/4/2006

Victory 7 Mustang Club-4th Annual Benefit Car Show-8/12/2006

Woodward Dream Cruise-8/2006

Woodward Dream Cruise - Mustang Alley-8/2006

Woodward Dream Cruise - Rouge Factory Tour-8/2006

Woodward Dream Cruise - Roush Open House-8/2006

Saleen Open House - Troy MI-8/18/2006

Chesterfield County Fair Parade-8/25/2006

Mustang Alley-Ferndale MI-8/2006

22nd Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/23/2006

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/3/2006

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/19/2006

Chester Christmas Parade-12/8/2006

Christmas Party-12/9/2006

MCA 30th Anniversary-Birmingham AL-2006

Northern Virginia Mustang Club Show-2006

Performance Autosports Dyno Day-2006

Performance Autosports Open House-2006

Richmond International Raceway Photo Shoot-2/25/2006

Paradise Road Open House-2006



Virginia International Auto Show-1/14-16/2005

Virginia International Auto Show-Tony Hall-1/14-16/2005

Asphalt Angels Setup-2/10/2005

Asphalt Angels-2/11-13/2005

Asphalt Angels-Tony Hall-2/11-13/2005

Hill City Mustang Cruisers-Performance Auto Sports-3/19/2005

Bottoms Up Pizza-West End-Tony Hall-4/2/2005

Hill City Mustang Cruisers Car Show-4/16/2005

Paradise Road Open House-4/23/2005

National Capital Region Mustang Club Spring Show-4/24/2005

Bon Air Parade-Tony Hall-5/7/2005

Bruce's Racers-American Cancer Society Relay for Life Benefit-5/7/2005

MCA National Huntsville AL-Tony Hall-5/13-15/2005

MCA National Huntsville AL-Day 3-5/15/2005

MCA National Huntsville AL-Day 2-5/14/2005

MCA National Huntsville AL-Day 1-5/13/2005

MCA National Huntsville AL-Road Trip Out- 5/12-13/2005


National Memorial Day Parade-Cliff Adair-5/30/2005

National Memorial Day Parade-Andy Phaup-5/30/2005

National Memorial Day Parade-Tony Hall-5/30/2005


Famous Dave’s Cruise In-6/12/2005

Fun Ford Weekend-VA Motorsports Park-Tim Posey-6/25/2005

Fun Ford Weekend-VA Motorsports Park-Tim Posey-6/26/2005

Science Museum Cruise In-7/2/2005

National Independence Day Parade-7/4/2005

Market Cafe-7/10/2005

Brunetti’s-Rt 301-7/16/2005

Victory 7 Mustang Club-3rd Annual Benefit Car Show-8/6/2005

Mustang Club of Tidewater Mid Atlantic Car Show-8/7/2005

Tractor Supply Hull Street-8/13/2005

CVMC 20th Anniversary Party-8/27/2005

21st Annual Mustang and Ford Show-Rusty Wiseman-9/24/2005

21st Annual Mustang and Ford Show-Tony Hall-9/24/2005

Tool Guys-10/9/2005

Quinton Fire Department Show-10/15/2005

Luray Caverns Cruise-10/22/2005

Varina Car Show-10/29/2005

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/20/2005

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/4/2005

Chester Christmas Parade-12/9/2005

Christmas Party-12/3/2005



CVMC Monster Garage-1/17/2004

Asphalt Angels-2/13-15/2004

Virginia International Auto Show-3/5-7/2004

Famous Daves-4/4/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Ted Roberson-4/14-18/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Steve Coleman-4/14-18/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Tony Hall-4/14-18/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Day 1-The Trip-4/14/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Day 2- The Show-4/15/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Day 3- The Show-4/16/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Day 4- The Show-4/17/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Day 5- The Show-4/18/2004

MCA 40th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Day 6- The Drive Home-4/19/2004

Target Cruise In-4/24/2004

Holly Grove Parade-4/24/2004

16th Annual Round-Up-Roanoke VA-5/1/2004

Mustang Club of Tidewater-Spring Show-5/2/2004

Bon Air Parade-5/8/2004

Stylin Stangs All Ford Show-5/8/2004

4th Annual Car & Motorcycle Show-Goochland Fairgrounds-5/15/2004

Bennigans Cruise In-5/16/2004

5th Annual Children's Miracle Network Benefit Car Shows-5/22/2004


Pony Drive II-Science Museum of VA-6/4/2004

Pony Drive II-Science Museum of VA-Tony Hall-6/4/2004

Pony Drive II-Final Leg-Williamsburg VA-6/5/2004

Mustang, Shelby, Saleen, Roush Performance Car Show-Burlington, NC-Tony Hall-6/12/2004

Mustang, Shelby, Saleen, Roush Performance Car Show-Burlington, NC-Steve Coleman-6/12/2004

Mustang, Shelby, Saleen, Roush Performance Car Show-Burlington, NC-6/12/2004

Famous Daves VA Center Commons-6/13/2004

Fun Ford Weekend-VA Motorsports Park-6/25-27/2004

Performance Autosport Open House-7/10/2004

CVMC Dyno Day-Performance Autosport-7/17/2004

Victory 7 Mustang Club-2nd Annual Benefit Car Show-Tony Hall-8/8/2004

Victory 7 Mustang Club-2nd Annual Benefit Car Show-8/8/2004

Famous Daves VA Center Commons-8/22/2004

Chesterfield County Fair Parade-8/27/2004

Hooters-Midlothian-Tony Hall-9/5/2004


Famous Daves-West Broad-9/12/2004

CVMC Monster Garage-10/2/2004

20th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-Tim Posey-10/9/2004

20th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-10/9/2004

20th Annual Mustang and Ford Show Setup-10/8/2004

20th Annual Mustang and Ford Show After Show Dinner-10/8/2004

CVMC Trash Pickup-10/23/2004

Performance Autosports Dyno-11/13/2004

Ashland Christmas Parade-Tony Hall-11/21/2004

TCMC Toy Run-Ted Roberson-12/4/2004

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-Ted Roberson-12/5/2004

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-Tony Hall-12/5/2004

Christmas Party-12/7/2004

Chester Christmas Parade-Ted Roberson-12/12/2004

Chester Christmas Parade-Andy Phaup-12/12/2004



Asphalt Angels 2003-2/14-16/2003

Virginia International Auto Show-3/13-16/2003

Aviation Museum Display-3/23/2003

Mustang Club of Tidewater-12th Annual Spring Car Show and Swap Meet-5/4/2003

2005 Concept Mustang at The Roanoke Valley Regional Mustang Club-5/13/2003

The Roanoke Valley Regional Mustang Club-15th Annual Round-Up-5/18/2003


Ford Centennial Celebration-Science Museum of VA-6/3/2003

Ford Centennial Celebration-Dearborn, MI-6/12-16/2003

Henry Ford Museum- Dearborn, MI-6/13/2003

Green Field Village- Dearborn, MI-6/13/2003

Performance Auto Sport Open House-6/27/2003

Fun Ford Weekend-VA Motorsports Park-6/27-29/2003

Extreme Street Machines-The Great Richmond Cruise In-Science Museum of VA-7/26-27/2003

Mustang Club of Tidewater-23rd Annual Mid Atlantic Car Show-8/2/2003

Heritage Gardens Display-8/9/2003

Heritage Gardens Display-8/16/2003

Chesterfield County Fair Parade-8/22/2003

G Force Karts-8/23/2003

19th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/13/2003

Science Museum of VA Cruise-In-8/20/2003

Mustang Club of Tidewater-21st Annual Fall Festival Car Show-10/18/2003

Varina Car Show-10/25/2003

MCA Grand National-11/25-29/2003

Ashland Christmas Parade-11/23/2003

G Force Karts-11/23/2003

G Force Karts-12/7/2003

Mechanicsville Christmas Parade-12/7/2003

Christmas Party-12/13/2003

Toy Drive-12/23/2003



Asphalt Angels-2/2002

Centerville Cruise-In-2002

Hooters Cruise-In-2002

MCA Florida Show-2002

Roanoke Show-5/2022

MCA Stars and Stripes Show-Fairfax VA-6/27-30/2002

MCA Grand National Show-Lowes Motor Speedway-8/29-9/1/2002

Ford Nationals-Carlisle, PA-6/2002

Roanoke Motor Madness-7/29/2002

18th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/14/2002

National Capital Region Mustang Club-Show-9/29/2002



Asphalt Angels-2/2001

22nd Annual Azalea Festival Parade-4/2001

St. Patrick's Day Parade-3/2001

VFW Loyalty Parade, Williamsburg, VA-5/5/2001

Children Miracle Network, RIR-6/2001

CVMC Picnic-2001



Garden Ridge Cruise-In-1998



St Patrick’s Day Parade-3/1995

16th Annual Azalea Festival Parade-4/22/1995

Bill Lewis Spring Show-5/21/1995

MCA National-Rocky Mount NC-5/26-28/1995

Father’s Day Cruise-In-6/14/1995

11th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/16/1995

Skyline Drive Cruise-10/22/1995



Asphalt Angels-2/18-20/1994

MCA 30th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Charlotte NC-4/15-17/1994

10th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/17/1994

Christmas Party-12/1994



St Patrick’s Day Parade-3/1993

Spring Cruise-1993

Pool Party-6/27/1993

9th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/18/1993

Sneak Peek 1994 Mustang-10/17/1993

Halloween Party-10/1993



Father’s Day Festival-6/20/1992

8th Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/19/1992

Christmas Party-12/1992



Azalea Mall Show-1/19-20/1991

12th Annual Azalea Festival Parade-4/27/1991

Christmas Party-12/1991



Spring Cruise-3/11/1990

St Patrick’s Day Parade-3/18/1990

2nd Petersburg Ford Car Show-5/5/1990

Richmond Ford Cruise-In-6/24/1990

Universal Ford Show-9/15/1990

The Showplace Car Show-10/1990

Christmas Party-12/15/1990



25th Mustang Anniversary Celebration-Channel 6-1989

St Patrick’s Day Parade-3/19/1989

Universal Ford Grand Opening-4/1989

1st Petersburg Ford Car Show-4/22/1989

Eastgate Mall Show-5/12-13/1989

All Ford Day-6/3/1989

Richmond Ford Cruise-In-6/5/1989

Halloween Party-10/28/1989



St Patrick’s Day Parade-3/13/1988



St Patrick’s Day Parade-3/15/1987

All Ford Day-6/7/1987

Shelby American Club National Rally-7/4/1987

3rd Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/12/1987



Stars and Cars Auto Show-1/10-12/1986

Chesterfield Mall Show-2/22-23/1986

Richmond Dragway-Mustang Day-4/3/1986

All Ford Day-7/7/1986

2nd Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/7/1985



1st Annual Mustang and Ford Show-9/7/1985



In Remembrance

Karla Adaire

Ed Adams

Archie Ray Berrier

Amy Blumenthal

Wayne Bryant

Ed Carroll

Steve Coleman

Richard Dawson

Judi Dickey

Walter Harley

Bill Jarvis

Billie Jarvis

Brenda Jones

Richard Jones

Carroll Lipscombe

Peter Marshall

Roy Miller

Dwain Moneypenny

Rae Newsome

Larry Noble

Rick Nochta

Thomas Nolan

Bob Overbey

Kim Prince

Eric Selph

Gren Stanley

Dave Thomas

William Wash

Vic Williams