The Galloping Gazette

     The Official Newsletter Of The

     Central Virginia Mustang Club

June 2005 
Issue 222









Superformance Spring Snake Roundup 2005! My wife Karla and I attended the Superformance Spring Snake Roundup 2005 (SSR IV) in Branson Missouri on April 23-26. SSR is an annual event open to all Superformance AC Cobra owners. 41 cars attended the rally with a value in excess of $2.3M. FYI - Superformance is a manufacturer
of AC Cobra "replicars" made in South Africa, they were recently featured on the SPEED channel. 
          Branson, Missouri, a Mecca of country western music, is a mere 1,200
miles from Richmond; and yes we drove, in an open cockpit car every mile there.  Luggage for the week was limited to 2 small duffle bags for both my wife and I. I told Karla she had to leave her shoe suitcase at home!
          Our trip started on Tuesday, April 21 from Richmond with a fellow SPF owner from West Point. Our first stop was Knoxville, Tennessee a short 7 hour trip, where we spent the night. Wednesday morning we met up with another owner from South Carolina and we were off to Memphis. In Memphis we hooked up with 3 more cars, 2 trailers, and were kindly informed that it was tradition to "cruise all rest stops" whether we stopped or not.
I thought it was a little sophomoric at first; but as we cruised through the rest stops, the smiles we brought to road
weary travelers were priceless. Thursday evening, under cloudy skies, and after 23 hours of driving over three days, we pulled into Branson.
          Cruise Day 1 started with a 140 mile cruise from Branson to the quaint
mountain village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was obvious; the town folk had never seen an AC Cobra, much less 36 of them. As we cruised through Main Street literally every shopkeeper and tourist came out to see what the noise was all about.  Even the roofers stood upon the roofs and waived. Unbeknownst to us, Eureka Springs was also hosting a
cross-dressers convention (Yes, that's where the guys dress in women's clothes), fortunately no one picked up a single hitchhiker as we passed through town. We only got lost once, and the U-turn through a gravel driveway was ugly.
          Cruise Day 2, a 115 mile cruise to Cassville, Missouri through the twisting Ozark Mountains with a train of AC Cobras following each other. At times it was a little scary approaching blind curves at twice the recommended speed, or topping hills when the last thing you saw was brake lights. A group of renegade drivers went off on their own to "catch some air" over the hilltops, a little too daring for my blood. There were no accidents to report, but the spirited driving was exhilarating to say the least.



          After a fun week of driving it was time to motor it home as the cold front moved in.  We left Sunday morning 7am, 38 degrees outside, so the dreaded rag top went on and after 12 and a half hours of driving stopped for the evening, and finished our journey home on Monday. 
          2,400 miles of pure fun! I can't wait until next year.

By Karla & Cliff Adair



CVMC At MCA National, Huntsville, Ala. – May 13th to May 15th! Rusty Wiseman, Betty Wiseman and myself met at the Rest Stop on I-64 in Goochland County Thursday, May 12th, to begin our journey to the MCA National in Huntsville, Alabama.

          The weather was good except for a couple of showers south of Blacksburg, Va. We decided to stop in Bristol, Va. for the night. Got up early the next morning and hit the breakfast bar at Shoney’s before we hit the road.

          The weather was great and the countryside was fantastic as usual. We did miss our turn in Chattanooga, Tn., BUT! We had a good reason. One of Chattanooga’s finest was between Rusty and myself and I was a little preoccupied with him that I missed our turn. Oh well, what can I say. We figured it out rather fast and back tracked about 5 or 6 miles to make the right turn. The rest of the way to Huntsville was great!



          We arrived about noon on Friday, May 13th, got checked in and went to clean the cars. We were lucky, there was a Magic Wand kind of car wash real close. After cleaning up the cars we made our way over to the show and got registered and hung out until 5:00pm.

          We went out to eat at Ryan’s Steak House and totally stuffed ourselves. When we got back to the hotel I decided to detail my Cobra for the next day and to work off some of that food I just ate. The next thing I knew we had a couple from the Gate City – Triad Mustang Club also cleaning their Mustangs so afterwards we hung out in the parking lot for a little while before we turned in for the night.

          On Saturday, May 14th, we arrived at the show about 8:00am. On the way in I got a picture of my Cobra taken in front of the SR-71 Blackbird by the show photographer. We went to our parking spaces which by the way were right beside each other. I wonder if they got the idea from our show. Anyway we finished detailing our Mustangs and started to check out the rest of the great Mustangs at the show. And let me tell you there were plenty of them. I believe when it was all said and done they had about 380 Mustangs.



          Rusty got a real treat. He got to meet Scott Hoag the head designer of the Bullitt and Mach 1 Mustangs and talk to him for a while. He also got him to sign his Mustang! A little later in the day while they were trying to judge the cars a rather large storm came through and reeked havoc on the show. Other than getting wet I don’t think there was much damage done to the great collection of Mustangs there. I, on the other hand was stupid enough to leave my hood open while the storm was approaching. A good gust of wind got up and blew my hood back toward my windshield, Lucky for me someone was checking out the car when this happened and caught the hood before it caused more harm than it did. Who that person was…”Thank You!”

          We had a dinner and free run of the Space and Rocket center that night and we also got to see the movie NASCAR on the IMAX, which was cool!



          The next day was relax day and enjoy the show, meet new people and wait for the awards. They had Scott Hoag hand out the awards. Rusty got a 2nd and I got a 2nd. Congrats Rusty on your first MCA National. After the awards ceremony Rusty and Betty were headed north and I was headed south for my much needed vacation.

          You really do need to attend a MCA National some day to get a good idea of what it is all about and it is not just Mustangs!

By Tony Hall



CVMC Cruise In at Hooters – May 21st! We will have more on the turn out at this Cruise In next month.



CVMC In DC National Memorial Day Parade – Washington, D.C., May 30th! CVMC and Victory 7 had a great time at the National Memorial Day Parade.

          Most of the CVMC contingent went up on Sunday, May 29th. Myself and the McDaniel’s met Victory 7 at Virginia Center Commons Mall at 3:45am (yes, I said AM) for the trip to DC.

          On the way to DC we stopped in Fredericksburg to meet a few more from Victory 7.



          We arrived in Springfield to meet up with the rest of the CVMC bunch. We had a little drivers meeting and off to DC we went. Believe it or not we actually made it to the staging area without losing anyone.

          We lined up on Madison Ave. The parade was 112 units strong. I believe we started about 10:00am. We had 4 members of the Marine Corp League riding in some of our Mustangs. It was an honor to have them with us. It took a little over an hour to complete. It wasn’t a large crowd but, this was the 1st Memorial Day Parade since WWII. I’m sure it will be larger next year.



          After the parade came the fun part. We had to get back onto I-395 south. All made it without any problems except for the unfortunate few that happen to be following me. Billy McDaniel came to the rescue and we finally got onto I-395 south. We went back to Springfield and had lunch at Bennigan’s at Springfield Mall. That place had the worse service I have ever seen and the food wasn’t that good either. Needless to say we will not be going back there again.



          The traffic on I-95 was heavy leaving NOVA but the further south we went the better it got. I can’t say the same for the north bound side of I-95. I heard later that 3 people died in a crash near Doswell.

          Everyone made it back nice and safe! I think everyone had a great time and I look forward to the 4th of July Parade!

By Tony Hall


2005 Ford GT @ Universal! SOLD for $195,000!!!

By Carroll Lipscombe


Mustangs In The Gardens – June 5th! Yes, folks we are going to try it again this year. Come on down to Hopewell and show off your cars. A donation of a can of food for the Food Bank will be appreciated but not a must, just you and your Mustang.

          You Will Be Fed! Pizza and drinks will be your afternoon snack.


Date: June 5th

Time: 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Directions: Take I-95 to Route 10 east to Hopewell. Cross the Appomattox River Bridge and go to your 3rd stop light at East Broadway then turn left. Go about ½ mile and the street curves slightly to the right at “City Point Service Station.” The Gardens are on the right side of the street. If you need anymore information give me a call at 804-458-2168. Ya’ll come on down!

By Rick Jones


CVMC Director’s Meeting at River City Diner-Huguenot – June 6th! CVMC will be holding a Director’s Meeting at River City Diner on Huguenot Road at 7:00pm. All Officer’s and Director’s are encouraged to attend. Any club member who would like to attend is welcome! See you there!

By Tony Hall


CVMC Highway Trash Pickup – June 11th!  CVMC will be doing our Civic Duty by picking up trash on Otterdale Road in Midlothian.

          After the trash pick up we will go to Pizza Hut to chow down on some pizza.

          We will meet at 9:00am at the old K-Mart in the Ivymont Shopping Center on Midlothian Turnpike about ½ mile west from Coalfield Road.



          Come on out and help your fellow CVMC members do our Civic Duty! See you there!

Tony Hall


CVMC Cruise In @ Famous Daves June 12th! CVMC Cruise In at Famous Dave’s! Hello fellow CVMC Members, We have a Cruise In at Famous Dave’s off Brook Road at VA Center Commons. It’s on Sunday June 12th from 12pm to 4pm. Let’s all come out for a good time. Need to see more of older generation Mustangs. Let’s show them what Mustangs and CVMC is all about.











CVMC Judge’s Clinic – June 18th!



          CVMC will be conducting a Judge’s Clinic on June 18th, at Dave Dickey’s house from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

          Directions are as follows. From:  The intersection of Interstate 95 & 295 head East toward Norfolk/Rocky Mount, N.C. for about 1.8 miles to exit # 41A Hanover (Route # 301 North). Take exit # 41A North (Hanover) about 1.2 miles passing the Burger King on your right to 2nd traffic light (Atlee Road/Route # 638). Take a right on Atlee Road for about .7 miles to Atlee Springs housing development (on Left). Take a left on Atlee Springs Road for about .1 mile. Take a right onto Meadowsweet Road, then an immediate left onto Winter Spring Drive. Continue about .2 miles into Atlee Lake Estates & our pinkish brick home is immediately to the right, just pasted the Atlee Lake Estates brick signs @ 9062 Winter Spring Drive. Park in the driveway or down & around the corner on Squire Passage. If you get lost our telephone number is 804-730-1450.

          I sure hope to see many CVMC members at our Judge’s Clinic. See you there!

By Rick Nochta



CVMC At G-Force Karts – June 19th! CVMC did not have a good turnout last time we planned a visit to G-Force Karts. There were only 2 members, Rusty Wiseman and Tony Hall who made it.

          We will try it again in June 19th. Folks it is really a lot of fun and you really should try it at least once with us.


4245 Carolina Avenue, Bldg B
Richmond, Virginia


          It is always a blast! Be sure to be there! Here’s Tire Smoke in your eyes!

By Tony Hall


CVMC Display @ The Science Museum of Virginia – July 2nd! This is a very important Display. We pay our rent to the Science Museum by having a car display at the Science Museum every year.

          This display is open to everyone so if you have some friends who GM’s or Mopar’s and would like to come they are more than welcome!

          They drivers and anyone in the the car are admitted to the display area for free. Others coming to view the Display will have to pay and enter through the Main Entrance of the Science Museum. They will be able to tour the Museum and also our Car Display. The hours of the Display are from 9:30am to 7:00pm.

          If you can make it that day you would be helping CVMC out a lot. We look forward to seeing you!

By George Bobrovsky


CVMC In DC Independence Day National Parade, Washington, D.C. - July 4th! Monday, Time – Start Time 11:45 AM are you ready for the big time and can’t make it to the National Memorial Day Parade? If you are interested in participating in a nationally recognized parade, travel with us and participate. Who knows, you maybe on national television! We have 15 slots for all Mustang body styles. We currently have 13 Mustangs signed up from the club. Please contact Kathy McWilliams, cell is 512-7403, email is, or attend the next meeting on May 4th for sign up. Specific times and meeting location information will be sent on June 15th and will be communicated to all participants. For pictures and information check out this website: Http://



CVMC Cruise In @ Market Café – July 10th! On Sunday, July 10, 2005, CVMC will be holding our 1st Cruise In at Market Café, located at 10950 Nuckols Road (Innsbrook) in Glen Allen from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

          So come on out and support CVMC at our 1st Cruise In at Market Café! See ya there!

By Mike Cole


CVMC’s 20th Anniversary Party – July 16th – POSTPONED! CVMC has unfortunately has had to postpone our 20th Anniversary Party due to the Moose Lodge turning down our request to have our party at their facility. We will have a new date, location and time announced soon.

By Tony Hall


Virginia MCA License Plate! The Roanoke Valley Mustang Club (RVMC) was able to get a Special License Plate passed in the Virginia General Assembly using the MCA Logo. The following is what was sent to me…


          Great news!! The Virginia General Assembly has approved the MCA plate. The plate will have the Mustang Club of America logo and will say Mustang Club of America. It will probably look similar in layout to the Harley Owners Group plate; check the link below to see what it looks like.

          You DO NOT have to be an MCA national member to participate in the plate (though, MCA membership is encouraged by our club). We now must have 350 pre-paid orders within 180 days (6 months) before the plates can be made. If we are unable to reach the 350 plates required, you will get your check back! Roanoke Valley Mustang Club as the sponsor must submit all forms throughout the state. We are limited to 6 characters for specialty plates. Please check out the Virginia DMV website below to see which 6-character combinations that you are interested in are available if you do not have already 6 characters or less. You can check your combos using any specialized plate. The website will tell you if that combo is available or not. You can request up to three choices. Keep in mind it will be no problem to update your current vanity plate if you have 6 characters or less. You also do not need to personalize it, and can order just a standard MCA plate with a number on it.

          Out-of-state members can participate by ordering what is called a souvenir plate. This plate is for display only and not for use on a motor vehicle. Only a single plate is issued. The form needed is VSA 10, available from the DMV website below.

You must specify on the form which type of plate you want, and where it says “check type of plate” indicate “other” and write in Mustang Club of America. Please mail your completed application and check to...


Suzanne Beels

500 Daytona Drive

Hardy, VA 24101


I can also be reached at 540-309-8980


          I will have copies of the form that you have to fill out at our April Meeting.

By Tony Hall


CVMC Merchandise! Jacket and Show T-shirt Update!



           There are still last years show shirts available in sizes L, XL and XXL. These will be available at the next meeting. The price has been reduced to $10.00. You can also e-mail me at or call me at 804-379-7480 if you would like me to hold a particular size.

By Judi Weidman


2005 CVMC Cruise In’s! For 2005 Cruise Ins, I like to get all CVMC Club members involved. What I like to do is a little different. In need of all suggestions that any club member may have to hold the Cruise Ins and I will do my best to set it up. Last year I have posted suggestions on the forums and received a couple. For 2005 I would like to see more. This is your club to, lets all get involved. You can either post on the forums or my e-mail address is Let’s make 2005 a great year.

By Mike Cole


Thanks! I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has contributed to the Galloping Gazette and let everyone know that if you have an article that you wrote on anything Mustang and or Ford related please send it to me to be used in the newsletter.

          Ideas for articles are but not limited to the following… Car Shows that you attended; Parades; Restoration Projects; Unique Mustang’s and or Ford’s; Unique people connected with Mustang’s and or Ford’s; etc… Please include any pictures.

          Be sure to send your articles to Tony Hall at 7702 Hudson Drive Richmond, Va. 23229. Or hand them to me at the next club meeting. You can also e-mail them to me at



News From The Blue Oval


Check back next month for more “News From The Blue Oval”


Check back next month for more “News From MCA”



News From The CCCCVa

By Fred Fann


The good or rather great news is that crude oil prices are now lower than they have been for months. And because of this there are many stations now selling regular for under two-dollars a gallon. The reason prices are down is because the supply of gasoline is up. Lower gas prices are good news for everyone and good news for our economy. Since the stock market has been seesawing up and down we need some good news.

            The down side of this is that we have seen the future. While gas prices do go up and down over the years one thing is for certain. The price of gas has continued to rise over time and will go up again. Unlike computers and other high tech gadgets gasoline will go up in price and we will continue to pay more for it. Get used to it.

            Our DMV has never lived down that fact that the agency issued drivers licenses/id’s to many of the 9/11 terrorists. DMV has continued to make it more difficult for ordinary citizens to get a drivers license. I recall a lady I worked with several years ago who had a crazy man stick a knife to her throat and take her purse. She lost a few bucks but also her drivers license and car registration. She simply went to DMV and gave them her social security number and got another license and registration for her car. Today that would not happen. You would need photo ID. Now think what kind of a fix you would be in if your purse or wallet was lost or stolen along with your license and vehicle registrations. How would you get a replacement?

            Now DMV is going further. The agency is going to change the way it issues licenses beginning in fall 2006. If you apply for a license you will only get a receipt. The receipt allows you to drive but will not be an ID. A private company will create your license with photo and mail it to your home within three days. This company will compare your photo with previous DMV license photos to insure it is you applying for the license.

            One of the ways crooks steal personal information is by going through your mail. If you have an outside mailbox and are not home when the mail arrives a thief could get your license. Then they could replace your photo with their photo. The altered license could be used to get credit cards and other nice things in your name.

            I am confused about why DMV would have them mailed. I would think picking them up in person would be a more secure method. DMV is open to comments on this new system.

            The US Senate has approved new federal standards for the issuing and renewing of drivers licenses. The purpose is of course to help prevent terrorism and keep illegal immigrants from getting licenses. The states are complaining about the added cost that the feds are not going to fund. Also be sure to dig up your old birth certificate and if you have one an old passport. In the future you may need them to get a license or just to travel across the border to Mexico or Canada.

            Congress has been working on a new highway-funding bill since the nation’s roads are in need of repair. President Bush opposes the bill because it will increase the deficit and he promised to reduce the deficit in his second term. We do need the roads fixed so I’m hoping for a compromise.


CVMC Guess the plate



          The object of this game is to guess which CVMC member the license plate belongs to.




Dave’s Mustang Trivia

By David Lythgoe


  1. What did Mustang’s cost in 1992?


  1. What did Mustang’s cost in 1982?


  1. What did Mustang’s cost in 1972?



Rick’s Tip’s


Rear End Maintenance

1964 to 1993


          The rear end assembly is between the 2 rear tires. There are leakage problems with the rear. You can easily check for leakage by looking underneath your car and looking for anything that looks wet around the unit. If you see wetness it is time to get it professionally checked.

          Also it is good to check the fluid level. There is a large set screw on the side of the case about half way up on the center section. The fluid should be up to that screw. There is usually only one set screw or bolt to allow fluid in or out. If you look for this you will be ok.

          Another couple of things to keep an ear out for are noises coming from the rear such as a hum or a clunk. The hum will occur when the car is rolling. A clunk can be heard when the gas is first applied.

          The best way to have the rear end checked is to have your mechanic do the inspection. If you are uncertain please come by my shop for a free inspection.

          If you have any questions please feel free to call me during the day at 804-321-5383.


Happy Cruising



Central Virginia Mustang Club


Minutes of Meeting,

May 4, 2005

By Brenda Jones


          Tony called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. He asked if we had any visitors. We had one. He was Thomas Hudgins with a 2001 GT.

          Karen gave the treasurer's report.  Dave Dickey made a motion to accept the report and Steve Coleman seconded. The report was approved by a majority of hands.

          Tony told us that Ray Weidman had a heart attack and was in St. Mary’s Hospital.

          Rusty said that Mary Bosher’s father passed away.

          Tony told us that the club has purchased a trailer from Commonwealth Trailer’s. It is currently at Rusty Wiseman’s house.

          Llew Stakes gave us a report on the upcoming parades.

Saturday May 7th: Victorian Day Parade in Bon Air.

          Saturday May 7th, Relay for life fundraiser at BJ’s in Mechanicsville from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

         This is a car show where the cars are voted on by popular vote (monetary donations). The car receiving the most money gets 1st, next one 2nd, etc. There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and an honorable mention. This is for the American Cancer Society.

          May 30th - Washington DC - Memorial Day Parade. - They need convertibles for the veterans to ride in.  We also will be in the 4th of July parade up there. 

          Dave Dickey - Show update - needs volunteers for show especially for the car vendors and parking.  Peter Marshall (registered) 5 have pre-registered so far. We had a judging clinic and it was successful. Dave and Rick went to northern Virginia and judged up there.  Rick will be having another Judging clinic on May 8th from 10-12.

          Southern States is having a display on May 20th from 10-2 at the Brookfield Complex on Broad Street.

          Mike Cole - Cruise in at Hooter's (Huguenot) on May 21st 12-4 p.m.

          Tony brought up about the conference that was held at the Science Museum on Sound (loud noises etc.) last month. Tony said that Mark Huber had made a comment that a member of the Tri Cities Mustang Club and the Central Virginia Mustang Club had threatened his life. This was overheard by Fred Fann who was at the conference who in turn contacted Tony. Tony then contacted Mr. Huber by email and asked him when this happened, if it had been reported to the police, what the incident was that surrounded the comment. Mr. Huber responded with a couple of links that took Tony to a GTO website. He emailed Mr. Huber again and so far has not received an answer. 

          Paradise Speed Shop cruise in - 23 cars were there. Lee Buckner bought out his 68 Mustang. 

          Pony drive had a badge contest.  The winning entry will be going on articles and other merchandise for the pony drive.  Steve Coleman (yes, our Steve Coleman) won the contest. Way to go,. Steve.

          We have gotten approval to have our 20th Anniversary party on July 16th at the Manchester Moose Lodge on Trade road. This is off of Research Road off Midlothian across from the Chesterfield Town Center.  We will be in the back of the lodge at the pavilion area.  The club will be furnishing the meat and drinks.  Members are asked to bring a covered dish to feed at least 4 other people.  The time will be from 12-5 p.m.




          Kathy McWilliams told us that Richmond Ford is giving discounts for parts.

          AutoZone is stocking remanufactured parts for our cars. 

          Rick Jones (our Mayor of Hopewell) says that they are going to try it again for the Heritage Gardens display.  It will be on June 5th.  Bring your cars and lawn chairs. 

          Glenn Motto (one of our new members) won the 50/50.  He won $40.00. He said that he needed gas in his Stang. 

          Tony adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.


New Member’s


          Welcome! We at CVMC hope you will be a member for many years.


Renewed Member’s


          Thanks everyone for joining and coming back for another great CVMC year! CVMC has 135 signed up so far for 2005.


Dave’s Mustang Trivia Answers

By David Lythgoe


  1. LX Sedan: $10,125

LX Hatchback: $10,721

LX Convertible: $16,899

LX 5.0L Sedan: $13,422

LX 5.0L Hatchback: $14,207

LX 5.0L Convertible: $19,644

GT Hatchback: $15,243

GT Convertible: $20,199


  1. L Sedan: $6,345

GL Sedan: $ 6,844

GL Hatchback: $6,979

GLX Sedan: $6,980

GLX Hatchback: $7,101

GT Hatchback: $8,397


  1. Hardtop: $2,766

Sports Roof: $2,823

Convertible: $3,051

Grande Hardtop: $2,952

Mach 1 Sports Roof: $3,003


CVMC Guess the plate answer


Llew Stakes – 1969 Mustang Convertible


June’s Birthday’s


Looks like we have a bunch of birthday Guys & Gals!


June 1st Linda Cosier, June 3rd Kathy Barley, June 4th Natalie Bruno, June 6th Sierra Puffenbarger, June 8th Sandra Lockhart, June 10th Jorgen Jorgenson Jr., June 10th Joe Dasher, June 13th Gerri Smith, June 17th Kaky McKinney, June 17th Steve Clayton, June 19th Lane Ramsey, June 21st Denise Godsey, June 25th Maurice Tinsley, June 27th George Bobrovsky, June 27th Mike Cole, June 28th Cory Williams, June 29th Linda Jones


Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


Upcoming Car Shows for May & June 2005


MCA Events


MCA National

June 24th to the 26th
Kansas City National Show 2005
Overland Park, Kansas
Hosted by Vintage Mustang Club of Kansas City at Corporate Woods Office Park. Event hours are Friday 8-5PM, Saturday 7-5PM & Sunday 8-2PM with check-in running Friday 8-5PM, Saturday 7-10AM. Registration fee is to be announced soon. Bring up to 500 of your closest Mustang friends and join us for a great time in the Heartland. Activities will include carnival games, Pedal Car contest, Swap Meet, Pony Corral, 50/50 drawing, Silent Auction and a Saturday Night Sock Hop and Dinner. For more information, call Rick Lage at (913) 649-8356 or email or visit the website at


June 11th
23rd Annual Mustang and Shelby Car Show
Burlington, North Carolina
Hosted by Gate City Triad Mustang Club at Colonial Mall Burlington N.C. Event hours are 8:00 -3:30 with check-in running 7:00 -11:00. Registration fee is 25.00 (pre-registration 20.00 before May 27, 2005). Classes for all Mustangs, Shelby’s, Roush, Saleen, Steeda from 1964 to present. 50/50 and raffle tickets will be sold as well as numerous door prizes to be given away. For more information, call Jeff Pruett at 336-427-7485 or email or call Randy Stone at 336-275-5590 or email or visit the website at


July 16th
25th Anniversary Celebration Show
Morristown, Tennessee
Hosted by Lakeway Mustang Club at Ingle's East parking lot. Event hours are 12noon till 4pm with check-in running 12noon on. Registration is free. Open to all Ford (must be Ford powered) cars, trucks, & even tractors. For more information, call Darren Tollefson at 865-397-9937 or email  or call Bobby Estes at 423-581-7298 or email


For more information on other MCA Car Shows and Events please visit the Mustang Club of America’s website at…


Non-MCA Events


June 3rd to the 5th, 2005

All Ford Nationals Carlisle Show Fairgrounds Carlisle, PA Info call 717-243-7855 or Web site at


June 5th, 2005

The 16th Annual, Northern Virginia Car Show

Will be held at the KENA Shrine Center. Located at 9001 Arlington Blvd in Fairfax Virginia (approximately 3 miles west of 495/Beltway on Rt. 50) – sponsored by the KENA Car Club. Time: 10:00AM to 3:00PM. Rain date is June 12th. The show will is open to all cars (original and custom, new and old), motorcycles, and trucks. Registration at gate, $12. Spectators welcomed - admission by donation. Dash Plaques (for first 150 vehicles), door prizes and trophies awarded. Show area and spectator parking is paved. For information, contact: Burt Zwibel, 703-280-5222 (email: or Don Simmons, 540-341-4117 (email:


June 11th. 2005

The Richmond AACA Region's 36th Annual Car Show, Corral & Swap Meet will be held on June 11, 2005, at the Richmond Raceway Complex. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Awards in 22 classes, Special Trophies Awarded - Dash Plaques Awarded to First 125 Cars, All vehicles must be on the field by 11:00 AM and remain until 3:00 PM to be eligible for awards, Accessible operational Fire Extinguisher required for each show vehicle, Loud Music and Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited. For more info and directions see: Show Co-Chairmen: Dayton Leadbetter ( and Dick Ivey (


June 12th, 2005

Orange County Cruisers 13th Annual Car Show

9:00 - 3:00 pm @ Booster Park on Rt. 20 next to Orange airport. For further info. log onto or call Sonny Hawkins, President @ 540-854-8965, or Bo Cromer @ 540-672-4573.


June 18th, 2005

Cruise-in at the Bar-B-Que Ranch Harrisonburg, VA - Sponsored by The Valley Cruisers - Info: Club Web Site Valley Cruisers


June 19th, 2005

Yesterday's Rides Father's Day Car Show

Held at M & P Restaurant, Morrisville, VA., Route 17 north of Fredericksburg, VA., (Rain or Shine). Time: 9am-3pm - Pre-Registration $12 until June 5; Day of Show $15, (Registration time from 9am-12noon). Top 25 plus Best of Show & Carl Jackson Award. Proceeds to benefit MDA "Jerry's Kids". Make checks to: Yesterday's Rides of Stafford. Mail to: Yesterday's Rides of Stafford, c/o J.W. Young, 154 Ramoth Church Rd., Stafford, VA 22554. or J.W. "Skip" 540-659-3683 or Ed or Lisa 540-654-5119 or EMAIL


June 19th, 2005

The Annual Sully Car Show

At Sully Plantation, Chantilly, VA. - Annual Fathers Day show, sponsored by the George Washington Chapter of MAFCA. - Bill Worsham is the Meet Chairman. - Registration form is available at this web site:


June 24th to the 26th, 2005

7th Annual Old Dominion Ford Fun Weekend Nationals

At Virginia Motorsport Park in Dinwiddie - Info: Web Site or Fun Ford Weekend website


July 2nd, 2005

Car Nuts Car Club Annual Car Show

At Chilhowie Park, Chilhowie Virginia - "Dyno" Joe will have his chassis dyno at the show to test your engine. Car Nuts Cafe chefs will have the food. Our chefs take pride in serving up some of the best food at ANY car show ANYWHERE and at a reasonable price. "DJ" Gary Heath will be back with the Best Music in town. Also vendors are welcomed. All money will go to charities. 200+ vehicles expected along with over 5,000 spectators. Join us for Over 75 gigantic trophies, $cash prizes$, door prizes and a Grand Prize to be given away. We will have many great events for the kids as well as improved parking for spectators in 2005. - Info: Will Buckingham at 1345 South Main St., Marion VA 24354 or phone 276-782-1980 or the club website at


July 4th, 2005

Yorktown 4th of July Celebration

Tentative info ... 4th Annual Car Show Time: 11:30 AM - 4 PM Free Spectator Admission Co-Sponsored by G-Toyota and Classic Cruisers Car Club. Awards for TOP 25 Provided by York Awards. Open to Antique, Classic or Muscle Vehicles (1985 and older) Registration only on day of show $15 reduced to $10. No Parking Until 9:30 Due to the Marathon, vehicle must be in place by 11:00am, Participant Judging 11:30-1:00, with awards at 3:00pm. Dash Plaques will be available to 1st 100. For more information call: Yorktown 4th Of July Celebration Committee, Dave Meredith at 757-766-2309 or 757-890-3435 CCCC Larry Hanson 757-890-9434, Email:  or Hal Hartel 757-867-6336 Email:  or CCCC Website


July 4th, 2005

1st Annual Independance Day Motorcycle and Car Show

At the Naval Surface Warfare Center, located in Dahlgren Virginia. Check-in: Noon Awards: 7:30 p.m. Cost: $15.00 per vehicle Voting: The general public will be judging these vehicles Who it benefits: NSWC Navy Heritage Fund Everyone who enters into the motorcycle/car show can also participate in a kick-off parade as well(even if your car/motorcycle isn't street legal). We will also have a large number of food, beverage and other fundraising booths located in the close vicinity. All participants are more than welcome to stay after the award ceremony to watch the fireworks display. The show will be a very, very good location for watching them. We will provide a secure location if you require parking for your trailers,etc. If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at


July 8th to the 10th, 2005

Cougar Nationals East Car Show

Location: Hyatt Fair Lakes, 12777 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax, VA - Sponsored by Delmarva Cougar Club, featuring a reunion of XR7-G and Dan Gurney Special Cougars from 1967 and 1968, and 1967 Trans-Am racing Cougars, 16 judged classes for 1967 to 1973 Mercury Cougars, also: 5 People’s Choice classes and 1 display class, pre-registration by June 15, qualifies for a chance to win one free night’s stay, swap and vendor space available; Hyatt Fair Lakes, 12777 Fair Lakes Circle - Time: 9 am-4 pm Friday and Saturday - Spectator Fee: free, Registration Fee: $25 pre-registration before July 1st; $35 on or after - Info: Jim Karamanis 11953 Shenandoah Court , Woodbridge, VA 22192 or Phone: 703-491-8710 or Email: or Second Contact: Barry Reichenbaugh at Phone: 703-256-9520 or check web site at


July 9th, 2005

5th Annual Car Show

To Benefit Special Olympics Virginia - (rain or shine) at Powhatan Fair Grounds located 12 miles west of Rt. 288 on Rt. 60 in Powhatan, VA - Sponsored by the Virginia Powhatan Cruizers in conjunction with Smooth Impressions - Show registration: $20 pre-registration or $25 day of show. - Info: G. E. Fullerton, Sr. at 11612 Gordon School Road, Richmond, VA 23236 or call 804-784-6843 or 804-897-5486.


July 15th to the 17th, 2005

1st Annual Southern Car Show & Swap Meet

Auction Sale July 16th - Car Show July 16th Lexington, VA. I-81 Exit 195. Info: Kelly Swink 540-461-5359 or  Website:


July 23rd, 2005

2nd Annual McGaheysville Vounteer Fire Company Car Show

In McGaheysville Va.( Near Harrisonburg) Food, Drinks and mini modified Tractor Pull on site. Contact Todd Dyer for more info (540)289-5318.


July 30th, 2005

8th Annual Glen Maury Park Beach Music Festival & Classic Car Show

Glen Maury Park, Buena Vista, Va. Car Show 10 AM till 2:00 PM. Beach Music 1:00 PM till 9:30 PM. Three Bands -- Bill Deals Rhondels -- Coastline Band -- Band of Oz -- Camping available at Park. For Info. and Pre-registration


July 29th to the 31st, 2005

East Coast Nationals 2005

In Richmond Virginia. For more info on Virginias Hottest Car & Truck show check out the web!!!


For more information on other Non MCA Car Shows and Events please visit the Car Club Council of Central Virginia’s website at…




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