The Galloping Gazette

     The Official Newsletter Of The

     Central Virginia Mustang Club

July 2005 
Issue 223






Mustangs In The Gardens – June 5th! No rain…not bad considering the last two times we tried to show the Mustangs off in the Gardens! If you weren’t there for the first one what can I say…it was Fun but wet…very wet…flood like wet…but I digress.

           So here I am running late again (please no comments…yes that means you!) and when I pull into the gardens I see 1 Mustang and a Cougar in a tree…I mean under a tree.



Wow…so smart park under the shade of the tree…still not sure why I never moved my car…there I go again off tangent.

          Well we started off a little slow but as the day went on we ended up with 13 Mustangs and a Cougar, pretty good turn out…so the old saying is true…3rd time is the charm. We had a lot of fun and good conversation and the rain stayed away until I was on the way home (and that sprinkle was a lot better than the Monsoon we got the first year). And we had a lot of people come out and look at the cars.  I hope we helped out the Food Bank and hope we can do it again next year.



          Thank you to the Hopewell Heritage Gardens and Rick for all the hospitality…it was well worth the trip out!!

By Rusty Wiseman


CVMC Highway Trash Pickup – June 11th!  A big thanks to everyone who came out to help do our Civic Duty with our Adopt-A-Highway program on Otterdale Road.

          The grass and weeds were rather high this time so I am sure we didn’t see most of the trash that was there, but we did pick up what we saw and then we were off to Pizza Hut to chow down!

          Our next Adopt-A-Highway day will be in early October. We hope to see many of you then!

By Tony Hall



CVMC Cruise In @ Famous Dave’s June 12th! We had a FANTSTIC turnout for the Cruise In at Famous Dave’s! I want to personally thank Mike Cole for putting this event together for CVMC.

          We must have had over 40 Mustangs show up through out the day (WOW)!

          There was a great mix of 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th generation Mustangs there. From stock to highly modified.



          We also may have attracted a few more members at this Cruise In.



          I was surprised at how many people showed up to just check the cars out. That’s was really great!


CVMC Judge’s & Detailing Clinic – July 16th! CVMC will be conducting a Judge’s & Detailing Clinic on July 16th, at Gordon Martin’s house from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

          Come on out and learn to judge and get some tips on detailing your Mustang.

          Directions to Gordon Martin’s house are listed below.


From I-95

I-95 North to Atlee-Elmont exit 86 (route # 656).

Bear right off exit. Continue up hill, through traffic light (Atlee Station Road).

Continue out pass Hanover Airport.

Turn RIGHT on to NEW ASHCAKE ROAD (route # 643).

Continue pass Millstone, pass Foxhead, pass new Church on left.

Notice wooden privacy fence on left.

Turn LEFT onto ASHCAKE STATION (just before railroad tracks).

10775 (Yellow house on left, with flagpole).

Phone: 804-550-3196

From I-295

Take exit # 41 (301 North, Hanover)

Continue on 301 North through 3 traffic lights.

Pass shopping center, pass fire station, and just pass church.

Turn LEFT on New Ashcake Road (Route # 643) 4th light.

Continue pass Pearson’s Corner Elem. School.

Cross railroad tracks

Turn RIGHT on First Street (ASHCAKE STATION PLACE) 10775 yellow house on the left, with flag pole.

Phone: 804-550-3196



          I sure hope to see many CVMC members at our Judge’s Clinic. See you there!

By Rick Nochta



CVMC At G-Force Karts – June 19th! CVMC had a great turnout at G-Force Karts. We also had some new faces with us.

          And I must say we posted some very good times, so with further to do here are the times.


BLT = Best Lap Time

ALT = Average Lap Time


Ronald Martin: 0:24.986BLT; 0:26.141ALT

Kevin McDaniel: 0:25.932BLT; 0:27.317ALT

Thomas Hodges: 0:26.022BLT; 0:26.804ALT

Tony Hall: 0:26.182BLT; 0:27.290ALT

Mike McDaniel: 0:26.448BLT; 0:28.085ALT

Mike Cole: 0:26.958BLT; 0:28.349ALT

Rusty Wiseman: 0:27.017BLT; 0:28.540ALT

Lee Hardy: 0:29.902BLT; 0:32.248ALT


          Our next foray into G-Force Karts will be July 24th. We will meet at G-Force Karts at 2:00pm. The address is below.


4245 Carolina Avenue, Bldg B
Richmond, Virginia


          It is always a blast! Be sure to be there! Here’s Tire Smoke in your eyes!

By Tony Hall




CVMC Display @ The Science Museum of Virginia – July 2nd! Check back next month to see what happened at the SMV Display!

By George Bobrovsky


CVMC In DC Independence Day National Parade, Washington, D.C. - July 4th! Be sure to check back next month on CVMC’s Great Adventure to our nation’s capital for the 4th of July Parade!

By Tony Hall


CVMC Cruise In @ Market Café – July 10th!



          On Sunday, July 10, 2005, CVMC will be holding our 1st Cruise In at Market Café, located at 10950 Nuckols Road (Innsbrook) in Glen Allen from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

          So come on out and support CVMC at our 1st Cruise In at Market Café! See ya there!

By Mike Cole


CVMC’s 20th Anniversary Party – August 27th! CVMC will be having our 20th Anniversary Party at Larry Boyd’s house in Chesterfield County on August 27th. Directions will be provided in the August Newsletter.

          CVMC will be inviting back as many of the original founders of CVMC as we can find for this celebration. Every CVMC is encouraged to attend and to bring your Mustangs!

          CVMC will be providing the Hamburgers and Hot Dogs along with the soft drinks. All members attending are encouraged to bring a side dish or desert.

          All CVMC members attending are asked to contact Brenda Jones and let her know how many in your family will be attending. You must let her know before August 1st so we can get a good idea of how many guests we will have. Brenda’s contact information is listed below.


Brenda Jones

Home: 804-740-2096

Work: 804-353-3919


          This celebration only occurs once every 20 years so be sure to be there!

By Tony Hall


Virginia MCA License Plate! The Roanoke Valley Mustang Club (RVMC) was able to get a Special License Plate passed in the Virginia General Assembly using the MCA Logo. The following is what was sent to me…


          Great news!! The Virginia General Assembly has approved the MCA plate. The plate will have the Mustang Club of America logo and will say Mustang Club of America. It will probably look similar in layout to the Harley Owners Group plate; check the link below to see what it looks like.

          You DO NOT have to be an MCA national member to participate in the plate (though, MCA membership is encouraged by our club). We now must have 350 pre-paid orders within 180 days (6 months) before the plates can be made. If we are unable to reach the 350 plates required, you will get your check back! Roanoke Valley Mustang Club as the sponsor must submit all forms throughout the state. We are limited to 6 characters for specialty plates. Please check out the Virginia DMV website below to see which 6-character combinations that you are interested in are available if you do not have already 6 characters or less. You can check your combos using any specialized plate. The website will tell you if that combo is available or not. You can request up to three choices. Keep in mind it will be no problem to update your current vanity plate if you have 6 characters or less. You also do not need to personalize it, and can order just a standard MCA plate with a number on it.

          Out-of-state members can participate by ordering what is called a souvenir plate. This plate is for display only and not for use on a motor vehicle. Only a single plate is issued. The form needed is VSA 10, available from the DMV website below.

You must specify on the form which type of plate you want, and where it says “check type of plate” indicate “other” and write in Mustang Club of America. Please mail your completed application and check to...


Suzanne Beels

500 Daytona Drive

Hardy, VA 24101


I can also be reached at 540-309-8980


          I will have copies of the form that you have to fill out at our April Meeting.

By Tony Hall


CVMC Merchandise! Jacket and Show T-shirt Update!



           There are still last years show shirts available in sizes L, XL and XXL. These will be available at the next meeting. The price has been reduced to $10.00. You can also e-mail me at or call me at 804-379-7480 if you would like me to hold a particular size.

By Judi Weidman


2005 CVMC Cruise In’s! For 2005 Cruise Ins, I like to get all CVMC Club members involved. What I like to do is a little different. In need of all suggestions that any club member may have to hold the Cruise Ins and I will do my best to set it up. Last year I have posted suggestions on the forums and received a couple. For 2005 I would like to see more. This is your club to, lets all get involved. You can either post on the forums or my e-mail address is Let’s make 2005 a great year.

By Mike Cole


Thanks! I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has contributed to the Galloping Gazette and let everyone know that if you have an article that you wrote on anything Mustang and or Ford related please send it to me to be used in the newsletter.

          Ideas for articles are but not limited to the following… Car Shows that you attended; Parades; Restoration Projects; Unique Mustang’s and or Ford’s; Unique people connected with Mustang’s and or Ford’s; etc… Please include any pictures.

          Be sure to send your articles to Tony Hall at 7702 Hudson Drive Richmond, Va. 23229. Or hand them to me at the next club meeting. You can also e-mail them to me at



News From The Blue Oval


What’s Next From Team Mustang?


          Despite the possibility that Ford is poised sell 200,000 Mustangs in 2005, Ford plans to keep the Mustang fresh with new models. In addition to the 2007 Shelby GT500 and the recently announced 2006 V6 Pony Edition sources on Team Mustang told BlueOvalNews that they will introduce another specialty model.

          Move over Bullitt, Mach according to a member of Team Mustang, it didn't take Ford long to decide on the next specialty Mustang to succeed the Bullitt and Mach1. No, it won't be a GT350 or a Boss - but it will be a Mustang nameplate from the late 1960s.

          The next specialty Mustang will flash back to 1968 and California. If you guessed the Ford Mustang California Special, then you hit the nail square on the head.

By Robert Lane



Check back next month for more “News From MCA”



News From The CCCCVa

By Fred Fann


          You may have heard about DMV contacting the owners of Cobras. These Cobras are the AC Cobras made famous in the 60’s by Carol Shelby. About 90 owners of Cobras have been sent letters from DMV. The letters were intended to go to the owners of kit car Cobras but I know of at least one original Cobra whose owner got a letter. DMV wanted to find out about the cars being titled as 65’s or 66’s when the cars were not built in those years. DMV also wanted to check on the engine year to satisfy DEQ.  Not only was DMV looking at how the vehicles were titled but the agency wanted to make sure no stolen parts were used in the construction.

          Why did DMV decide to do this? That’s a very good question and the only answer I have heard is that most think someone with some real clout complained to DMV about the kit cars being titled as cars older than what they really are so that owners can get the benefits of having a car registered as an antique when in reality the car is not an antique. DEQ wants these cars to have emissions equipment on the engine for the engine’s year. Numbers stamped or cast into the engine block can be used to determine the year of manufacture. DMV most likely wanted to see if the cars were built with stolen parts since many companies selling Cobra kits say all you need is a wreaked late model Mustang as a donor for many parts. In fact the kits are built to use Mustang drive train and suspension parts.

          Where all this going is the big question. A source at DMV says they are only interested in the Cobra kit cars.  However this situation has caused a lot of stress with people who have different year engines in their cars and those who have built other kit cars.  The big three US automakers all offer crate motors and some of them will not pass 2005 emissions since they are meant to run with carburetors. So all of this could become a very big deal.

          The Cobra owners want to be able to build a fresh car and get it titled as an original and enjoy the benefits of owning an antique. That is not going to happen. State law says a car must be at least 25 years old to be registered as an antique and has no provision for replicas or kit cars.

          A federal appeals court has upheld that power plants can continue and even increase pollutants sent into the air after the plants have been modernized. This is a victory for the Bush administration, as they wanted plants to be able to replace aging equipment without having to decrease pollution. It is not a victory for car hobbyists - if stationary sources increase pollution then mobile sources with have to decrease pollution.

          Increasing the fuel economy of vehicles was killed in Congress. But Congress is still working on an energy bill. Members want more alcohol (ethanol) put in gasoline. If this bill becomes law the production of ethanol for use in gasoline would double. The bill also encourages wind power and fuel made from biology sources. You may recall that President Bush visited a bio-fuel plant in Virginia recently.

          The energy bill would cost $16 billion or about three times as much as the Bush administration wanted to spend. Congress takes a back seat to no one in spending.


CVMC Guess the plate



          The object of this game is to guess which CVMC member the license plate belongs to.




Dave’s Mustang Trivia

By David Lythgoe


  1. How many colors does the 1993 Mustang Convertible Tops come in?


  1. In what year was the optional CD Player first offered in the Mustang and how many watts did it have?


  1. What was the finial year the graphic equalizer offered?



Rick’s Tip’s


1965 to 1966 Reproduction Fastback Trunk Lids

          Well the Taiwanese have done it again with sheet metal. The trunk lids available for the 1965 to 1966 Mustang Fastbacks are a pure nightmare. The problems with these are numerous. The panel I received looked good when removed from the box. However further inspection revealed the following problems; shallow dents in the panel, incorrect alignment to the quarter panels, improper opening for the lock, and improper welding of the trunk lid to the trunk shell.

          The dents on the exterior top of the trunk lid were fairly easy to repair. The difficult part was welding the trunk skin to the shell. This is tricky due to heat warping of the metal. Also the trunk does not align well to the quarter panels and the upper rear panel (the panel in between the back glass and the trunk lid). Extensive shaping of the trunk is needed to get that show look.

          If you have any questions please feel free to call me during the day at 804-321-5383.


Happy Cruising



Central Virginia Mustang Club


Minutes of Meeting,

June 1, 2005

By Brenda Jones


          Tony called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.  He asked if we had any visitors. We had 7. They were: Johnny Mitchell (05 GT) Shawn Godfreys (85 GT), Tony Daniel (05 GT and 84 coupes), Jeremiah Parks, Richard Serbu 98 Mustang GT, Thomas Colgin (04 GT).

          Karen gave the Treasurer's report.  Dave Dickey made the motion to accept the report and Steve Coleman seconded.  The vote was unanimous. 

          Tony talked about the National Show. He and Rusty both took second.  Rusty was able to get the man who was the chief designer of the 05 mustang to sign his car. 

          Tony mentioned the Memorial Day Parade in DC. We had 25 cars in our group which consisted of our club and the Victory 7 Club. National Capital Region Club had 7 cars. We are planning on going back up in July, for the Fourth of July. 

          Rick Jones talked about the Gardens in Hopewell. The show will be this Sunday (June 5) at 12:00 - 5:00.  

          Tony told us about the Director's meeting being held this Monday (June 6) at The River City Diner on Huguenot Road.  The meeting will be at 7:00 p.m.

          There will be a judging meeting at Dave Dickey's house on June 18th. We will try to judge the later model cars.  

          Dave Dickey- Show report- He needs volunteers to pickup the vendors and show them where they will be parking.  We are a little short on spaces. We have 214. Blood Mobile may or may not be coming. No food vendors - Steve Coleman has 1 volunteer helping with parking.  Richard Jones is helping with the trailer parking and judging.

          Dave told us about a bug screen that goes on the front of the cars and doesn't scratch the paint. He is trying to get some more of these screens but is having trouble getting them. 

          George Bobrovsky told us that our display for the Science Museum will be July 2nd. It will start at 9:30 and run until 7:00 p.m. We will be in the back where the old train tracks were located.  We need to set up by 8:30. We will have a sound system. George passed the image of the dash plaque around. He is also trying to obtain a sponsorship from Universal for our show. They haven't returned any of his calls yet.

          He told us about the Ford Fun Weekend being held on June 24,25, 26 at the Virginia Motorsports Park in Dinwiddie.  The cars will be judged by popular vote on Saturday and judged by the people hosting the show on Sunday. 

          Bob Overbey and a guest came in late.  Bob's guest was Bryan Batterson.  He has a '66 Convertible. All Ford Carlisle is being held this weekend (June 2-5). 




Events coming up:

June 5, 2005 - Gardens in Hopewell - 12-5 - Rick Jones (contact)

June 6, 2005 - Director's meeting - Huguenot Rd. - River City Diner - 7:00 p.m.

June 11, 2005 - Trash P/U - meet at old Kmart on Midlothian

June 18, 2005 - Judging meeting at Judy and Dave Dickey's house

June 19, 2005  - G Force Go Karts - Meet there at 2.

July 2, 2005 -  Display show at Science Museum.  Be there by 8:30 to set up.  This pays our rent to use the Museum for our meetings. We will be in the back.

          The 20th anniversary party has been postponed. We had a problem with our original site. We will be announcing the date at a future time. 

          George Godsey won the 50/50.  He got money for gas.

          Tony adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.


Central Virginia Mustang Club


Minutes of Board of Director’s Meeting,

June 6, 2005

By Brenda Jones


          Tony called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. We had 4 directors and 3 officers in attendance. The Directors were: Carroll Lipscombe, Rusty Wiseman, Gordon Martin, and Dave Dickey. The officers were: Brenda Jones (Secretary), Tony Hall (President) and George Bobrovsky (Vice President).

          Members in attendance were: Amy Blumenthal, Kathy Morton, Larry & Brenda Boyd, Richard Jones, & Betty Wiseman.

          Tony told us that Paul Oliver is resigning from the position of MCA Director, due to work commitments.  The board decided to appoint Dave Dickey interim director until elections in November. 

           Pictures for the dash plaque have been done. They have been sent to Charles Menshew. George Bobrovsky has been ignored by Universal. Bill Talley will have to get permission, we have had it. Carroll is going to call Harry Harris to see if he can get a response from them. 

          Tony told the board that our 20th Anniversary party has been postponed.  The Moose decided to turn us down on our request. Larry & Brenda Boyd have offered their place. Their address is 11010 Nash Road. The new date will be August 27th. We will start the party at 3:00 p.m. and it will run until. Please RSVP no later than July 30th.

          Amy Blumenthal has volunteered to take over the Vendor Space Checking. 

          We will be having our annual car display at the Science Museum on July 2nd. This is to pay our rent to the Museum. We will be parking on the side of the Museum that we did for the pony drive last year. This will be open to all makes of cars, not just Mustangs. We will start the display at 9:30 and run until 7:30 p.m.  

          Dave Dickey mentioned about checking with the hotels on #1 highway for the show. There are several nearby to Virginia Center Commons.

          Betty Wiseman mentioned she could get flags for the antennas of the cars. They would run $30.00 a dozen, if we purchase 5 dozen the cost would be $27.00 a dozen. 

          Tony adjourned the meeting at 8:07 p.m.


New Member’s


Shawn Godfrey, Earl Martin, Brian Batterson, Tony Daniels, Thomas Colgin


          Welcome! We at CVMC hope you will be a member for many years.


Renewed Member’s


Jim Myracle, Susan Van Stavern


          Thanks everyone for joining and coming back for another great CVMC year! CVMC has 142 signed up so far for 2005.


Dave’s Mustang Trivia Answers

By David Lythgoe


  1. Three, Black, Dark Blue and White


  1. 1993, 80 watts


  1. 1993


CVMC Guess the plate answer


Kathy McWilliams – 1969 Blue Mustang Convertible


July’s Birthday’s


Looks like we have a bunch of birthday Guys & Gals!


July 1st John Papazian, July 1st Jeffery Greentree, July 4th Pam Noble, July 9th Mike Young, July 14th Tommy Nolan, July 15th Judi Dickey, July 27th Selina Nichols, July 28th John Daly, July 28th Gloria Daly, July 28th Mike Noble, July 28th Michelle Meyer, July 28th Rachel Puffenbarger, July 30th Paula Ramsey, July 30th Bob Overbey


Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


Upcoming Car Shows for July & August 2005


MCA Events


August 12th to the 14th, 2005
The 2005 West Coast Nationals
Lacey, Washington
Hosted by Mustangs West at Huntamer Park. Event hours are Friday 8-5PM, Saturday 7-5PM & Sunday 8-2PM with check-in running Friday 8-5PM, Saturday 7-10AM. Registration fee is $45 for judged show, $20 for Show-n-Shine (pre-registration $45 for judged show, $15 for Show-n-Shine before July 26, 2005). Join us on Friday morning for a Pony Express up to Mt. St. Helens followed by a P-51 Mustang photo-op. Saturday evening is "Hot 'Stangs & Cool Tunes" - a salmon BBQ and street dance in Huntamer Park. Sunday a Show-N-Shine will be held in addition to the concluding events for the MCA Judged Show. For more information, call Mark Rakow at 360-280-6569 or email or visit the website at


July 16th, 2005
25th Anniversary Celebration Show
Morristown, Tennessee
Hosted by Lakeway Mustang Club at Ingle's East parking lot. Event hours are 12noon till 4pm with check-in running 12noon on. Registration is free. Open to all Ford (must be Ford powered) cars, trucks, & even tractors. For more information, call Darren Tollefson at 865-397-9937 or email or call Bobby Estes at 423-581-7298 or email


August 6th, 2005
25th Annual Mid Atlantic Car Show
Chesapeake, Virginia
Hosted by Mustang Club of Tidewater at Chesapeake City Park. Event hours are 9 am - 4 pm with check-in running 8 am - 12 pm. Registration fee is $20 + 2 cans of Food. Car Show, Vendors Welcome & encouraged. Clean out your garage, here's a chance to share what you have collected over the years. For more information, call Mike Cook at (757) 468-4536 or email or call Doug Sample at (757) 825-9930 or email or visit the website at




For more information on other MCA Car Shows and Events please visit the Mustang Club of America’s website at…


Non-MCA Events


July 2nd, 2005

Car Nuts Car Club Annual Car Show

At Chilhowie Park, Chilhowie Virginia - "Dyno" Joe will have his chassis dyno at the show to test your engine. Car Nuts Cafe chefs will have the food. Our chefs take pride in serving up some of the best food at ANY car show ANYWHERE and at a reasonable price. "DJ" Gary Heath will be back with the Best Music in town. Also vendors are welcomed. All money will go to charities. 200+ vehicles expected along with over 5,000 spectators. Join us for Over 75 gigantic trophies, $cash prizes$, door prizes and a Grand Prize to be given away. We will have many great events for the kids as well as improved parking for spectators in 2005. - Info: Will Buckingham at 1345 South Main St., Marion VA 24354 or phone 276-782-1980 or the club website at


July 4th, 2005

Yorktown 4th of July Celebration

Tentative info ... 4th Annual Car Show Time: 11:30 AM - 4 PM Free Spectator Admission Co-Sponsored by G-Toyota and Classic Cruisers Car Club. Awards for TOP 25 Provided by York Awards. Open to Antique, Classic or Muscle Vehicles (1985 and older) Registration only on day of show $15 reduced to $10. No Parking Until 9:30 Due to the Marathon, vehicle must be in place by 11:00am, Participant Judging 11:30-1:00, with awards at 3:00pm. Dash Plaques will be available to 1st 100. For more information call: Yorktown 4th Of July Celebration Committee, Dave Meredith at 757-766-2309 or 757-890-3435 CCCC Larry Hanson 757-890-9434, Email:  or Hal Hartel 757-867-6336 Email:  or CCCC Website


July 4th, 2005

1st Annual Independance Day Motorcycle and Car Show

At the Naval Surface Warfare Center, located in Dahlgren Virginia. Check-in: Noon Awards: 7:30 p.m. Cost: $15.00 per vehicle Voting: The general public will be judging these vehicles Who it benefits: NSWC Navy Heritage Fund Everyone who enters into the motorcycle/car show can also participate in a kick-off parade as well(even if your car/motorcycle isn't street legal). We will also have a large number of food, beverage and other fundraising booths located in the close vicinity. All participants are more than welcome to stay after the award ceremony to watch the fireworks display. The show will be a very, very good location for watching them. We will provide a secure location if you require parking for your trailers,etc. If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at


July 8th to the 10th, 2005

Cougar Nationals East Car Show

Location: Hyatt Fair Lakes, 12777 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax, VA - Sponsored by Delmarva Cougar Club, featuring a reunion of XR7-G and Dan Gurney Special Cougars from 1967 and 1968, and 1967 Trans-Am racing Cougars, 16 judged classes for 1967 to 1973 Mercury Cougars, also: 5 People’s Choice classes and 1 display class, pre-registration by June 15, qualifies for a chance to win one free night’s stay, swap and vendor space available; Hyatt Fair Lakes, 12777 Fair Lakes Circle - Time: 9 am-4 pm Friday and Saturday - Spectator Fee: free, Registration Fee: $25 pre-registration before July 1st; $35 on or after - Info: Jim Karamanis 11953 Shenandoah Court , Woodbridge, VA 22192 or Phone: 703-491-8710 or Email: or Second Contact: Barry Reichenbaugh at Phone: 703-256-9520 or check web site at


July 9th, 2005

5th Annual Car Show

To Benefit Special Olympics Virginia - (rain or shine) at Powhatan Fair Grounds located 12 miles west of Rt. 288 on Rt. 60 in Powhatan, VA - Sponsored by the Virginia Powhatan Cruizers in conjunction with Smooth Impressions - Show registration: $20 pre-registration or $25 day of show. - Info: G. E. Fullerton, Sr. at 11612 Gordon School Road, Richmond, VA 23236 or call 804-784-6843 or 804-897-5486.


July 15th to the 17th, 2005

1st Annual Southern Car Show & Swap Meet

Auction Sale July 16th - Car Show July 16th Lexington, VA. I-81 Exit 195. Info: Kelly Swink 540-461-5359 or  Website:


July 23rd, 2005

2nd Annual McGaheysville Vounteer Fire Company Car Show

In McGaheysville Va.( Near Harrisonburg) Food, Drinks and mini modified Tractor Pull on site. Contact Todd Dyer for more info (540)289-5318.


July 30th, 2005

8th Annual Glen Maury Park Beach Music Festival & Classic Car Show

Glen Maury Park, Buena Vista, Va. Car Show 10 AM till 2:00 PM. Beach Music 1:00 PM till 9:30 PM. Three Bands -- Bill Deals Rhondels -- Coastline Band -- Band of Oz -- Camping available at Park. For Info. and Pre-registration


July 29th to the 31st, 2005

East Coast Nationals 2005

In Richmond Virginia. For more info on Virginias Hottest Car & Truck show check out the web!!!


July 30th, 2005

With Price and Prophecy 2005

11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Woodbridge Senior High School, 3001 Old Bridge Rd., Woodbridge, Va. 22192. The Prophecy Motorcycle Club and Woodbridge Senior High School Mighty Viking Marching Band welcome your participation in the "With Price and Prophecy 2005" motorcycle and car show. For more information: and


August 6th, 2005

Victory 7 Car Show

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Food Lion Manakin Sabot, 30 West Broad Street Road - about 5 miles west of the new Short Pump Mall. Registration starts at 8 a.m. and judging begins at noon. All cars, trucks and bikes welcome. Registration fee $20. Vendors $25. All vendors must be set up by 9:00 a.m. Please join us for our 2005 car show. It will be held at the same location as last year (see below) and we will have even more fun than we did then. This year we will be raising money for the Children's Miracle Network and the Urban League of Greater Richmond. We look forward to seeing you all there. Info: Thomas Victory 804-737-8601 and email


August 12th, 2005

Virginia Peach Festival Car Show

located in Stuart Va. This Car Show is sponsored by the Stuart Business Association and the Peach Festival is sponsored by the Patrick County Chamber of Commerce. The Peach Festival will take place on Friday Aug 12th from 5.00 P.M. till 9.00 P.M. with festivities, refreshments and great live music by Sunset Drive (the band for Percy Sledge as seen recently on NBC’S The Today Show) Tickets for this are $15.00 per person which includes Music and on Saturday Aug 13th from 11.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m., their will be a street festival with the Car Show taking place on Saturday from 10:00 A.M. till 4:00 P.M. If you wish to spend Friday and Saturday with us here in the Blue Ridge Foothills contact us or the Patrick County Chamber of Commerce by Phone or Web Site for a list of lodging. SBA Web Site: or call 276-694-7122


August 13th, 2005

6th MDA Car Show

Presented By Southern Knights Cruisers, Inc at Richard Bland College located in Prince George County, VA. - "Run to the Pecan Grove" and meet all your friends where the action will be. Back By Popular Demand as Five Shows wasn't enough. Benefit for MDA. - Good food by Hardee's, music, lots of beautiful vehicles, door prizes, live auction, vendors, Large Trophies for Best of Show, Best Mopar, Best Ford, Best GM, Best Antique Restored, Best Bike. Also Top 25 Plaques for Pre 1955 and Top 25 for 1955 & Newer, & Club Participation. Cash Awards for Best Interior, Best Engine, & Best Paint. Special Drawings for Pre-registered & for Grand Prize. Dash plaques to 1st 200 registered. Kick-Off party at Hardee's on Friday Night 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. All proceeds to MDA. Register and Make your check to MDA. "Watch for updates on the club website". - Info: Larry Allen 804-530-2855 or Bill McGonigal 804-271-7278 or Email at or Larry Allen 804-530-2855 or Wayne Balch 804-530-2225 or Email at Registration: Debbie Roddenberry 804-469-3889 or Email at - Vendor Space: Roger Bowyer 804-469-3377 or Email at or see club web site at


August 13th, 2005

4th Annual Car Show and Yard Sale

at Antioch Baptist Church located at 1384 New Market Road, Richmond, VA 23231 - Time 8 AM to Noon - Info: Lloyd Smith 804-226-2367 or Taylor Lewis 804-222-5238 or For Yard Sale Info Sharon Fleming 804-737-2718


August 13th, 2005

48th Historic Fredericksburg Regional Antique Automobile Club of America (HFRAACA) Car Show

to be held at Walker Grant Middle School in Fredericksburg, VA - Info: Meet Chairman Jason Javaras 540-786-5819 or Robert Aftel, President, at 540-372-9673 or or website at


August 20th, 2005

Lake Anna Cruizers Car Show

at Louisa High School/Middle School grounds - Info: Bill Treiber, president, of the Lake Anna Cruizers at 540-967-2062 Or club web site - More info to follow...


August 20th to the 21st, 2005

26th Rod Run to the Beach

Hats and dash plaques to the first 250. - Awards for top 25, Best in Show and Mayors Choice (judging on Sunday only) -All vehicles (no 4-wheel drives, motorcycles, or cars on trailers) must be driven to the show. $15 dollars pre-registered (received by 8/15) or $20 day of the show (covers both days). Info: Colonial Rod Club c/o Linda Young P.O. Box 121 Colonial Beach, VA 22443 or 804-224-9691


August 26th to the 28th, 2005

Cruise-in at Bar-B-Que Ranch Harrisonburg, VA - August 27 Cruise-in Downtown Harrisonburg, VA - August 28 The Valley Cruisers Run to The Park, New Market ,VA - Info: Club Web Site The Valley Cruisers


August 26th to the 28th, 2005

2005 NSRA Richmond Nationals

Next year's schedule of National Street Rod Association events has been expanded to include two new events, each in a new city, and they are open to street rods, customs, street machines and muscle cars through 1975. The inclusion of later model vehicles in these two new events does not change the pre-'49 street rod designation for the 11 established NSRA Street Rod Nationals events. Event location is RIR.
Info: NSRA Richmond Nationals, 3809 Don January Ave., Clovis, NM 88101, (phone 505-763-5771) and check the website:


August 28th, 2005

9th Annual Car Show

Put on by the Brosville Volunteer Fire Department. The show is Aug. 28th, 2005 from 8-5 and will be held at the Brosville Elementary School located on Highway 58, 6 miles West of Danville VA and 12 miles east of Martinsville VA. Dash plaques to the first 100 pre-registered vehicles. Three awards are given per class. Trophies are given for Best of Show Car, Truck and Bike, also there is a trophy for Fireman's Choice. Pre-registration is $15.00 and $20.00 day of the show. For more information please call 434-685-3797


For more information on other Non MCA Car Shows and Events please visit the Car Club Council of Central Virginia’s website at…




President: Tony Hall
Phone: 804-285-0759
Phone: 804-282-0592 (leave message)

Vice President: George Bobrovski
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Secretary: Brenda Jones
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Treasurer: Karen Lane
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MCA National Director: Paul Oliver
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Carroll Lipscombe
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Newsletter Editor:
Tony Hall
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Rusty Wiseman
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Awards and Trophies:
George Bobrovski
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Club Merchandise:
Sharon Burke
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Judith Weidman


Karen Lane
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Llew Stakes
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Cruises Ins:
Michael Cole
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George Bobrovski

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Tony Hall
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Dave Dickey
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Rick Nochta
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Monthly Door Prizes:
Brenda Jones
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Technical Advisors - 1st Generation Mustangs

Sonny Coble
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Bill Jarvis
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Rick Nochta
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Club Sponsors
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Mustang Bill's, Inc.
10% Discount when you present your CVMC Membership Card at the time of purchase.
Phone: 804-749-3673

H+M Performance
Phone: 804-358-7223
Contact Rusty Wiseman
Phone: 804-357-6196

For Discount Information

Mustang Restoration, Part's, Appraisal's,
MCA & SAAC Judging Experience.
Give Rick Nochta a call for all your Mustang needs!

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For all of your Hardwood Flooring needs give
Don Lane a call at!

1-800-379-5353 or

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Looking for a pristine Late Model Mustang or Saleen? Then give Mark a call!
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3 pull for $65.00

Richmond Ford

Phone: 804-358-5521

4600 West Broad St .
Richmond , Va. 23230

Be sure to present your CVMC Membership Card for a 22% Club Discount on parts in their parts department

Ray Broyhill Ford
Hopewell, VA

First Class Towing
Lloyd Liggan

Seredni Tire & Auto
Northside 266-4955
Southside 232-4515
Mechanicsville 730-1440

Weaver Transmission
2406 Mechanicsville Pike

Advance Mobile Glass

Midas Muffler & Brake Shop
3700 Hull Street Road

Dave's Upholstery Shop
5702 Mechnicsville Pike

C.P.'s Mufflers
3320 Mechanicsville Pike

Dockside Mobile Marine
Hanover Industrial Air Park

Capital Windshield Repair
Richmond Steve Fine

Air Conditioning Services
All Types
Mike O'Conner 743-8339
Kevin Kean 271-0771

Jeffe Locke
Professional Appraiser of Antique, Classic and Special Interest Vehicles. $50 a car when in group of four.

W.B. & Son Auto Care & Detail
Detail Shop
Gary Sager 354-0980

Beach Construction
Roof Contractor
Jimmy Beach 271-5225

Carroll's Tree Service
10% discount to club members
Carroll McCauley

Truck Outfitters
10% discount to club members
2025 Boulevard
Colonial Heights, VA

Batteries Plus
10% discount to club members
10070 Midlothian Turnpike

Harold Sales
Kar Kraft & Mirror Glaze Products

NAPA Genuine Auto Parts
Reference Cash Account #1918