The Galloping Gazette

     The Official Newsletter Of The

     Central Virginia Mustang Club

November 2004 
Issue 215




The 20th Annual Mustang & Ford Show

By Tony Hall


          What can be said about the Central Virginia Mustang Club’s “20th Annual Mustang & Ford Show?” One thing for sure is that it was exciting.



          We also had a number of First’s with this years show. It was the First show CVMC had to postpone due to severe weather caused by a Hurricane (Ivan). Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield was very helpful in rescheduling our show from September 18, 2004 to October 9, 2004.



          Another First was the size of the show. This was the First year we had 200 Show Cars to be judged and another 20 on display for a total of 220 Mustangs and Fords. We unfortunately had another First when we had to turn away some very nice Mustangs & Fords because we had met our limit. I hope they accepted our sincere apologies.


          Did we have Mustang’s & Ford’s? Boy, did we! We had every kind of Mustang from all four generations. There were Boss’s, Shelby’s, Mach 1’s, GT’s, Cobra’s, Bullitts, Saleen’s and Sprint’s, Convertible’s, Coupes, Fastback’s and Hatchback’s. There was a great assortment of Factory Correct, Personalized and Highly Modified Mustangs. We had a fantastic collection of Ford’s, Lincoln’s & Mercury’s. Such as Crown Vic’s, Falcon’s, Galaxy’s, Fairlane’s, Cougar’s, Montego’s, Pantera’s, Thunderbird’s, Cobra Kit Cars and we cannot forget those great Ford Truck’s like the F150’s, Bronco’s, Expedition’s and Lightning’s.



          CVMC’s The Annual Mustang & Ford Show has turned into a true Regional Show. We had participants from New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina and all over Virginia, we even had a Mustang from Denver, Colorado. We at CVMC are so happy to have such a great group of Enthusiasts from all over the Mid-Atlantic Region attend our Show. They are the ones who are responsible for our Show being the success it is today.



           I would like to send out a HUGE thanks to Karen Lane and the ladies at registration for handling such a large number of Show Cars. Another HUGE thanks goes out to our Head Judge Don Lane and all of his judges for the fine work they did getting all 200 Show Cars judged. I would like to thank each and every CVMC member who pitched in and helped to make the “20th Annual Mustang & Ford Show” the best ever.




          We at CVMC look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s “21st Annual Mustang & Ford Show!” Be sure to check our website ( for updates on next year’s show. Ya’ll come back now ya hear!




CVMC Director Elections! It’s that time of year again for the CVMC Elections. This year we have to elect 5 Director’s. The election will take place at our December Meeting on December 1st. If you cannot make it to the meeting please take the time and make the effort to cut out the ballot below and mail it to the address below the ballot.


___ Jimmy Clements

___ Peter Marshall

___ Rusty Wiseman

___ Ray Weidman

___ Richard Jones

___ Gordon Martin

___ Steve Coleman

___ David Lythgoe



Central Virginia Mustang Club

P.O. Box 35-474

Richmond, Virginia 23235-0474


CVMC Membership Drive! Yes, folk’s it is getting close to that time again. You need to renew your membership by January 1, 2005. The membership fee is a mere $25.00 shamoli’s. So, sign up now so you will not miss out on all the FUN in 2005!


CVMC Merchandise! Jacket and Show T-shirt Update!

           There are still show shirts available in sizes L, XL and XXL. These will be available at the next meeting. You can also e-mail me at if you would like me to hold a particular size.

          Information should be complete regarding club jackets by the November meeting. We are planning to offer a lightweight khaki jacket and a fleece lined khaki jacket. I am working with club member Jan Romano of USA Promotionals on the final details of pricing and logo options. Be sure and come to the next meeting to see the jacket and place your prepaid order.

By Judi Weidman


CVMC Dyno Day #2 At Performance Autosports – November 13th! CVMC will be holding our second Dyno Day at Performance Autosports at 9:00am. Bring out those 1st, 3rd, 4th and maybe 5th Generation Mustangs for a fun filled day of high-performance mayhem! Well mayhem might be a little over the top but you get the idea. Listed below are the rates.


The Rates:

1 to 9 CVMC Members – 3 pulls for $65.

10+ CVMC Members – 3 pulls for $55.

CVMC Member – 1-hour rental for $130.

CVMC Member – 9am to 5pm rental for $800.


          I hope to see plenty of CVMC Members at PAS. Until then “Here’s Tire Smoke In Your Eye!”

By Tony Hall


Ashland/Hanover Olde Time Holiday Parade – November 21st! CVMC will be meeting at Southern States on Hanover Avenue in Ashland at 1:30pm. Check with Llew Stakes for more up to date information closer to the date of the Parade (Llew Stakes 804-262-5789

 / Llew.Stakes@SSCOOP.COM)

          Let’s have a huge CVMC turnout for the Ashland/Hanover Olde Time Holiday Parade. See you there!

By Llew Stakes


Mechanicsville Rotary/Ruritan Christmas Parade – December 5th! CVMC will announce a meeting place later in the month on the CVMC website and in the December Newsletter so stay tuned.  Check with Llew Stakes for more up to date information closer to the date of the Parade (Llew Stakes 804-262-5789

 / Llew.Stakes@SSCOOP.COM)

        Let’s have a huge CVMC turnout for the Mechanicsville Rotary/Ruritan Christmas Parade. See you there!

By Llew Stakes


Chester Kiwanis Club Christmas Parade – December 12th! CVMC will be participating in this Parade. There will be more information on this Parade in the December Newsletter.

           Let’s have a big CVMC turnout for the Chester Kiwanis Club Christmas Parade. See you there!

By Llew Stakes


Thanks! I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has contributed to the Galloping Gazette and let everyone know that if you have an article that you wrote on anything Mustang and or Ford related please send it to me to be used in the newsletter.

          Ideas for articles are but not limited to the following… Car Shows that you attended; Parades; Restoration Projects; Unique Mustang’s and or Ford’s; Unique people connected with Mustang’s and or Ford’s; etc… Please include any pictures.

          Be sure to send your articles to Tony Hall at 7702 Hudson Drive Richmond, Va. 23229. Or hand them to me at the next club meeting. You can also e-mail them to me at svt95cobrava



News From The Blue Oval



Lightning Struck: Ford decides to shelve SVT Lightning pickup


Courtesy of AutoWeek


Posted Date: 10/20/04


          Ford has pulled the plug on the next-generation F-150 Lightning SVT pickup truck, instead putting all SVT's eggs into one basket - the SVT Cobra Mustang, due in 2006 as an '07 model.

          "It's a business decision," said Alan Hall, SVT spokesman. The official line is that the Lightning has been "postponed," and not killed, but if it is revived, it will be 2008 or later before we see one. SVT has gone from three vehicles in 2004 - the Lightning, the Cobra Mustang and the SVT Focus - to none in 2005.

          Ford had already shown a concept version of the next-generation Lightning in 2003. The concept had a supercharged V-8 engine with more than 500 horsepower, in answer to the Dodge Ram SRT-10, which eclipsed the Lightning as the world's fastest production pickup in a test last winter. Ford was eager to regain the crown, but has decided to deed the performance pickup-truck market over to Dodge and its 500-horse SRT-10, and to a lesser extent, Chevrolet, though the heavy all-wheel-drive Silverado SS is not in the same category.

          The Lightning debuted in 1993, with a 240-horsepower version of Ford's 5.8-liter V-8. Cobby and not that attractive, it was only a mild success, and was dropped in 1995. The F-150's redesign led to a handsome new Lightning for 1999, featuring a 360-horsepower supercharged 5.4-liter V-8. A handful of 2004 Lightning’s, not much changed from that 1999 model except for a horsepower bump to 380, remain on dealer lots. Base price: $33,560.

          Apparently, cost played a leading role in the decision, as the expense involved in developing and certifying a proper V8, and massaging the new-for-2004 F-150's chassis, was deemed prohibitive. Also, the next-generation Lightning's fuel mileage would likely continue to detract from Ford's Corporate Average Fuel Economy totals: The current Lightning is rated at 12 mpg city, 16 mpg highway.

          Even so, this news will not be popular with Lightning loyalists, such as Mike Philpot of Heathrow, Florida, who paid full sticker price for his Lightning in July 1999. "My '99 Lightning has been a fantastic vehicle," he says. "It has about 54,000 miles on it, and it runs better than new. Never had any problems. I bought an extended warranty from Ford, but I could have saved myself the money. It has it all: good looks, comfort, good handling and, of course, all that incredible power. Hardly a day goes by without at least one positive comment on it from someone.

          "Hopefully, Ford will change its mind. If they want to keep the F-150 the most popular truck in the world with all the competition that it has now, they had better continue with their halo vehicle."

Be sure to visit AutoWeek’s website at


Save Ford SVT (Special Vehicle Team) Petition! There have been some interesting developments since this article about the demise of the Lightning has surfaced.

          There is a VERY STRONG rumor circulating that the demise of the Lightning may only be the beginning. SVT itself could be next on the chopping block.

          CVMC has taken it upon itself to post an online Petition to “Save The Ford SVT Program”. We hope to revive the Lightning and ultimately save SVT in the process. As of this writing we have over 1200 signatures on the petition. Other organizations like the SVT Cobra Mustang Club ( are conducting letter-writing campaigns and others are faxing letters and calling 1-800-FORD-SVT.

          If you wish to participate in CVMC’s online Petition go to Save SVT Petition and sign up or you can call 1-800-FORD-SVT.

          I thank you and SVT thanks you for your support.

By Tony Hall



CVMC Classifieds


1999 Mustang GT 5 speed, white w/tan interior, 37000 miles. Leather, Mach
460 stereo, Cruise Control, Traction Control, power drivers seat, tinted
quarter and rear window. Excellent condition low mileage car. Adult
driven. $10,500. Phone: 804-364-0331, leave a message for Kermit.



News From MCA


Friends across the country,


          I hope this evening finds you all well. Between all the politics swirling around our heads, I am sure happy my state allows early voting so you can be done with it and get on with channel surfing when the "vote for me" commercials start.  Voting is important, but it sure gets old real fast!


And speaking of voting...


          You have hopefully by now received your ballots for next year’s slate of those seeking election to the MCA Board of Directors. Please ensure that you do mail in your ballots so your vote will be counted. You should also be receiving a ballot for the new Officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and I urge you to also send your vote in on that. I am not going to sit here and give hints of how I think you should vote or not vote. I believe we are all adults and can read biographies and make up our own decisions so I encourage you to do so for both ballots.

          Another vote for you to cast is on the new bylaws. As you know, what you should have received by now are what was approved at the last MCA meeting and it passed with an overwhelming majority after we discussed all items of concern and made the appropriate changes before the final vote. We almost used up the whole meeting for this endeavor! (A very worthy investment of time though!). MCA’s lawyer and MCA’s Executive Committee have reviewed these bylaws and they contain all matters that you the clubs sent in to the MCA Bylaws committee. 

          While we know there will never be a perfect set of bylaws, we took your advice and wrote them for the "good of the many" and ensured that they didn't have special rules that were for the "good of the few." I have mentioned before where I tasked several clubs to read them (the present ones) and for them to send us feedback and the response was awesome. I am still thankful to several regional clubs for the hard task they took on. 

          Please read the proposed bylaws and the intent/explanations along

with the present bylaws and you will see why the final product is worth it!  Our goal has been to listen to the clubs when we took on this major task and the feedback we have received has been wonderful. 

          The next meeting where a quorum is met, (Nov or Jan) your votes will be announced as how many are for it and how many are against it. Remember the proxy ballot have to be sent to the MCA office via "snail mail" or FAX. Contact me if you need the address or FAX number! Again, I wouldn't stoop so low as to tell you how to vote, but I do ask that you compare present to proposed and vote everything accordingly without outside influence.

          That will conclude the final vote on them and we can get on with putting show cars in storage and hoping for a glimpse of a 2005 Mustang cruising past us!


And finally tonight...


How 'Bout them Red Sox ...  World Champs!!!!!!!

(I waited all my life to say that one!)


Take care!


Jim Keenan (22619)
MCA Club Support Co-Chair
MCA Parliamentarian
Fax: 1-435-304-0974
Home: 1-808-672-0442


          Peter Marshall, a member of CVMC is running to be on the Board Of Director’s of MCA. I would like to wish Peter Good Luck.

          I hope all of CVMC’s membership who are also MCA member’s cast their vote for the Board Of Director’s.

          I, as a member of MCA would like to thank Peter and all of the other worthy candidates for volunteering their time and effort for our hobby.

By Tony Hall


Dave’s Mustang Trivia

By David Lythgoe


          Dave’s Mustang Trivia will return next month.


The Shelby Story
By Peter Marshall


          The alarm went off a 6AM. It was too early, because I hadn’t slept well at all. I tossed and turned all night in anticipation.

         You see, today was the day I was taking the Shelby GT-350 out for the first time after the completed restoration. I’d driven it off and on over the years, but never as a completely finished car. I had bought this car 14 years ago, from an old timer’s garage for $100. It was in primer gray, no front clip and dog chains holding the dual exhaust in place. Back in ’71, it was just another beat up old Mustang. But I hung onto it over the years because I liked the car, and as time passed; its value was not measured with dollars to me. She was Wimbledon white with blue stripes, black interior and a 4 speed with the quarter vents still there, a real early production model.

          I jumped in the shower and turned on the hot water as high as I could stand it. I wanted to sweat out all the stuff in my system and make myself ready for the ultimate drive. I put on a pair of old jeans and a T-shirt and sneakers; dressing lightly because I knew this car had no insulation and the heat inside was plenty warm, even in the middle of winter. Picking the day was done carefully; I wanted to choose a day where the roads had been clear and dry for a time. New Hampshire weather is pretty sloppy in December.

          I walked out the front door, and could feel the snow crunching under my feet. Kind of makes your teeth hurt to feel how cold it was. The temperate was around 25 degrees with no wind. Very quiet, too quiet, like something is going to go wrong any minute.

          Opening the door, I could see the results of all my hard work. I had done most of the restoration myself, farming out only bodywork. It’s strange how in winter, you can’t really smell how good a car is until you slip in and shut the door.

          Finding pieces either NOS or reproduction was much harder in those days, not like it is today when you can almost build a car from scratch from a catalog. The thoughts running through my mind touched on a hundred experiences I had while the restoration progressed. Funny thing, I was thinking about how I had searched for years to find the last piece I wanted. One of those beautiful ribbed oil pans. The only lead I ever got was on one that was cracked and the gentleman wanted $300 for it, and I passed.

          Running an old car is a lot light a pre-flight on a plane. If you haven’t been in it for a while, you tend to run down the checklist and make sure everything still works right. Turning on the lights and checking bulbs with a walk around, wipers, heater fan motor…all the stupid little things are important to me, in many ways like a pitcher in major league baseball. You can’t pitch until you thumb your nose, and adjust your hat, cinch up the pants. You get the idea.

          I slipped the key in and gave the throttle a couple jabs to set the choke, and twisted the key. About one and a half turns on the starter and it roared to life. Thinking that the neighbors would not be pleased, I blipped the throttle a couple times just to make sure they knew I was taking the car out. We’ve all been there.

          I rowed through the gearbox in all gears to make sure things were snicking in and out of gear smoothly. Pleased…very pleased. Oil pressure is up nicely, and the temperature gauge started to creep up after a few minutes. I was cranking the wheel though full lock, both ways, and no funny noises. Slipping it into reverse, I backed out into the street, and was on my way.

          For a drive like this, you want everything to be perfect. I had scouted out my great adventure with care. You tend to look for the right road, the right time of day, the absence of police at any given hour, and the right weather conditions. And at that time of the morning in Nashua, New Hampshire, all the cops are in Dunkin Donuts getting coffee and trying to stay awake and warm before the end of shift. They wouldn’t be a problem….

          These kinds of cars seem much louder when you are one of the few people on the street; maybe it’s the sound bouncing off the buildings in the thin winter air or something. Stopped at the light at Main and East Hollis, I buckled in to the harnesses. One of the few times I wore (or continue to wear a seatbelt). The light turns green and I head out to the highway. West Hollis street dumps (in those days) directly into Route 3 North, with a nice long on-ramp to get up to speed.

By the time I get to the highway, all systems are showing full operating temperature and pressure. I rolled to a stop in the middle of the right lane and checked the idle speed. Nice and steady at 1100, kind of a loopy idle; but this was before fuel injection, and carburetor tuning was a black art. Checking my mirrors, nobody is in sight or even close to barreling down my rear at speed.

          I revved it up to 4500 RPM, and dumped the clutch. Smoke started POURING out of the wheel wells and working it’s way into the driver window I had cracked for ventilation. I was hanging on for dear life, sawing the wheel back and forth to try and stay straight and thinking that there is nothing like burning rubber at will. I blew through 6,000 and speed shifted into 2nd, and it still broke the tires loose again...smoke still coming out of the wells, and I can see it in my rear view mirror. Third came up pretty quick and it still chirped the tires. Pretty soon, I’m blowing through 110 MPH and it’s still pulling in fourth. I’m flying past Exit 7 (last one in those days) and I’m heading for Manchester, just 14 miles away. When I hit Merrimack (midway point between Nashua and Manchester) before the tollbooth, I’m at 128 indicated and praying a tire doesn’t blow out, still, nobody anywhere in site. I blew into the toll a little fast, but kept it under control, dropped my 50 cents in the basket and tore out of there.


          In those days, I drank a lot of coffee and a half dozen honey dipped donuts for breakfast, so I continued on to a hangout in Manchester because I just worked up a pretty good appetite. I WAS sweating like a stuck pig, even though the heater was on cool. This car puts out some heat through the floorboards and I rarely used the heater in winter.

          On the way home, I drove a lot slower but did a lot of steady speed weaving at 75/80 MPH in and out of the few cars starting to head to work; to really get a feel for the handling. As they say today…SWEET. Most fun you can have with your clothes on.

          Going back home, I was just plain exhilarated. Blood is pumping pretty good, eyes are clear, rubber smell if finally starting to dissipate and a finer day couldn’t have been ordered up if I had the power to do so.

          I rolled into the driveway and my wife was standing in the door. She had “THE LOOK” on her face and I knew what it meant, “me or the car”. I didn’t sleep all that well that night either.

          The next day, I drove over to my friends house…he had been bugging me to sell him the car for a couple years now. I’d put about $8,000 into the restoration, and he wrote me a check for $13,000. I figured that I made money on the deal, and just how high can these Shelby’s go in price anyway?

          I felt like Judas, selling out my soul for a few pieces of silver.

          Today, I can cruise at 150 MPH all day long with the CD player, and A/C running while lighting a cigarette and one hand on the wheel. You know what? It just isn’t the same thing.

          The passing whiff of a little oil, and a puff of black smoke from a slightly rich carb is just a little corner of heaven.

          In the coming years, I owned a ‘68 Dodge Charger in triple black with a 383 Magnum (Bullitt the movie wasn’t a cult film like it is today, I bought that from my sister), a ’71 426 Hemi Fury I, a ‘72 440 6-Pack Fury, ’95 Black Z-28, ’96 Impala SS and now the 2001 Bullitt. But the Shelby…it was my FIRST.



News From The CCCCVa

By Fred Fann


          I wish we could have gone forward with the legislative forum but you can’t have a meeting with members of the General Assembly if you can only get one or two of them there. I had hoped that we would have been able to thank those that helped us with the inoperative vehicle bill but it wasn’t to be. 

         And speaking of the inoperative vehicle bill that became law on July 1st, the Henrico County version of the Richmond newspaper had an article about that law. It stated that Henrico was going to change their county ordinance so that people would have to have their stored cars out of ordinary view and not merely covered by a car cover. The article goes on to say that the 2004 General Assembly made the law tougher on those who store inoperative vehicles. That hit me as being a little strange since the organization (Henrico County is a member) that paid a lobbyist to work against passage of the inoperable bill did not see the bill as making the law tougher. In fact the counties and cities worked hard against the bill. And now they spin a loss into being a victory for them. I’ve heard that when you lose you should just declare victory and then forget about it all. Apparently that is what Henrico has done.

          No one knew that if we hadn’t decreased the number of ozone days this summer that the nasty EPA would have forced the Richmond area to have car emissions testing. Now that we only had one orange day and no red ozone days this year this is what everyone is hearing from the EPA. Not even our own DEQ knew. It’s either poor communication or may be the EPA is making stuff up whenever the agency feels like making something up.

          Two Henrico County DMV employees got popped for selling driver licenses under the table. DMV was on the hot seat after 911 because their lax rules had allowed some of the plane hijackers to get Virginia driver licenses.  We don’t need to worry because DMV says no terrorists were involved. I think that getting identity papers to those that shouldn’t have them is a breach of national security.

          Now that we are talking about DMV clerks here is a warning for you - be very careful when getting anything done at DMV especially title transfers. Recently I have seen a 1957 Chevy with a VIN on the title that said it was a 58 Impala. I saw a GTO whose title stated it was a two-door sedan and had only 36K actual miles. The car is a hardtop and the owner says the car has a lot more than 36K miles. It is very important if you have a newer car with 17 digits in the VIN to make sure DMV has it right on the title. If not you could have trouble selling the car.

          A couple of years ago I sold one of my sons a 92 Mustang with 122,000 miles. 1992 Fords did not have the 100,000 digit on the odometer. He took the title to DMV with the title marked 122,000 miles. The clerk told him that was impossible mileage and sent him to the car to get “all the digits”. So he ended up with a title that said the car had 220,000 miles because she counted the tenths place. We tried to get it changed but DMV said we would have to wait at least 30 days and then make a request. Watch those clerks!


Central Virginia Mustang Club


Minutes of Meeting,

October 6, 2004

By Brenda Jones


          Tony called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. He asked if we had any visitors. We had 2. They were Jesse Lockhart

(2003 Mustang GT) and Kenny Kupinskis (1998 Mustang). 

          Tony asked Karen for the Treasurer's report. We had a beginning balance of $4767.64. We had income/deposits of $651.00 (car show registrations, $275.00, sponsorship $50.00,membership $175.00, merchandise $151.00). We had expenses of $2020.90 (Trophies/plaques, $1588.40, program $384.10, newsletter, $48.40.) Ending balance of $3397.74.

          We now have 146 members. We have 89 pre-registered for the show. This does not count the club members who are displaying their cars. 

          Llew Stakes - Parades - November 21, 2004 - Ashland Christmas Parade 2:30                            December 5, 2004 - Mechanicsville Parade - 3:00

          Dave Dickey - He had some new flyers printed up with the correct date for our show that had to be postponed due to Hurricane Ivan. Dave told us that we wouldn't have the golf carts after all, since we had to change the date. 

          Steve Coleman - needs people to help park cars.  Be there at 7:00 a.m., He also needs radios to communicate with one another.

          George Bobrovsky said to meet at Anthem at 5:30 on Friday to set up.  Trailer will be dropped off on Friday at Jones Auto Service. Johnny McGrath will be bringing his motor home over on Friday. 

          Merchandise - Judy had the show shirts. They will be selling for $15.00 at the show. She had some at the meeting.

          Steve Coleman asked if the people who are helping with the parking to come out on Friday to go over what they would be doing on Saturday. 

          Don Lane - has lot of judges. 

          Trophies - Karen has the new ones, Tony has the old ones. Show Programs are done.

          Dave has the insurance policy for Blue Cross.

          Trash Pick up - October 23, 2004 - Meet at old Kmart on Midlothian at 9:30 a.m. We will be going to the Pizza Hut afterwards.

          Director's meeting will be on October 24, 2004




          Rusty gave the report on the Australian couple that planned on being here on the 18th of September, but couldn't make the new date. They did come to the Comfort Inn on Broad Street and presented their merchandise to several of the club members. They brought flyers and passed them out. 

          We had the door prize drawings and Jerry Duffy won the 50/50 of $39.00. It pays to come to your club meetings. Tony adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.


Central Virginia Mustang Club


Minutes of Director’s Meeting,

October 24, 2004

By Brenda Jones


          Tony called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m. He took a vote as to weather to hold the meeting at all since we only had 3 officers and 3 directors in attendance. It was decided to suspend all business and hold the meeting at a later date.

          We discussed Richard Jones' accident and had lunch and adjourned the meeting.

          The members who were in attendance were as follows: Brenda & Richard Jones, Tony Hall, George Bobrovsky, Carroll Lipscombe, Peter Marshall, Llew Stakes, Rusty & Betty Wiseman, Jimmy Clements, Judi & Ray Weidman. Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


New Member’s


Darren Trent, Joe Eash, James Modlin, Christopher Modlin, Mike Satterwhite, Michael Waters, Mary Shareff, Clayton Willis


          Welcome! We at CVMC hope you will be a member for many years.


Renewed Member’s


Lonnie Tucker, A.C. Harris, Carroll Lipscombe


          Thanks everyone for joining and coming back for another great CVMC year! CVMC has 150 Members who have signed up so far this year.


Dave’s Mustang Trivia Answers

By David Lythgoe


November Birthday’s


Looks like we have a bunch of birthday Guys & Gals!


November 1st Billy Braughton, November 3rd Billie Jarvis, November 3rd Debbie Duffey, November 7th Amy Blumenthal, November 9th Joan Tucker, November 11th Melissa Riddle, November 12th Vic Williams, November 12th Ciara Smiley, November 13th Kathy Morton, November 15th Gayle Randler, November 17th Ed Carroll, November 20th Chris Smiley, November 21st Richard Hart, November 22nd Bethany Bruno, November 23rd Darrell Sims, November 23rd James Modlin, November 24th Lonnie Tucker, November 25th Gordon Martin, November 28th Ken Hall, November 29th Ryan Phillips, November 29th Valeri Barton, November 30th Tony Donatella, November 30th Karen Witt


Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


Upcoming Car Shows For November & December


MCA Events


Non-MCA Events


November 6th - SKILLS USA CAR SHOW WHERE: Currituck County High School On left heading south, one mile south of 7 Eleven on Hwy. 168. (This is in NC on the way to Nags Head from Chesapeake, VA) WHEN: November 6, 2004 8am to 4 pm Registration from 8 to 11 o'clock COME SEE CARS, TRUCKS, AND MOTORCYCLES! FOOD, DRINKS, AND MORE!!! $20.00 for car registration Admission is free - Contact email:


November 6th - 3rd Annual Smithfield Ruritan Club Car Show at Smithfield High School. Crafts, entertainment, food and fun. Dash plaques to all vehicles. Top 30, Best of Show, President's Pick and Sponsor Picks. For info contact JD Frantz at 757-357-0077.


November 7th - First Annual Raider Rides Car Show Benefiting the Warwick High School Band from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, rain or shine and will be held at Warwick High School, 51 Copeland Lane, Newport News, Virginia, 23601 Registration begins at 9:00. Directions:

Open to all makes, models, and years. Admission Fees Spectators: Free; Pre- registration: $10 (until Thursday, November 4); Day of show: $15 each spectator and participant will receive one ballot on which to indicate the entry number/s of his/her favorite cars. The 25 favorite cars will be announced and awarded identical trophies at 3:00pm. First 100 participants will receive a dash plaque for the event. Lots of food and music. For more info: Paul Burgener 757/599-1166 (days), 249-8835 (home), e-mail P_Burgener


November 13th - Ford Truck World Trucks and Firestone along with the US Marine Corp Reserve 3rd Annual Toys for Tots Car, Truck and Bike Show. This year Firestone will be sponsoring awards. It will be held at Virginia Center Commons Mall On Route 1 just north of I-95 (North of City of Richmond). Open to all makes, models and years. Registration is a new unopened toy. Door prizes and food vendors. Contact Michael Houk 757-592-0185 e-mail mhouk


November 13th - American Legion Post 31 Car Show - Top 31 Awards. Location American Legion Post 31, 4020 Victoria Boulevard, Hampton, Virginia. For info call 757-722-3721 or email


By George Bobrovsky


          Virginia Motor Sport Club (VMSC) will be launching their yearly AutoCross Season in Mach. Listed below are the Event Dates.


November 21st – AutoCross @ VMP


          Come on out for a great time AutoCrossing with VMSC!!!


President: Tony Hall
Phone: 804-285-0759
Phone: 804-282-0592 (leave message)

Vice President: George Bobrovski
Phone: 804-794-0350

Secretary: Brenda Jones
Phone: 804 740-2096

Treasurer: Karen Lane
Phone: 1-800-379-5353

MCA National Director: Paul Oliver
Phone: 744-8016


Carroll Lipscombe
Phone: 804-329-5901

George Cosier
Phone: 804-271-2139

Linda Cosier
Phone: 804-271-2139

Don Lane

David Lythgoe
Phone: 804-781-0105

Bob Overbey
Phone: 804-272-3598

Rusty Wiseman
Phone: 804-357-6196

Jimmy Clements
Phone: 804-790-1115

Dave Dickey
Phone: 804-730-1450


Newsletter Editor:
Tony Hall
Phone: 804-285-0759
Phone: 804-282-0592 (leave message)

Rusty Wiseman
Phone: 804-357-6196

Awards and Trophies:
George Bobrovski
Phone: 804- 794-0350

Club Merchandise:
Sharon Burke
Phone: 804-779-3400

Judith Weidman


Karen Lane
Phone: 1-800-379-5353

George Bobrovski
Phone: 804-794-0350

Llew Stakes
Phone: 262-5789
Email: Llew.Stakes@SSCOOP.COM

Cruises Ins:
Michael Cole
Phone: 804-639-1577

Track Events:
George Bobrovski

Show Chairperson(s):

Don Lane
Phone: 1-800-379-5353

Monthly Door Prizes:
Brenda Jones
Phone: 804-740-2096

Social Events:

Technical Advisors - 1st Generation Mustangs

Sonny Coble
Phone: 282-4932

Bill Jarvis
Phone: 262-2137

Carroll Lipscombe
Phone: 329-5901

Rick Nochta
Phone: 321-5383

Richard Jones
Phone: 740-2096

Club Sponsors
Present your club membership card at the following business to receive valuable discounts.

Mustang Bill's, Inc.
10% Discount when you present your CVMC Membership Card at the time of purchase.
Phone: 804-749-3673

H+M Performance
Phone: 804-358-7223
Contact Rusty Wiseman
Phone: 804-357-6196

For Discount Information

Rick's Restorations
Mustang Restoration, Part's, Appraisal's,
MCA & SAAC Judging Experience.
Give Rick Nochta a call for all your Mustang needs!

Be sure to present you CVMC Membership Card for a 5% to 15% discount!

For all of your Hardwood Flooring needs give
Don Lane a call at!

1-800-379-5353 or

Be sure to present you CVMC Membership Card
for a $0.05 per Sq. Ft. discount!

Looking for a pristine Late Model Mustang or Saleen? Then give Mark a call!
Phone: 804-784-8851

Be sure to present you CVMC Membership Card for a club discount on their Dyno!
3 pull for $65.00

Richmond Ford
Phone: 804-358-5521

4600 West Broad St .
Richmond , Va. 23230

Be sure to present your CVMC Membership Card for a 22% Club Discount on parts in their parts department

Ray Broyhill Ford
Hopewell, VA

First Class Towing
Lloyd Liggan

Seredni Tire & Auto
Northside 266-4955
Southside 232-4515
Mechanicsville 730-1440

Weaver Transmission
2406 Mechanicsville Pike

Advance Mobile Glass

Midas Muffler & Brake Shop
3700 Hull Street Road

Dave's Upholstery Shop
5702 Mechnicsville Pike

C.P.'s Mufflers
3320 Mechanicsville Pike

Dockside Mobile Marine
Hanover Industrial Air Park

Capital Windshield Repair
Richmond Steve Fine

Air Conditioning Services
All Types
Mike O'Conner 743-8339
Kevin Kean 271-0771

Jeffe Locke
Professional Appraiser of Antique, Classic and Special Interest Vehicles. $50 a car when in group of four.

W.B. & Son Auto Care & Detail
Detail Shop
Gary Sager 354-0980

Beach Construction
Roof Contractor
Jimmy Beach 271-5225

Carroll's Tree Service
10% discount to club members
Carroll McCauley

Truck Outfitters
10% discount to club members
2025 Boulevard
Colonial Heights, VA

Batteries Plus
10% discount to club members
10070 Midlothian Turnpike

Harold Sales
Kar Kraft & Mirror Glaze Products

NAPA Genuine Auto Parts
Reference Cash Account #1918

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 at 7:30 PM
At The Science Museum of VA,
2500 West Broad Street .
See Ya there!!