The Galloping Gazette

     The Official Newsletter Of The

     Central Virginia Mustang Club

May 2004 
Issue 209



Mustang’s 40th Birthday

Nashville, Tennessee



          The week of our trip to Nashville started as a wash out. It rained for three days and on the morning of April 14th was no different. It was foggy and a Thunder Storm was in the area. It was kind of funny watching it lightning in the fog. We met at the Rest Stop on I-64 just east of the Oilville exit.



          Kathy McWilliams had been up for 24 hours because she had to go to Georgia the day before to pick up her new trailer. She also learned that she had to stop every 100 miles for Oil and Gas. She was determined to make it to the 40th come Hell or High Water.

          The trip to Nashville was very interesting. We had a Thunder Storm, Fog, Heavy Rain, Cold, Snow, Bright Sunshine and Warm Temperatures all in one day.

          The trip out there went well except for Kathy’s oil problem. We had no breakdowns. As soon as we got to Lebanon, Tenn. We got our Hotel Rooms and was off to find a Car Wash. Luckily there was one no more than a ½ mile down the street.

          We got up bright and early Thursday Morning and off to Nashville Speedway we went. We all arrived and got registered without any problems that I know of.

          They had the Opening Ceremonies about 10am. Charlie Chase was the MC. Ford Motor Company brought many VIP’s to the show like Edsel Ford II, Steve Lyons, Don Frey, Joe Oros, Gale Halderman, Carroll Shelby, John Force, Art Hyde and Hau Thia-Tang. Jack Roush did a Fly By in his P-51 Mustang and of course the Star of the show, The 2005 Mustang was there.



          Later that night we went to a MCA Cruise In into downtown Nashville. We met at the Two Rivers Baptist Church about two hours before the Cruise In was suppose to start. There was only room for 350 Mustangs to begin with. Well that wasn’t going to fly when you had about 1000 Mustang’s show up. It was a mess at first but once you got going it was a lot of fun. Just imagine a line about 8 miles long full of Mustang’s headed for the historic Part of Nashville. It was a sight to behold. We had people pulling out lawn chairs and watching the parade. We even had people coming out from the bars to hoot and holler at us. When we finally got to Downtown Nashville and got parked (thanks to Steve Coleman) we started to get a good idea of how many Mustang’s were there. They ended up blocking off 9 city blocks and all of those streets were full of Mustang’s!



          Friday was spent cleaning Mustangs (which was a fulltime job), checking out the show some more and sightseeing. We went out to dinner with Dave Dempster and his wife Adriana. Dave works for SVT Engineering as a Drive-train Engineer. He is also the keeper of the toys (big evil grin). We ate and talked and ate and talked some more. A good time was had by all.



          Saturday was the big day. We got up bright and early and off to the track we went. It was time to clean up those Mustang’s real good today because it was the day to be judged. Judging the Mustang’s was a real mess. The following won an award Mike Nobel & Pam Doser, Billy & Kim McDaniel, Steve Coleman, Kathy McWilliams, Rusty Wiseman, Ted Roberson and our adopted CVMC Member Randy Odum. Congratulations to all who won and to all who went to the show. There were a lot of tired feet and legs after judging all afternoon. MCA kept telling us they were expecting 80,000 to 100,000 people there over the course of the show. I could have sworn that there were 40,000 to 50,000 people there on Saturday alone. They had 2 Trans Am type races that afternoon. One was a Vintage Trans Am Race and the other was a more modern Trans Am Race. The stands were almost full. Most of us went to eat at Ryan’s Steak House Saturday night that got a little interesting also.



          On Sunday a few members headed back to Richmond after picking up their awards and the rest of us stayed to watch the burn out contest and the Charlie Daniels Band. Both were a lot of fun. Later we went down to the Opryland Resort. This place is HUGE! And that is putting it mildly.

          We left early on Monday morning and headed back to Richmond. The weather was much better than what we had going out to Nashville. Everyone made it back safe and sound.

          I could have written a lot more about this trip but I was afraid it would make this Newsletter into a Magazine. I think everyone had a great time. The people in and around Nashville were as nice as they could be. The weather was fantastic. The media did a great job covering the 40th Celebration and of course the Mustanger’s were great as usual! I look forward to the 45th Celebration. T o get the best stories you will just have to ask those who went because they can tell it the best.

        Oh yeah, Steve! Where is Larry?

By Tony Hall






CVMC Cruise In At Famous Dave’s! We had a great turn out for Famous Dave’s! There were 18 Mustang’s all total. We also had a few from Victory 7 come along for the fun.



          It was a great day and a great time! Come on out to our next Cruise In at Bennigan’s for a great time!

          Be sure to check out the website for more pictures of the Famous Dave’s Cruise In.

          Thanks to everyone for showing up!

By Tony Hall


CNU Motorsports Car Show April 17th! CNU show was great. It was a very nice day with a lot of very nice cars of all kinds. Majority was those Rice Specials. They had an on site Dyno and everyone just flocked to it. Live band was pretty cool. Chris Byrne, His dad, Michelle Meyer and Mike Cole were the 4 club members at this event. It will be an awesome thing to do in future events.

By Mike Cole


Parade In Holly Grove, VA!  This was CVMC’s first participation in this parade. CVMC had 7 Mustang’s in the parade and there were at least 4 other local Mustangs, so the Mustang was well represented.

          The Holly Grove Fire Department and the Holly Grove Ruitian Club sponsored the parade. We had a great time. It was a nice little parade and festival and they also had a mini car show. Of course the people were great!

          For those of you who could not make it this year keep an eye out for this parade next year. You will not regret it.

          Pictures of the parade will be posted on our website soon.


Parade In Bon Air! The Bon Air Historical Society Annual Victorian Day Parade is May 8th at 11:00 A.M. We need to line up by 10:15 A.M. at The Bon Air Presbyterian Church on Huguenot Road across from The Stony Point Shopping Center. The address is 9201 West Huguenot Road. If you have any questions please e-mail Llew Stakes at Llew.Stakes@SSCOOP.COM or call

804-262-5789. I hope to see a really big turn out for our first showing at this Parade.

By Llew Stakes


CVMC Cruise In At Bennigan’s! On May 16th 2004 we will be holding a Cruise In at Bennigan’s 8000 W. Broad St in the westend. According to the Manager, They will have their Racecar there. Times will be from 12pm - 4pm. Meet at Willow Lawn at 11:15am. We need to get 15-20 cars. Also, We need to see more of the 1st generations out there. Bring those Mustangs out for a good time.

By Mike Cole


CVMC At G-Force Karts!  Come on out folks and have a blast Go-Kart Racing. If you don’t feel like racing come on out anyway and watch the excitement. Besides we usually go out to eat after the Racing.   The next foray into G-Force Karts will be May 22nd. We will do the usual. Meet at Willow Lawn at 2:00pm or you can meet us at G-Force Karts at 2:30pm.


Till Next Time!

“Here’s Tire Smoke In Your Eye”

By Tony Hall


CVMC Cruise In At Hooter’s Of Chester! May 30, 2004 Cruise In will be held at Hooters 2401 W. Hundred Rd. Chester. Time will be from 12-4pm Sunday. What a great place to watch the race. Lets show Hooters what our club is all about. Lets go CVMC and show all Mustangs from 64 1/2 to present.

Lets have a great time.

By Mike Cole


CVMC Cruise In At Famous Dave’s At Virginia Center Commons! June 13, 2004, Famous Dave’s at VCC. Cruise in will be held from 12-4pm on Sunday. Bring out the rides for an awesome day. Famous Dave’s maybe our future sponsor so lets show them what our club is all about.

By Mike Cole



MCA’s 2004 Pony Drive II! I will meet with John Belt from Famous Dave's next week to review location logistics at SMV. Pony Drive Volunteer sign-up sheets will be available for parking cars and leading cars from Charlottesville to SMV,
at the May Club Meeting. Maps to the museum will also be available at the May club meeting. Club members should sign up directly with MCA to participate in the
Richmond to Virginia Beech portion of the Pony Drive.
          Club members are encouraged to display their cars at the
Richmond Pony
stopover on June 4. Remember folks; your participation in this one evening event is how we, the club, pay the rent for being allowed to use the SMV facility for the monthly meetings. We depend on everyone's participation to pull this event tougher. The more Mustangs we have the better.
Pony Drive sponsorship was turned down by 7 Ford dealers. I am still working on Car Max. The Lead Sales manager is out on LTD. In
all likelihood we will not be offering Dash Plaques to the Pony drive participants. If any one has thoughts on "give-away" sponsorship, give me a call at home the number is 804-794-0350. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

By George Bobrovsky


3rd Annual Bullitt Nationals! CVMC has been asked by the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club to judge their 3rd Annual Bullitt Nationals. This event is being held at Virginia Motorsports Park this year. The IMBOC expects about 75+ Bullitts to participate. There will be a representative coming to our June meeting to tell us about their show. Be sure to check out their website for more information Anybody interested in helping to judge let me know.

By Tony Hall


Thanks! I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has contributed to the Galloping Gazette and let everyone know that if you have an article that you wrote on anything Mustang and or Ford related please send it to me to be used in the newsletter.

          Ideas for articles are but not limited to the following… Car Shows that you attended; Parades; Restoration Projects; Unique Mustang’s and or Ford’s; Unique people connected with Mustang’s and or Ford’s; etc… Please include any pictures.

          Be sure to send your articles to Tony Hall at 7702 Hudson Drive Richmond, Va. 23229. Or hand them to me at the next club meeting. You can also e-mail them to me at



News From MCA


“Look for more News from MCA next month”


The 20th Annual Mustang & Ford Show Update

By Dave Dickey


          Another 1000 CVMC show flyers were ordered from Ben Franklin printing, processed and were ready for pickup within 8 hours. That was super fast customer service by Ben Franklin printers.  Thanks go to Bob Overbey and his printers. The flyers were for the 40th Mustang Anniversary celebration in Nashville last month.  I attached many of these flyers to cars in the parking lots of the Gaylord Opryland hotel with Virginia, W. Virginia, and Maryland license plates.  Show flyers are available for all club members to use when they participate in Car Shows and Cruise Ins. 

          Letters are going out to many Mustang parts suppliers and business’ requesting advertising, door prizes/gift certificates, goodie bag items, & trophy sponsorship.

          I picked up the check from Universal Ford as one of our major sponsors along with other checks and gave them to the Treasurer. 

          TROPHY CLASS SPONSORS as of 4/27/04:


Dave’s Mustang Trivia

By David Lythgoe


1.        From 1982 to 1986, which year Mustang GT had the hood graphic delete?

  1. What year did Robert Rewey and Neil Ressler form SVT?
  2. In what year did SVT started to put an IRS in the Mustang Cobra?
  3. What was the first that Ford offered the halogen headlight on the Mustang?


Rick’s Tip’s

By Rick Nochta


“Detailing Your Mustang”


          Over Thanksgiving and Christmas I was able to have some time to go through all my “Mustang Monthly Magazines” with the earliest being 1987. I was searching through these to find as many articles as I could dealing with detailing the engine compartment, the underside including suspension, running gear and trunk area. I found these articles covered 1964 ½ to 1973 with most of the emphasis on 1968 to 1970 Mustangs. Unfortunately most of the articles covered Hi-Po’s, Cobra Jets and Boss’s.

          To research other engine optioned cars required looking at pictures of featured cars. Looking through over 250 magazines produced several good pictures of engine, interior and trunk shots and a couple of pictures of the underside. From what I saw you could get enough information to restore a car correctly.

          You can also contact the CVMC Judges and technical advisors to get specific questions answered. I have always said there is a wealth of knowledge in the club. This is your best source for information.

          The Mustang Club Of America (MCA) has judges who are always polite and helpful. As one judge put it “that’s what I am here for”.

          On one occasion I contacted MCA in 1988 to get the proper dimensions on 1971 to 1973 Mustang Mach 1 hood stripes. Back then even finding someone who knew was a weight off my shoulders. After the MCA Head Judge spent several minutes giving me exact dimensions including the curves near the scoops I realized I had not asked him how he knew. After all just because he sounded like he knew didn’t mean he knew. I thanked him for taking so much of his time and offered to send him some money. He refused, saying it was his part in supporting the club. Good answer I thought. But wait, how did he really know? So, I asked how did you find such detailed measurements? Well, I have an original paint Mustang Mach 1 with original factory painted stripes sitting in the garage in front of me he replied!

          I have Shelby America Club and MCA judging experience and can help with those difficult questions. Please feel free to contact me at 804-321-5383 during the day.


Happy Cruising!!!




News From The CCCCVa

By Fred Fann


          The governor has signed SB 204 and it will become the law of the state on July 1st. Time to celebrate! It was a lot of hard work done by a lot of car hobbyists and legislators to get this measure through and into law. The councils are working on how we should thank those members of the General Assembly that helped us. A BIG thanks to all of you who contacted members of the General Assembly and the Governor.

          Gas prices are going up and up. This has caused more of the hybrid gas/electric cars to be bought. While California (as you’d expect) is leading the nation in hybrid vehicle registrations but who is number two? Yes, Virginia is right behind the land of fruits and nuts in hybrid vehicle registrations. Hybrid registrations are up 25.8% in the last year. If gas prices don’t come down more hybrids will be on the roads.

          We knew it was coming. The EPA’s new stricter rules for ozone are here and just about every nook and cranny of the state is in violation. Even some areas with low populations are in violation. The EPA says these new rules are to insure the health of people with lung/breathing problems.

          What’s the state going to do to meet these new guidelines?  Well they are ruling out stationary emissions testing in the Richmond area as “burdensome” for citizens. What they mean is that these new regulations are for REAL and they REALLY HAVE to clean up the air so they can’t be screwing around with stuff like emissions testing that does not improve air quality. For years DEQ has supervised testing in Northern Virginia and the result has been low failure rates and the area has gotten even more polluted. So much for cleaning up the air with auto emissions testing.

          But don’t think are cars are going to escape the ozone crack down. The DEQ is “considering” remote emissions testing. I’ll go further - they have already field-tested the equipment so they’re going to use it. Delegate Joe May sponsored the bill that became law and allows for the remote testing. He is running for lieutenant governor and has said he is not ruling out running for governor in 5 years. Remote emissions’ testing isn’t good news for car hobbyists. Every vehicle on the road is checked if it passes through the equipment. Although DEQ says it won’t do anything to antique vehicles that remains to be seen. An area that gets desperate to meet the new ozone standards may use any means to attempt to clean the air.

          The DEQ is going to go after power plants and other stationary polluters. Because, they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE AIR. We will have to wait to see what stationary polluters will be required to do but we already know it will cost money and those costs will be passed along to us.

          The local areas that do not meet the new standards are: Richmond City, Hopewell City, Petersburg City, Colonial Heights City, Henrico County, Hanover County, Chesterfield County, Charles City County, Prince George County. Other areas that do not meet the standards are Roanoke and surrounding areas, Fredericksburg and areas, Winchester and areas, Shenandoah Park, Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia.


Central Virginia Mustang Club

Minutes of Meeting, April 7, 2004

By Brenda Jones


          Tony called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. Tony asked if we had any visitors. We had 3. They were: Jerry Duffy 66 Coupe, 02 GT Coupe, 03 Cobra, Gary Ross 94 Mustang Cobra and Tony 66 Coupe. 

          Tony acknowledged the April birthdays. He then asked Karen for the Treasurer's report. Karen gave the report. We had a beginning balance of $4057.53. We had income of $671.00

(Race tickets, $170.00, Membership, $375.00, Merchandise, $111.00, and one car show registration of $15.00). This brought the balance up to $4728.53. We had expenses of $376.44 (Printing $101.37, pick up sticks for the trash pickup, $75.20, Pizza Hut for the lunch for the trash pick up, $109.22, Flowers for Don Smith father and for Amy Blumenthal's mother $90.15). This gave us an ending balance of $4352.09.

          Chuck & Betsy Edwards spoke to the club about an upcoming Road Rally.  It will take place on May 23rd, which is a Sunday.  We will be starting in Mechanicsville and traveling for 75 miles approximately. We will be meeting and starting from the Holiday Inn on Bell Creek Road. Chuck and Betsy passed out registration forms. 

          We now have 115 paid members.  We have 14 new members. Judy Weidman talked about our club jackets. Charles has said that if have a jacket that we would like embroidered it would be around  $47.00.  A lightweight jacket would be around $75.00 to $80.00. We will be discussing this at a later meeting.

          Llew has Parades - Holly Grove will be having a parade on April 24th.

Bon Air - May 8th - 10:15 a.m.  Across from Stoney Point Shopping Center.

L.C. Bird High School - July 24th - Car display & Festival   10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

GOOD NEWS - Walter Harley retired as of April 1st.

          Mike Cole - working on the Cruise Ins.  We had 17 cars at Famous Dave's. Our next cruise in will be at Target on April 24th.  We will meet at Willow Lawn for the one's who wish to cruise over.  Mike will let us know about the River City Diner and Varina Cruise Ins.

          Don Lane - Head judge. He will be having a judging clinic this Saturday, April 10th at his warehouse. He will have the Concourse sheet. They will be using Richard Jones’s 1964 1/2 convertible to show how to judge. 

          Tony talked about our display at the Convention center. Several people said we were the best thing out there.  Tony also said that he planned on going to G Force Go Karts on April 11th. He forgot it was Easter. 

          Rusty - 40th Anniversary - We will be meeting at 5:45 a.m. We will be pulling out at 6:00 a.m. Sharp!!!  We are meeting at the rest area on I-64 in Oilville. Rusty still has 4 rooms available. Rumor is flying about the GTR concept being at the 40th. 

Kathy McWilliams is looking for an enclosed trailer to haul her car to the 40th. Paul Oliver - MCA- 10,000 members nationwide. They will be looking for help at the 40th. They will be having their board meeting on May 8th. Paul and Dave Dickey mentioned about the President's Club. Paul said there is a whole list of things to do in order to qualify for the award. You get points for shows that you attend. 

          Dave Dickey - Our show - We order 1000 flyers for the Motor Trend Show. He ordered 1000 more today.  He attended the AACA show in Philadelphia.  Letters are going out to sponsors.  Universal Ford told us they will be a sponsor this year again. Bill Tally is out for this year. We still haven't heard from Richmond Ford yet. Bill Jarvis is on board to sponsor the Boss Class. Jones Auto is sponsoring a class. The National Capital Region show will be May 2nd at Rockville College. Dave said that he and Rusty need some help with the show.




Director's meeting - May 2nd - River City Diner Parham and 95. We will be meeting at 3:00

          Jeff Phaup won the 50/50 of $37.00.  It pays to come to the meetings and it may even put a tank of gas in your vehicle.

          Tony adjourned the meeting at 9:15 p.m.


New Member’s


John Witt


          Welcome! We at CVMC hope you will be a member for many years.


Renewed Member’s


Davis Marsh, Scott Byrnes, Mike Cutright, C.T. Berry


          Thanks everyone for joining and coming back for another great CVMC year! CVMC has 111 Members who have signed up so far this year.


Dave’s Mustang Trivia Answers

By David Lythgoe


  1. 1986
  2. 1991
  3. 1999
  4. 1980


May’s Birthday’s


Looks like we have a bunch of birthday Guys & Gals!


May 5th David Koogler; May 7th Marie Yates; May 8th Sonny Coble; May 9th Steve Shaver; May 12th Tom Tignor; May 12th A.C. Harris; May 12th Thomas Meade; May 13th Michael Mathe; May 14th Tony Hall; May 19th Jimmy Clements; May 21st Don Smith; May 26th Fred Fann; May 28th Bill Jarvis; May 30th Jerry Duffey


Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


Upcoming Car Shows For May & June


MCA Events


May 1st

16th Annual Round-Up
Roanoke, Virginia
The Roanoke Valley Regional Mustang Club presents the 16th Annual Round-Up of 1964 1/2 - 2004 Mustangs and ALL Ford Powered Vehicles at Towers Mall. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Rain or shine. Registration on day of show begins at 8 a.m. and closes at 12 noon. Pre-registration by April 17th is $15; after and day of show $20. Awards will be given. Raffle prizes, swap meet, vendors and more! For registration information call John Beels at 540-598-8375 or Suzanne at 540-309-8980, or email: or visit


May 2nd

26th Annual Mustang & Ford Show
Sumter, South Carolina
The Central South Carolina Mustang Club invites you to participate in the 26th Annual Mustang & Ford Show to be held at Simpson's Hardware on Wesmark Blvd. in Sumter, SC. Open to all Mustangs, Shelby’s, Cobras and special interest Ford cars and trucks! Modified MCA Street Driven Rules (except concourse). Proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House, Columbia SC. Information contacts: Dave Phillips (803) 258-3839 or email , Deborah Brown (803) 788-6117 or email, Ken Signor (803) 469-7738 or email


May 2nd

Annual Spring Mustang and Ford Show
Rockville, Maryland
Hosted by the National Capital Region Mustang Club at Montgomery College. Concourse, street, and modified Mustang classes and Participant vote for all other Ford powered vehicles. Come celebrate NCRMC's 25th year and Mustangs 40th anniversary. See or call Rachel at (703) 768-3984 or Allen at (703) 590-2651.


May 8th

All-Ford Car and Truck Show
Newport News, Virginia
Hosted by Styling Stangs of Hampton Roads Inc. at Newport News / Williamsburg Airport. Event hours are 9:00 am-3:30 pm with check-in running 9:00am-11:00am. Registration fee is $15.00. Judged Event, MCA Street Driven Rules as a guideline, Awards presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of 34 classes. For more information, call Mark Falin at 757-988-0989 or email


May 8th
The American Classics Car Show
Egg Harbor Twp., New Jersey
Hosted by the South Jersey Mustang Club at Chapman Ford, 6744 Black Horse Pike. Open to all American marquee vehicles. Trophies to top 50 cars. Bring 1 non-perishable food item. Proceeds to benefit charity. Pre-registration $12, Day of show $15. For more info go to call John Sugden at (609) 266-6353 or write to Chapman Show, 353 Mantua Ave., Paulsboro, NJ 08066.


May 15th

Twelfth Annual Mustang Show
Union City, Georgia
The TARA Mustang Club hosts the Twelfth Annual Mustang Show at Shannon Mall. Sponsored by Gene Evans Ford and Sears. I-85 South at Highway 138 (Exit 64 Jonesboro Road) in Union City, GA. Registration is from 9am till 12 noon. Show hour’s 10am to 5pm. Modified MCA Judging Rules. Trophy presentation will be at 4:30pm. Open to all Mustangs, Shelby's, Cobras and Special Interest Fords. For information call Donny Brown (770) 979-1029 or Tommy Vincent (770) 753-8142.


MCA National

June 11th to the 13th
Southern Hospitality Mustang, Shelby and Ford Products Show
Biloxi, Mississippi
Hosted by the Mississippi Coast Mustang Club. The show will be held inside the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center so you will be dry and cool. Host hotel is President Casino Broadwater Resort (228) 385-3500. Early registrations are eligible for the two $50 cash prize drawings. Registration is $45 per car. MCA members can deduct $10 and all early registrants (postmarked by May 14, 2004) can deduct an additional $5. Vendor Space (10'x20') is available at $50 for the first space and $40 for each additional space. The Pony Corral is $30. For more information contact Jim Currie at (228) 388-1880 or visit the website at


June 12th
2004 Mustang, Shelby, Saleen, and Roush Performance Car Show
Burlington, North Carolina
The Gate City Triad Mustang Club, in cooperation with co-sponsors Colonial Mall of Burlington N.C. and the Piedmont area Ford Dealers are proud to announce that the 2004 Ford Mustang, Shelby, Saleen and Roush Performance Car Show will be held at the Colonial Mall parking lot, 180 Colonial Mall Burlington, NC (Exit 141 I-40/ I-85 East or West) on Saturday, June 12, 2004. the gate will open at 8:00 am, gate closes and judging begins at 11:00 am, autos will remain on the field until 3:30 pm. Judging will be by Mustang Club of America modified rules. Awards will be given out for the 1st-2nd-3rd in each class. In addition to the judged classes, there will also be a display only class, and a pony corral for cars that are for sale. Dash plaques will be given to the first 100 cars registered. For more information contact Randy Stone at 336-275-5590.


June 19th
10th Annual Mustang and Ford Powered Show
Staunton, Virginia
Hosted by Valley Mustangs Unlimited at Obaugh Ford; 1400 Greenville Ave.. Event hours are 10:00am to 3:00pm with check-in running 10:00am to 12:00 noon. Registration fee is $15.00; each additional car $10.00. Participant's choice. Awards in seven classes and Best in Show. Dash plaques to first 100 cars registered; free goodie bags and free show tee shirts to first 50 registrants. Door prizes and 50/50 drawing. For more information, call Tim Ross at 540/337-2743 or email or call Steve Roadcap at 540/943-0712 or visit the website at


June 19th
Fathers Day Show and Shine
Harriman, Tennessee

Hosted by Tennessee Valley Mustang Club at Jerry Duncan Ford. Event hours are 9 AM - 2 PM with check-in running 8 AM - 10 AM. Registration fee is $5.00. The entry fee is $5.00 and will be donated to The Second Harvest Food Bank of Knoxville. Judging will be by popular vote. The first 50 entries will receive dash plaques. The show is co-sponsored by Jerry Duncan Ford Lincoln Mercury and Hemmings Motor News. For more information, call David Heck at (865) 220-0522 or email or call Dick Ziegler at (865) 482-5850 or email or visit the website at


Non-MCA Events


May 1st - Giant Heart of Virginia Cruise-In - Old Farmville Shopping Center, Main St. Farmville, VA - Enjoy big festival from a central parking area, cash prizes and door prizes for auto owners, free dash plaques to 1st 100 autos; Old Farmville Shopping Center, Main St; 8:30 am-3 pm; Spectator Fee: 0, Registration Fee: $5 pre-registration by April 15, $8 day of show Info: Walt McKay PO Box 21 Farmville, VA 23901 or 434-392-5715 or Fax: 434-392-1762 or by Email:


May 1st to the 2nd ARIVA Annual Chase City Car, Truck, & Bike Show. 2 Day INDOOR SHOW Location: Star Scientific, Inc. Warehouse 168 Duckworth Drive Chase City, VA. 23924 For Information: call Roger Queen 434-372-5801 or Chase City Chamber of Commerce 434-372-0379 or EMAIL:


May 1st to the 2nd - Tim Maguire’s Mopars on the Boardwalk, Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Car Show, Burnout Contest, Saturday Night Cruise, Friday Night Party, $2550 in show car prize money awarded at end of season. Mopars enter boardwalk at 16th Street. Sponsored by Tidewater Mopar Club, Potomac Ramblers Club, and American Drag Club. Info: at Web Site: or 757-858-8083.


May 1st to the 2nd - 5th annual Tri-County Cruisers Rod and Custom Car Show (May 2nd only) combined with the 28th Annual Craft Fair. Brandywine Lions Park, Brandywine, Md., pre-registration $12 day of the show $15. For additional information contact Steve Padgett at 301-259-2872


May 2nd - the 23rd Annual Rod Run and Custom/Classic Car Show (8 AM to 3 PM, Rain or Shine) at the Catlett VA Volunteer Fire Hall. Catlett is located west of Manassas on Route 28. Pre-registration prior to April 30th is $10; after April 30th or day of show--$13. More info: call Kurt 703-590-3513 or Jimi 703-257-9670 or Bob 540-788-4140.


May 9th to the 13th Annual Fredericksburg Rod Run & Car Show - Walker Grant School, Fredericksburg, Va. - Info: Ron Wactor 540-972-2546 Or Email or Web Site


May 15th – 4th Annual Car & Motorcycle Show - Goochland Fairgrounds: Open to all antiques, classics, muscle, imports, trucks and motorcycles. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pre-registration $12.00 paid by May 8, 2004, $15.00 day of show. Cars and Bikes must be registered by 12:00 noon. Vendor space is available. General admission is $5.00 Kids 12 & under Free. Dash plaques awarded to the first 100 entries. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies awarded in each class. Special award for most club participation, Door prizes, Cash drawing and games. Astro jump for the kids. Food and beverages available. Music provided. Bring the family and enjoy a fun filled day. For more information and registration call Charles Shelton at 804-512-5477 or email


May 21st to the 22nd - 51st Annual ODMA Meet (for Virginia AACA clubs and members) at the Frontier Culture Museum, Staunton, Virginia. For more info go to:


May 22nd 5th Annual Children's Miracle Network Benefit Car Show (open show)- Time 9:00 AM-3:00 PM - Wal-Mart, Colonial Heights, VA - Dash plaques 1st 100 registered, Top 25, Best in Show, Club Participation - Vendor space available (call ahead of show day) - Info: Debra Harper Creech 804-526-0844 or Southern Knights Cruisers, Inc. President Wayne Balch


May 22nd - Southeastern Virginia Mustang Club & Beach Ford Presents Their Annual Spring Mustang & Ford Powered Car Show at Beach Ford, 2717 Virginia Beach Blvd, VA Beach, VA. Registration 9am-Noon. Judging Noon-2:30 pm, Awards Presentation 3pm. 20.00 Day of show/$15.00 pre-registration/$10 for each additional car Applications for early registration available on-line This is a judged car show. All Ford cars and trucks as well as any Ford-powered cars and trucks are welcome to participate. For additional information please call Craig Coleman at 426-6205 or Stan Baker at 850-3479.


May 29th - Gloucester Car & Craft Show - Ware Academy Gloucester, VA Info: Daniel Carmine 804-693-2168


June 4th to the 6th - All Ford Nationals Carlisle Show Fairgrounds Carlisle, PA Info call 717-243-7855 or Web site at


June 5th - 3rd Annual Car, Truck and Bike Show at Fairfield Commons Mall located at Nine Mile Road and Laburnum Avenue in Richmond. Registration begins at 9 AM, all vendors welcome. For info contact Charles Greene at 804-222-2201 or fax 804-222-3183.


June 6th - 2nd Annual Wheels of Victory Car Show - Free Registration 9 AM - 10 AM: Registration cut off at 10 AM - Awards Best of Show, 1900-1949 Original, 1900-1949 Hot Rod, 1950-1972 Original, 1950-1972 Hot Rod, 1973-1984 Original, 1973-1984 Custom, 1985 - now custom, Low Riders & Imports, Dragsters, Motorcycle classes- Original & Custom - Dash Plaques 1st 100 entries - Prize Money $100 in each class in Original, Hot Rod, Custom, Low Riders, Dragster, Original Motorcycle, Custom Motorcycle - Location: Victory Tabernacle Church of God 11700 Genito Road, Midlothian, VA (Registration: Meet in parking lot) - Donuts and coffee, free lunch for all participants, door prizes - Info: Mike Christian 804-745-9264 or Victory Tabernacle Church 804-744-8881 or web site at


June 13th - Orange County Cruisers, Orange, VA - Info: Bo Cromar 540-672-4573 or or write to Bo at 18687 Brick Church Rd., Orange, VA 22960 or Sonny Hawkins 540-854-8965 or or web site at


June 19th - Richmond Region AACA meet Saturday, June 19, 2004 at Richmond International Raceway. Gates open at 7:00 for show cars and vendors and 8:00 to the general public. There is a $5.00 entrance fee for the public. The contact person is George T. Duke, 804-356-4382 or


June 19th - Bateau Festival Old Car Show. Location is downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, Jefferson Street Waterfront. Dash plaques to first 100. People's Choice awards by ballot for each class and best of show. Food, entertainment, trailer parking, shopping, antiques, children activities. For info contact Jan Peterson at 434-933-4430 or email


June 19th to the 20th - 4th Annual Muscle Car Powerfest and Cruise-in at the Virginia Motor Sports Park (hosted by Virginia Street Rods) in Dinwiddie, just south of Petersburg off I-95. The show will be preceded with a "Cruizin For Kids” from Hooters in Chester. Crate motors from Ford and Chevrolet will be raffled during the weekend. For additional info: Ron Clark 804-360-1255 or Email: More info on the website:


June 25th to the 27th - 6th Annual Old Dominion FFW Nationals

Virginia Motorsports Park


June 26th to the 27th – 3rd Annual Bullitt Nationals

Virginia Motorsports Park


June 26th to the 27th - 16th Rod Run & Car Show - Custom Cruisers of Northern VA -Ida Lee Park, Leesburg, VA - Info: 703-777-1664


By George Bobrovsky


          Virginia Motor Sport Club (VMSC) will be launching their yearly AutoCross Season in Mach. Listed below are the Event Dates.


May 9th – AutoCross @ Cloverleaf

June 6th – AutoCross @ Cloverleaf

June 27th – AutoCross @ Cloverleaf

July 18th – AutoCross @ VMP

August 1st – AutoCross @ VMP

August 29th – AutoCross @ Cloverleaf

September 26th – AutoCross @ VMP

October 24th – AutoCross @ Cloverleaf (possible VMSC Championship 10/23 & 10/24)

November 7th – AutoCross @ Cloverleaf

November 21st – AutoCross @ VMP


          Come on out for a great time AutoCrossing with VMSC!!!




President: Tony Hall
Phone: 804-285-0759
Phone: 804-282-0592 (leave message)

Vice President: George Bobrovski
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Treasurer: Karen Lane
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MCA National Director: Paul Oliver
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Carroll Lipscombe
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Newsletter Editor:
Tony Hall
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Awards and Trophies:
George Bobrovski
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Club Merchandise:
Sharon Burke
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Judith Weidman


Karen Lane
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George Bobrovski
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Llew Stakes
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Cruises Ins:
Michael Cole
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Track Events:
George Bobrovski

Show Chairpersons:
Rusty Wiseman
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Dave Dickey


Don Lane
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Monthly Door Prizes:
Brenda Jones
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Social Events:

Technical Advisors - 1st Generation Mustangs

Sonny Coble
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Bill Jarvis
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Carroll Lipscombe
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Rick Nochta
Phone: 321-5383

Richard Jones
Phone: 740-2096

Club Sponsors
Present your club membership card at the following business to receive valuable discounts.

Mustang Bill's, Inc.
10% Discount when you present your CVMC Membership Card at the time of purchase.
Phone: 804-749-3673

H+M Performance
Phone: 804-358-7223
Contact Rusty Wiseman
Phone: 804-357-6196

For Discount Information

Rick's Restorations
Mustang Restoration, Part's, Appraisal's,
MCA & SAAC Judging Experience.
Give Rick Nochta a call for all your Mustang needs!

Be sure to present you CVMC Membership Card for a 5% to 15% discount!

For all of your Hardwood Flooring needs give
Don Lane a call at!

1-800-379-5353 or

Be sure to present you CVMC Membership Card
for a $0.05 per Sq. Ft. discount!

Richmond Motor Company
4600 West Broad St.

Ray Broyhill Ford
Hopewell, VA

Seredni Tire & Auto
Northside 266-4955
Southside 232-4515
Mechanicsville 730-1440

First Class Towing
Lloyd Liggan

Advance Mobile Glass

Weaver Transmission
2406 Mechanicsville Pike

Dave's Upholstery Shop
5702 Mechnicsville Pike

Midas Muffler & Brake Shop
3700 Hull Street Road

Dockside Mobile Marine
Hanover Industrial Air Park

C.P.'s Mufflers
3320 Mechanicsville Pike

Air Conditioning Services
All Types
Mike O'Conner 743-8339
Kevin Kean 271-0771

Capital Windshield Repair
Richmond Steve Fine

W.B. & Son Auto Care & Detail
Detail Shop
Gary Sager 354-0980

Jeffe Locke
Professional Appraiser of Antique, Classic and Special Interest Vehicles. $50 a car when in group of four.

Carroll's Tree Service
10% discount to club members
Carroll McCauley

Beach Construction
Roof Contractor
Jimmy Beach 271-5225

Batteries Plus
10% discount to club members
10070 Midlothian Turnpike

Truck Outfitters
10% discount to club members
2025 Boulevard
Colonial Heights, VA

NAPA Genuine Auto Parts
Reference Cash Account #1918

Harold Sales
Kar Kraft & Mirror Glaze Products

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 5th 2004 at 7:30 PM
At The Science Museum of VA,
2500 West Broad Street .
See Ya there!!