The Galloping Gazette

     The Official Newsletter Of The

     Central Virginia Mustang Club

July 2004 
Issue 211







          This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, the 50th anniversary of the Ford Thunderbird and the 50th anniversary of rock 'n' roll music.
          Ford is launching the Ford Cruisin' Legends event, to mark the birthdays of these legendary "cruisin'" cars, and raise money for the Children's Charity Coalition.
          Ford will bring music legends to the event - Wilson Pickett, Bad Company and Morris Day & The Time - along with the Hard Rock Cafe's "50 Years of Rock" Mobile Tour.
          DEARBORN, MI,
June 5, 2004 - Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines. This year marks milestones in two watershed areas of American culture: fast cars and great music. And Ford's "cruisin' legends" are at the heart of both.
          This year marks the 40th anniversary of America's quintessential muscle car, the Ford Mustang, the 50th anniversary of America's prototypical
"cruisin'" car, the Ford Thunderbird, and the 50th anniversary of rock 'n' roll music - commemorated by the recording of Elvis Presley's "That's All Right" at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee on July 5, 1954.
          The natural connection between these milestones has inspired Ford Motor
Company to create an event celebrating the cultural birthdays, and will help raise money for the Children's Charity Coalition at the same time. The event is called Ford Cruisin' Legends and will take place on August 20-21 in
Birmingham, Michigan as part of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise.
          On August 20th Ford will bring music legends to the event - including Wilson Pickett, Bad Company and Morris Day & The Time - along with the Hard Rock Cafe's "50 Years of Rock" Mobile Tour, to help raise money for the
Children's Charity Coalition.
          From the very beginning, muscle cars and music were tied together; an
entire generation grew up with rock and roll on the radio, and a hot car in the driveway. "Cruisin' legends like the Ford Mustang and Ford Thunderbird, and great rock tunes simply grew up together, they inspired one another and are part of the same American cultural experience," said Jim O'Connor, group vice president, North America Marketing, Sales & Service. "The Ford Cruisin' Legends event is aimed at celebrating that connection. And what better place to do it than the country's largest one-day automotive
enthusiast event, the Woodward Dream Cruise?"
          Ford's History in Rock The list of popular songs referencing Ford vehicles goes back to 1906, with Out in an Automobile, by Collins and Harlan. When the first Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly line in 1964, an American icon was born. The Mustang has been inspiring rockers ever since - ranging from Wilson
Pickett's Mustang Sally, to the contemporary Sheryl Crow song Steve
McQueen, with McQueen's Mustang Bullitt at the center of the song and the
music video. The same is true for the Ford Thunderbird, which inspired a wide range of bands to sing tribute to the car - ranging from the Beach Boys to Quiet Riot, from ZZ Top to the Troggs, from Jo Dee Messina to Booker T. Washington White.
          Few companies have produced more products worthy of raising
America to song. "Almost everyone's life has been intertwined in some way with a Ford
legend: owning a great car, riding in a friend's, singing about one of our great nameplates or seeing Ford vehicles on the silver screen. Ford is a thread in the fabric of our culture," said O'Connor.
          Rock Legends, Cruisin' Legends
The lineup of automotive "cruisin' legends" will be matched in kind to the
lineup of rock 'n' roll legends Ford is bringing to the event.
          "We had to have Wilson Pickett to help celebrate the legacy of Mustang,"
said O'Connor. "Overall, we have bands that represent something for everyone. Wilson Pickett will meet the needs of those who crave the Motown sound, Bad Company will meet the needs of those who are classic rock fans, and Morris Day & The Time will meet the needs of those who love to dance."
          The bands will play as part of Ford's Charity Preview on Friday, August 20th from
6 - 11 p.m. on the main stage in Downtown Birmingham, next to Hard Rock Cafe's "50 Years of Rock" Mobile Tour. The Hard Rock Cafe mobile exhibit will take fans through a journey, combining a retrospective look at rock 'n' roll with the Hard Rock experience - complete with legendary pieces of memorabilia from the past several decades of rock.
          "The Ford Mustang, Thunderbird and rock 'n' roll music have made a tremendous impact on American culture," said Brian Siemienas, director of marketing, Hard Rock Cafe. "We are thrilled to be able to bring our multi-city mobile tour, highlighting the history of rock 'n' roll, to Ford Cruisin' Legends."
          For the Charity Preview ticket information or to order tickets, please call 248-644-5832. Tickets are $175, and Ford will donate the net proceeds from
the Friday celebration to the Children's Charity Coalition.

VIP Tour

          Holders of the Ford Cruisin' Legends Charity Event Tickets will be allowed the rare opportunity for a VIP tour of the Saleen Special Vehicles (SSV)
facility located in
Troy, Michigan. This special VIP Tour will provide the attendee the opportunity to view the facility where the preliminary assembly of the 2005 Ford GT begins. The tour will be 45 minutes in duration and will show a behind the scenes look on how the vehicle's
assembly begins. Each ticket will allow for one individual's admission for one time only. No photography will be allowed.
          First-Time Concour Event For the first time, Ford will host a Ford Cruisin' Legends Concour Contest, with Ford's Director of North American Design, Peter Horbury as one of the judges. Vehicles will compete on criteria of design, restoration, executive and showmanship. Winners will be awarded a unique trophy, honoring the achievements of the vehicles. For additional information about the contest, send an email to: the concourse will take place on Saturday, August 21 at
11 a.m.




CVMC Cruise In At Hooter’s Of Chester – May 30th! Of course it was an overcast day but we still had a decent turnout. We had about 15 Mustang’s.



          Oh yeah the sights were great as usual at Hooter’s. We may have even recruited a few new members.

          As always I would like to thank Mike Cole for setting this Cruise In up and to everyone who came out. I hope we have another one there soon (hint, hint).

          Be sure to check the rest of the pictures out on our website.

By Tony Hall



June 4th - MCA’s 2004 Great American Pony Drive II!  Yes Virginia, the Great American Pony Drive II invaded Richmond on Friday June 4th at the Science Museum of Virginia.



         Of course it rained but that didn’t stop those Pony Drive troopers. These guys and gals have been from South Florida to California to Michigan to New York and finally to here Richmond, Va. They have seen every kind of weather except for a tornado or a hurricane.

          The Pony Drive has been featured in magazines and on television. They also had a couple of people from Australia. We unfortunately didn’t get to see the whole group because a few of them went to Carlisle, PA for the All Ford Show. I hear they have a heck of a show and the best in vendors.

          Considering the weather we had a really good turnout. Victory 7 was well represented and CVMC members came out as well even in the rain. I think we had about 30 Mustang’s & Cougar’s all told. Famous Dave’s did a great job providing the BBQ and all the fixin’s and of course the Science Museum of Virginia did a great job with the set up in the Atrium and for allowing us to host the Pony Drive.

          I would like to thank everyone who participated and help with this event. I would like to especially thank George Bobrovsky for organizing the whole event and for arranging the Dash Plaques for the Pony Drive.

          Be sure to check the rest of the pictures out on our website.

By Tony Hall


CVMC Invades The 22nd Gate City Triad Mustang Show – June 12th! Five club members attended the 22nd Annual Show hosted by the Gate City Triad Mustang Club in Burlington, NC.


          We met after work on Friday and headed south toward
North Carolina. The convoy consisted of Rusty Wiseman, Tony Hall, Mike Cole and Michelle Meyer, Steve Coleman and his daughter, Cori and Ted and Cathy Roberson. All late models on this trip, I might add. Where were the early models?
          We stopped in
Henderson, NC for a meal and when we got back on the road, the bottom fell out. It was monsoon rain and wind. And we were treated to the most spectacular lightning show I have seen in a long time. We will let Mike Cole talk about that!

          We arrived in Burlington and checked in the motel. We all settled in and I think most of us resisted the temptations of the dance club located in the motel called Club Kryptonite!!! Most of us did anyway.
          The next morning, after a quick car wash in the light mist, we headed for the show. The show was located at the local mall with plenty of room. I believe the number of entrants was around 100 or so. The weather probably kept some at home. As it turned out, it never rained and we saw a little bit of sun during the day.
          CVMC made a good showing as everyone of us grabbed a first place for our cars. However, we hope there isn’t a Tom Hall still looking for his award! Right Tony? And how about Steve, he has to be the most versatile member of the club. He can park cars, serve food and defend his fellow club members.



          After a meal and a stop a JR’s, we headed home. Along the way, Tony decided we were going too slowly so he took the lead. It was great until a rouge Escort almost gave him and the rest of us a heart attack. Funny thing about a car sitting in the crossover, you immediately think it’s a cop and react accordingly.
          Congratulations to everyone that made the road trip. The Gate City Triad Club appreciated our attendance and we should be seeing some of them at our show later this year. Make plans to join the next little trip like this; you’re missing a lot of fun!!

          Be sure to check the rest of the pictures out on our website.
By Ted Roberson


CVMC Cruise In At Famous Dave’s At Virginia Center Commons – June 13th! We had a great turnout for this Cruise In. The day was kind of overcast but not too bad. We had about 32 Mustangs show up, which was fantastic. On top of that was a bunch of 1st generation Mustangs also.



          We had folks who haven’t been to these Cruise In events in a long time and we had some new faces also. Victory 7 came out in force. It’s always good to see them.

          The food at Famous Dave’s was excellent as usual and the service was friendly and good also.

          It was great to see many CVMC members participate in this Cruise In. I hope to see this great trend continue with future Cruise In’s.

          Be sure to check the rest of the pictures out on our website.

By Tony Hall


CVMC At G-Force Karts! We came! We saw! We conquered! Nah that’s not true, we just smoked some tires and had fun.

          Yes, folks CVMC had another successful invasion of G-Force Karts and we even had a few new victims ahhh I mean participants. Actually one of the new ones whipped all of us. Well, without further to do here are the times...


BLT = Best Lap Time

ALT = Average Lap Time


Race 1


Kevin McDaniel: 0:26.038 BLT;

0:26.674 ALT

Tony Hall: 0:26.048 BLT; 0:27.223 ALT

Dave Dickey: 0:26.048 BLT; 0:27.567 ALT

George Bobrovsky: 0:26.067 BLT; 0:27.854 ALT

Mike Cole: 0:26.262 BLT; 0:27.016 ALT

Rusty Wiseman: 0:26.265 BLT;

0:28.540 ALT

Mike McDaniel: 0:26.844 BLT;

0:28.844 ALT

Steve Coleman: 0:27.426 BLT;

0:28.426 ALT

Billy McDaniel: 0:28.304 BLT;

0:31.374 ALT


Race 2


Kevin McDaniel: 0:25.217 BLT;

0:25.853 ALT

Mike Cole: 0:25.399 BLT; 0:26.429 ALT

Mike McDaniel: 0:25.146 BLT;

0:26.344 ALT

Kim McDaniel: 0:32.994BLT;

0:34.883 ALT


          Our next foray into G-Force Karts will be July 25th. We will do the usual. Meet at Willow Lawn at 2:00pm or you can meet us at G-Force Karts at 2:30pm.


Till Next Time!

“Here’s Tire Smoke In Your Eye”

By Tony Hall


3rd Annual Bullitt Nationals & Fun Ford Weekend – June 25th, 26th & 27th! As was stated in a previous Newsletter CVMC was asked to help judge the “3rd Annual Bullitt Nationals” this year. Jimmy Ray of IMBOC came to our May meeting and asked that we help out with their show being held at Virginia Motorsports Park with Fun Ford Weekend.

          Five CVMC members helped with the judging and one Victory 7 member. For CVMC they were Larry Nobel, Rusty Wiseman, Mike Cole, Michelle Meyer and Tony Hall. Kendell Turner represented Victory 7.

          The day started off very iffy with the rain in the morning but by 12:30pm the rain had stopped and the sun started to come out.

          When judging time came we had 6 people working on each car and we split the car into three sections and two people each took a section. We were able to judge 36 Bullitts in two hours. Everything went smooth and we have not heard any complaining yet (big grin).

          CVMC had two members in the 3rd Bullitt Nationals. They were Peter Marshall and Tony Donatella.

          CVMC had three members in the Fun Ford Show. They were Mike Cole & Michelle Meyer, Rusty Wiseman and Mike Young.

          I’m not sure how the awards turned out so you will just have to ask those who participated. I hope everyone had a great time.

By Tony Hall


CVMC Judges Clinic – July 10th! We will be holding another judging clinic at the Layoak Warehouse July 10th at 10:00 AM. We will be judging a 3rd Generation Convertible and a 4th Generation Coupe. Directions are as follows. From the City

of Richmond go south on I-95 to exit 64, Willis Road. Go west (right) on Willis Road until you come to U.S. Route 1, Jefferson Davis Highway. Go north (right) on U.S. Route 1, Jefferson Davis Highway until you come to Bellwood Road. Go east (right) on Bellwood Road until you come to Haven Ave. Go south (right) on Haven Ave. to the end of the road and Layoak Warehouse is one the left. See ya there!

By Tony Hall


CVMC Cruise In At Performance Autosports Open House – July 10th! After the CVMC Judging Clinic, We will meet at Willow Lawn at 12:00pm and Cruise to Performance Autosports for their Open House at 12:15pm. Lets have a HUGE turnout for this event! Bring those fantastic 40-year-old Mustangs out for a good time.



Performance Autosports Dyno Run – July 17th! CVMC has set up a Dyno Day at Performance Autosports at 9:00am Saturday July 17th. Everyone interested in testing out your Mustang and see what kind of numbers she is producing should attend this event. I hope many of you will take advantage of this event.

          Below is listed the price ranges they sent us.


1-9 CVMC members = $65/3 pulls
10+ CVMC members = $55/3pulls

          Remember to meet at Performance Autosports. Also don’t forget the more people we have the better discount we get.

By Tony Hall


CVMC Hardee’s Cruise In, Chester – July 24th! We will meet at Willow Lawn at 5:00pm and cruise to the Cruise In at Chester Hardee’s on July 24th. Those of you who live south of the river can just meet us there. Lets have fun, bring out those Hot Mustang’s and maybe some Friendly’s after the Cruise In.

          This Cruise In is hosted by the Southern Knight’s Cruiser’s every Saturday night. Let’s have a Big CVMC turnout and impress these guys with a bunch of Mustangs! See ya there!

By Tony Hall


Thanks! I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has contributed to the Galloping Gazette and let everyone know that if you have an article that you wrote on anything Mustang and or Ford related please send it to me to be used in the newsletter.

          Ideas for articles are but not limited to the following… Car Shows that you attended; Parades; Restoration Projects; Unique Mustang’s and or Ford’s; Unique people connected with Mustang’s and or Ford’s; etc… Please include any pictures.

          Be sure to send your articles to Tony Hall at 7702 Hudson Drive Richmond, Va. 23229. Or hand them to me at the next club meeting. You can also e-mail them to me at



News From MCA


Greetings to one and all!


          Isn’t the car show season the best part of the year?  Well, unless you are working on the planning and delivery of the show, isn't it nice to attend other clubs shows?  Whether it is an MCA National show, or a local clubs "show and shine," we all love showing off the specific lines of our beloved Mustangs!  It is great to finally get that car ready, stroll around, check out the competition (recheck our car again) and then visit the vendors!

          Many clubs team up for shows, get some MCA daily driver rules, modify them as they feel they need them, and let the judging begin.  Contrary to popular belief, judging really is fun to do!  Maybe it is the people that you meet while judging or the stories that car owners can relay to you but either way, it is a great feeling.  How many times do we hear from people visiting your show about "the Mustang I had...back in the early 70's!" or "the first car I ever drove was a Mustang." and the classic of all..."My parents bought me one of those back in '65.  I kept that car for 6 years until the kids started arriving!"  

          Yep, we all have heard great stories and maybe even told a few of our own!  Isn’t that what makes it all worthwhile???


MCA Elections


          This fall (actually starting now) you can start getting geared up for the MCA elections.  I am always proud to see Regional Clubs Directors decide to "toss in their hats" and run for a seat on the Board of Directors.  New "blood" means new ideas and that’s the best way to keep the excitement flowing for MCA!  Very shortly the word will be coming out as to where to send in a biography on yourself of 100 words or less (up from 50 words as was the previous standard). You list you name and city/state, and then put in why you want to be elected, and special accomplishments that you feel matter and frankly anything else that you feel is interesting.  The nominations committee will chop it off at 100 words, so ensure you count it out and get in everything you feel needs to be there!  Anyone who is an MCA member can run for a seat on the board, with the expectation of being assigned to committee's and lots of work from home.  But you know, it is all worth it!


MCA By-Laws


          I do get asked, "hey, what’s the latest status on the bylaws?" and here is where we stand.  Rather than send out over 30 requested changes to everyone to vote on, as was done a few years ago and a few years before that, the bylaws do allow for a total rewrite.  Basically the committee goes over everything with a fine-toothed comb and then submits it to the board with a final recommended package, and then the clubs themselves vote on the final acceptance.

          The bylaws committee was tasked with taking the current bylaws and looking ahead to the future.  They were told update, clear up confusion, make it user friendly and make them reflect what we expect the future to need.  After that is done, the bylaws go to MCA's legal representative who is currently looking for more ways to streamline and simplify while keeping everything all nice and legal.  That is the stage we are at now, hopefully the first round of voting will take place soon, so we can move on and get your approval.  Drop me an e-mail if you would like an idea of some of the things the committee has been involved with!


YOUR Opinions Wanted!


          As MCA moves forward, we never want to be ignorant of the wants and needs of the clubs.  Tell me what concerns you have, what ideas you have and just how you'd like to see MCA shaping itself for the future!  I guarantee that I will provide the MCA Executive committee and copy in the rest of the MCA board with your suggestions.  I will also withhold names if you so desire!  We've gained 2,300 in membership over the past few years and feel we can do much better.  What can we do to help your club?




          Are you getting this e-mail but someone else is your club President or Regional director?  Please send me your updates so I can update the MCA web page.  The more accurate we have that page, the better chance for you to gain membership in your club.


Summer Travels?


          Doing some travel to Nebraska this summer? The Capital city Mustang and Ford Club would love to invite you to their 2nd Annual Mid-West All Ford and MCA Mustang Show on July 10th and 11th.  The show will be located at Speedway Motors; the address is 340 Victory Lane, Lincoln, NE.  Basically, it is just north on Sun Valley Blvd & West O Street. 

Early registration is due by June 30th to receive the discounts and attend hospitality night.  The show registration is available for download in Adobe PDF format at Additional information can be had by contacting Kris Schulz at (402) 499-9504 or via email at or Gary Bouc at (402) 420-7478 or via email at

          Also on Friday night just North of Lincoln in Ceresco, Swanson Ford is hosting their All Ford Show n Shine.  There'll be a parade, the show n shine, a band, and fireworks.  They put on a great fireworks display.

          For information on this, and several other great events this summer, please visit 


Take care!


Jim Keenan (22619)
MCA Club Support Co-Chair
MCA Parliamentarian
Fax 1-435-304-0974
Home 1-808-672-0442


The 20th Annual Mustang & Ford Show Update

By Dave Dickey


Dave’s Mustang Trivia

By David Lythgoe


1.        The first year Ford offered the 5-point star rims (Pony Rims) was?


  1. The first year that the Mustang had power quarter windows was?


  1. The only year Ford offered Chrome Wheels for the 3rd generation Mustang was?


Rick’s Tip’s

By Rick Nochta


2004 Vintage Race Schedule


          A couple of CVMC members have requested information on Vintage Races near Richmond.  These are races through out the U.S. on almost every weekend from January to October. The following is a list of races at two tracks that are the closest to Richmond. The two tracks are Virginia International Raceway (VIR) near Danville, Va. and Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point, WV. Both tracks are four hours away.


September 23rd to the 26th Morgan’s at the Point and Annual Blue / Gray Challenge sponsored by The Sports Car Vintage Racing Association (SVRA)


October 14th to the 17th Season Finale at VIR sponsored by SVRA.


          Open practice is usually on Thursday and will be open for new and vintage racecars for testing (vintage race cars to factory prototypes). Friday is practice for vintage cars only. Most of the cars participating in the actual races will usually be there from Friday to Sunday. Practice & qualifying is on Saturday with some endurance races occurring on both Saturday and Sunday. Qualifying is as exciting as the actual race. Sunday is race day with all groups having warm up laps early before going out. All races are started using a pace car like NASCAR with the pace car leading for a lap.

          There are nine to ten groups racing with different classes in each group. I run with groups five and seven. This is the sports racing, prototype and Can-Am groups through 1974.

          If you have any questions please feel free to call me during the day at 804-321-5383.


Happy Cruising!





News From The CCCCVa

By Fred Fann


          Summer's here, the living is easy and even the ozone levels are low. Usually the hot days of summer and late spring mean high ozone levels but not this year. We have had breezes and occasionally rains to keep the ozone levels down to what the EPA says we must have. In fact we haven't had a day out of the "green" level, which is less than 50 PPB. We can continue to hope that the ozone levels stay low so that we do not have to face any changes forced upon us to "clean up the air" and reduce ground level ozone.

          The Commission for Environmental Cooperation was established by the US,

Canada and Mexico under NAFTA. Recently it issued a report saying pollution in the North American continent fell 10% from 1998 to 2001. It acknowledged that coal burning power plants are lagging in improvements that would make the air cleaner - something we all know. Industrial polluters in Texas,

Ohio, Michigan and Ontario province produced 28% of all the continents pollution. Three states and one Canadian province produced nearly a third of North American's pollution.

          A report commissioned by Clear the Air reported that 23,600 Americans a year die a premature death due to power plant pollution. The deaths are from cancers such as lung cancer and heart attacks. The Bush administration has proposed "Clear Skies" in order to reduce power plant pollution but it has stalled in Congress. Another plan to reduce power plant pollution has also stalled in Congress.

          The organization's report came out about the same time another report that found "skies were dramatically bluer and the air was much healthier during the August 2003 blackout that hit the East Coast of the United States". Currently there is much argument on how to tackle the problem of power plant pollution. The Bush administration has been accused of not doing enough by environmentalists. This will continue to be a hot topic as coal-fired power plants are one of the last to make changes in order to improve air quality.

          Gas prices in most of Virginia have dropped a dime a gallon recently. A poll shows that most Americans feel gasoline is priced about 52 cents a gallon too high. The effect of higher gasoline prices is still reaching us. Since just about everything in our country moves by truck the price of just about everything is affected. Inflation went up during May due to the high prices.

          Shell Oil has shut down its Bakersfield, California refinery, which made an $11 million profit in May alone. Shutting down the refinery during the busy summer driving season has triggered investigations into why they would cut production unless it is to keep prices up. Shell is also in trouble in the South where 500 stations sold gasoline that had too much sulfur. The result was gas gauge failure in the cars that used the high sulfur gasoline. Shell is on the hook for thousands of fuel gauge repairs that could cost as much as $600 per vehicle.

          Gas prices will go down when the demand decreases, refinery production increases and the cost of crude drops. Fears of trouble in the Middle East have added about $5 to a barrel of crude.


Central Virginia Mustang Club

Minutes of Meeting, June 2, 2004

By Brenda Jones


          Tony called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. He asked if we had any visitors. We had 4. They were: Taft Cameron 1993 Coupe, Lee Buckner 1968 fastback and a 1969 fastback, John McGrath 1964 1/2 Convertible. 

          Taft Cameron spoke to us. Mike Serpico wants to do something with the club with the 2005 Mustang. May have a hat or tee shirt with something on it for Club members. He wants us to brainstorm to see what kind of activity to have. There will be limited availability on the new mustang. 

          Tony asked Karen for the Treasurer's report. We had a beginning balance of $5093.25. We took in Income/deposits of $1270.00 (sponsorship $1125.00, membership $100.00, car show registrations $45.00) we had expenses of $279.97 (newsletter/decals $178.60, printing $101.37) we had an ending balance of $6083.28. Karen reported that we now have 124 members, 20 are new this year.  We have one member Randy Odem from Eden, NC. He and his wife had a baby girl recently.

          There is going to be a show in Burlington, NC on June 12. Ted Roberson has 6 rooms available for the weekend.  See Ted if you want to go.

          Llew - Parades - We had 9 cars in the Bon Air parade. They only had 36 units. Llew said that the display in Chesterfield and will be at L. C. Bird High School. They will be getting back to us later on this. Lane Ramsey will be here next month to talk to us about the Chesterfield County fair.

          Don- Judging clinic - late model will be held July 10th (Saturday after the meeting). 10:00 a.m. Coffee and doughnuts will be served.

          George Bobrovsky - Pony Drive - He passed out the dash plaques. They are on schedule and should be here on Friday afternoon. We will be parking on the West side of the Museum- we promised the Museum 100 cars. We are counting on members to bring their cars out also. 

          Mike Cole - Cruise Ins - June 5th – Target; June 13th - Famous Dave's Virginia Center Commons; June 19th - Trash pickup; June 20th G-Force Go Karts - bring dad and race with us 2:30 p.m.

          Dave and Rusty - report on the show. Dave is working on getting golf carts. They will be electric and fully charged. He needs volunteer's for judging and parking cars and trailers.

          Tony got checks from Bill Johnson and Foster & Miller for trophy classes. Tony said the fee would be reduced to $10.00 for club members to display their cars.

          Paul Oliver - MCA and Virginia Blood Services - MCA new cards will have the Pensacola address on them. Paul also mentioned that we need names on the Virginia Blood Services sign up sheet.  They will be bringing a unit down from Charlottesville and they need to know if it will be cost effective to bring it. 

          Judy and Dave went to Flat Rock Michigan to the MCA board meeting.  They went to the Dearborn plant and saw the last 150 mustangs. The new building where the 2005 mustangs will be made only had Mazda's in it. Production will start in July. They aren't sure if the old building will be torn down or not. The board discussed the 40th anniversary show, and they are setting up committees to correct some of the problems. Nashville wants us back. It was the largest show they have ever had. There will be a 45th celebration. Austin Craig said if they had to put a monetary value on the exposure of the show it would be around5 million.

          Tony talked about the recent shows. On June 26th, the Bullitt Nationals will be at the Virginia Motorsports Park.  They need around 5 people to help. Meet at McDonald’s on Willis road at 8:00 a.m. and they will go on down to Virginia Motorsports Park. Tony said there will be a MCA national on June 11-13 at Biloxi Mississippi; All Ford Nationals will be in Carlisle on June 4,5 & 6. 




          We had the drawings for the door prizes and the 50/50. Tony adjourned to meeting at 9:00 p.m.


New Member’s


Scott Phillips, Mary Bosher, Kim Barton, Michael Barton, Mark Rosenthal


          Welcome! We at CVMC hope you will be a member for many years.


Renewed Member’s


Joe Ligon


          Thanks everyone for joining and coming back for another great CVMC year! CVMC has 130 Members who have signed up so far this year. This has tied our total for all of last year and we have another six months to go.


Dave’s Mustang Trivia Answers

By David Lythgoe


  1. 1991


  1. 1984


  1. 1993


June’s Birthday’s


Looks like we have a bunch of birthday Guys & Gals!


July 1st John Papazian, July 1st Jeffery Greentree, July 4th Pam Doser, July 9th Mike Young, July 14th Tommy Nolan, July 15th Judi Dickey, July 19th Larry Crow, July 21st Ashley Reed, July 27th Selina Nichols, July 28th John Daly, July 28th Gloria Daly, July 28th Mike Noble, July 28th Michelle Meyer, July 30th Paula Ramsey, July 30th Bob Overbey


Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!



Upcoming Car Shows For July & August


Non-MCA Events


July 2nd to the 3rd - 3rd Annual Star City Motor Madness - A benefit for the Automotive Gallery at the Virginia Museum of Transportatioin. July 2nd - Williamson Road Cruise Night 7 PM to 10 PM two locations to cruise between. July 3rd Car Show in Downtown Roanoke until 2 PM. Parade after car show. Plenty of entertainment, food, shopping, etc. Register online at


July 3rd - The Car Nuts Car Club, Inc., of Marion Virginia will hold their annual car show at Chilhowie Park in Chilhowie Virginia. Last years show was featured in the October issue of Southern Rodder Magazine. The club is expecting in excess of 200 cars, trucks and motorcycles at this years event. The public is welcome. Over ninety trophies will be awarded at the show plus cash & prizes. There will be several events for the children at no charge with prizes. Persons wishing to enter their vehicle in the show call Paul at 276-677-0200, during business hours Monday through Friday, or check the club web site at


July 4th - Yorktown 4th Of July Celebration 4th Annual Car Show Time: 11:30 AM - 4 PM Spectator Admission Co-Sponsored by??? And Classic Cruisers Car Club. Awards For TOP 25 Provided by??? . Open to Antique, Classic or Muscle Vehicles (1984 and older) Registration only on day of show $15. Gates open at 9:00 AM, vehicle must be in place by 11:00 AM, Participant Judging 11:30-1:00, with awards at 3:00 PM. Dash Plaques will be available to 1st 100. For more information call: Yorktown 4th Of July Celebration Committee, Dave Meredith at 757-766-2309 or 890-3435 CCCC contact Larry Hanson 890-9434, Email: or Hal Hartel 867-6336; Email:


July 10th - Fifth Annual Car Show to Benefit Special Olympics Virginia - Location Department of Corrections Academy for Staff Development 1900 River Rd. West, Crozier, VA 23039 - Registration 7:30 AM with judging starting 12:30 PM Fee: $25 Day of event ($20 pre-register) Tax Deductible Rain or Shine - Info: 804-897-5486 or 804-784-6843 or web site Listed at Drop Jawmag's Calendar


July 10th - "Harley & Hot Rod Show & Cruise In" at Hull's Drive In Theatre located in Lexington, Va. We are the only Non-Profit Drive-In operating in the U.S. We are advertising this as the Basically anything with wheels. NO CHARGE FOR NON-SHOWING VEHICLES. There will be a Flea in the morning. Set up time begins at 6:30 AM Flea Market begins at 8:00 AM & will end at! 1:00 PM. Price for set up space is $5.00 per Pole to Pole (approx 20'x 16') we are in need of VENDORS. For reservations vendors can call me at 540-463-2621 leave a message or email me at (this is the drive-in phone number) We will be having a Poker Run. Registration will be from 1:00-2:00PM. Poker runs begins as soon as registration is completed. Registration fee is $5.00 per vehicle or bike. Winner with best hand wins 50% of the registration fee for Poker Run. There will be a prize for the worst hand also. ALL ARE INVITED FOR THIS EVENT...Show set up time begins at 4:00 PM ...Show will begin at 5:00 PM. Registration fee for show is $5.00...There will be dated dash plaques for the first 50 cars. Peoples Choice Awards will be given out for several categories in show. The concession Stand will be open for food. We will be having Music. Lot's of door prizes. There will be a Double Feature Movie that night also. We will be showing "The Day After Tomorrow" rated PG 13 and "Man On Fire" rated R. Gates open to the public for the movies at 7:00 PM Movie starts between 9:00-9:15 PM. Price for admission is $5.00 per person. Kids 11 and under are FREE. We would like to have a very successful show and also make it yearly or maybe a monthly event. All proceeds from this day of events will benefit the Drive-In for its improvement fund. If you would like to read about the drive-in & it's history check out at the drive-in web site Anybody wanting information or to pre -register call 540-463-2621(drive-in number) leave a message or email me at The drive-in is located off of Interstate 81 exit 195 proceed south on Rt. 11 drive-in is about 1 mile on right. Look for the big screen


July 17th - Clem's 8th Annual Garage Cruise-In - Rain date July 18, 2004) Newtown Commons, Stephens City, Virginia. ALL proceeds to benefit improvements to Newtown Commons Park. FREE Registration 8am – 12pm Cruise-In 1pm – 6pm Tractor Show 1pm – 6pm. ALL Vehicles Welcome! Including Trucks Low riders/Imports Motorcycles, and Race Cars. Special Clem’s Baby Bear Nursery for the kid’s w/15 bears up for adoption! PLUS other kids games throughout the day. Shaffer’s BBQ, Fire extinguisher safety demonstration by the Stephens City Fire Dept, Commemorative T-shirts and dash plaques will be available for sale, LOTS of food, fun and games! A special commemorative teddy bear will be given to the first 300 registered vehicles and first 25 registered antique tractors at 5:00 pm. Breakfast and Lunch will be served by the Stephens City Fire Department. Fairview United Methodist Church will be serving ice cream at the Clem’s Soda Shop. LIVE MUSIC 6-9:00 pm. Host Car Club ~ Valley Cruisers Of Winchester Featuring Massanutten Antique Tractor Club. Q102 LIVE REMOTE. For info contact Fred Cheshire 540-465-8360


July 17th - Big Truck Show at Harrison Park 5201 Harrison Park Road Charles City, VA. 23030. Presented by The Charles City Hot Rod Association. Registration begins at 9:00 am to 12:00 PM. Judging will begin at 1:00 PM. Vehicle registration is $15.00. Admission is $5.00 per adult, children under 12 yrs old free. Concession stand. Trophies will be awarded in all classes. All types of heavy-duty trucks from 1 ton and up (dump trucks, road tractors, specialty trucks, wreckers, mixers, etc). Please NO TRAILERS. Contact Sonny Lewis @804-829-2976 or send an e-mail to Come Show Off Your Big Stuff.


July 24th - Lucy Corr Nursing Home Car Show at LC Bird High School from 10 AM to 4 PM. The car show is part of the Lucy Corr Village Day event and its primary purpose is to bring attention to the needs of the nursing home. This is not a judged show. For info contact E. William Carlson at 804-748-1128.


July 29th - Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department annual Firemen's Parade-Thursday July 29, 2004 Parade lineup is at 5:30, starts at 6:30 p.m. Rt. 685, Fleetwood Heights Road in Brandy Station, Virginia Check web site for more information.


July 30th to August 1st - East Coast Nationals 2004 in Richmond Virginia. For more info on Virginias Hottest Car & Truck show check out the web!!!


August 7th - Car Show sponsored by Victory 7 Mustang Club from 9 - 4 pm at the Food Lion at Mankin Sabot 30 Broad Street Road. Registration starts at 8:00 am. This location is a half-mile from the New Short Pump Mall. Pre-registration $15 before August 7th and $20 Day of Show. Vendor spaces $20. Contact # Thomas Victory-804-737-8601, O.J. Jones-804-306-7681, Kendall Turner-804-986-1327. All Vehicles Welcome If you Love it bring it. Proceeds to Benefit The Children’s Miracle Network and The Junior Diabetes Association.


August 7th - 24th Annual Mid-Atlantic Car Show & Swap Meet at Chesapeake City Park on Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake, VA. Open to all makes, models and vendors. Registration at 9 AM, judging begins at noon. Fee $20 plus two cans of food. All canned goods are donated to Oasis Food Bank. Info Mike Cook 757-468-4536.


August 14th - 3rd Annual Car Show and Yard Sale at Antioch Baptist Church, 1384 New Market Road, Richmond, VA 23231 from 8 AM to Noon. For info contact Lloyd Smith 804-226-2367 or Taylor Lewis 804-222-5238. Contact Sharon Fleming at 804-737-2718 for yard sale info.


August 14th - Historic Fredericksburg Region AACA 47th Annual Meet will be held on August 14, 2004 at the Elks Lodge on Tidewater Trail, Routes 2 and 17 south near the airport, this is new location. Contact Robert Aftel, meet chairman, 540-372-9673 for info.


August 14th – 15th - Colonial Beach Rod & Custom Show- Hosted by the Colonial Rod Club. Info: Linda Young P.O. Box 121 Colonial Beach, VA 22443 or 804-224-9691.


August 20th – 21st - Colonial Beach Rod & Custom Show- Hosted by the Colonial Rod Club. - Info: Linda Young P.O. Box 121 Colonial Beach, VA 22443 or 804-224-9691.


August 21st - 13th Annual Shriners Fun & Shine Car Show and 6th Annual Craft Show - Sponsored By Khedive Autos - Location Shine Center 645 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, VA - Directions: I-64 to Greenbrier Parkway North, 1st stoplight turn left by U-Haul on Woodlake Drive - Time 10 AM to 4 PM - Registration 8:30 AM with all on field by 12 Noon - Registration Fee: $20 Day of Show ($15 pre-register before August 19th) Vendors Space $20 (15x20) - Dash Plaques 1st 150 registered free T-Shirt 1st 100 registered - 50 Judged classes, plus Peoples Choice, 20 Dealers Choice Trophies - Breakfast & Lunch by CJ's Catering available - Info: Greg Cowell 482-4556 or Leroy Lane 523-0192 or Charles Nissen 340-1331


August 21st - Outkasted Misfits Car, Truck & Bike Show - Open to all makes & years - Time: 9 AM to 4 PM - Location: Books-A-Million at Midlothian Pike & Pinetta Drive - 1st & 2nd Place Trophies for Best of Show, Classic, Original, Street Rods, Scenic Design on Paint - Dash Plaques first 20 registered - Judging at 12:30 PM - Registration Fee

$20.00 $15.00 pre-registration before August 14 - Send Check or Money Order to Mark Hagan - General Admission $5.00 - Door Prizes - Info Mark Hagan 633 N. Pinetta Dr., Richmond, VA 23235-4923 or call 804-543-1967


August 21st - Lake Anna Cruisers, Louisa Middle & High School - Info: Rick 540-894-4939 or or web site or Bill Treibrr 540-967-2062


August 21st - Car & Motorcycle Show and Craft Show at First Baptist Church (Centralia) 2920 Kingsdale Road, Richmond, VA 23237 from 9 am to 4pm located half a mile South of Willis Road and Jefferson Davis Highway Intersection. Open to all Antiques, Street Rods, Muscle cars, Pro-Street, Trucks, Motorcycles. Judged show: Many classes, Best of Show, Club Award. Registration from 8:30-NOON. Pre-registration $12.00 before August 14th and $15.00 day of show. Vendor spaces and Yard Sale spaces $15.00. Proceeds to benefit Haven for Hope. Food, Games, Door Prizes, Crafts and Yard Sale. For more information and pre-registration call 804-247-7395 or 804-512-5477 or E-mail at


August 28th - 1st Annual Southern Knights Cruisers Car & Truck Show at Wal-Mart in Colonial Heights...Rain or Shine! - Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM - Registration by 11:00 AM to be Judged - Awards: Super Trophy to Best of Show, Also Trophies to Best Mopar, Best GM, Best FoMoCo, Best Truck, Best Other, Large Plaques for Top 30 and Club Participation, Dash Plaques First 100 Registered - Vendor Space Available $25.00 (must be pre-registered) - Registration Fee: $20.00 day of show (Pre-register prior to August 10 $15.00) - Proudly Supporting: CMN, MDA, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Make A Wish Foundation - Live Auction with guitar and two CD's autographed by Wynonna Judd and more - Music & Good Food - Info: Call Wayne Balch 804-530-2225 or Email  or Eddie Cole 804-526-4718 or Larry Allen 804-530-2855



By George Bobrovsky


          Virginia Motor Sport Club (VMSC) will be launching their yearly AutoCross Season in Mach. Listed below are the Event Dates.


July 18th – AutoCross @ VMP

August 1st – AutoCross @ VMP

September 26th – AutoCross @ VMP

November 21st – AutoCross @ VMP


          Come on out for a great time AutoCrossing with VMSC!!!


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Mustang Bill's, Inc.
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Rick's Restorations
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Looking for a pristine Late Model Mustang or Saleen? Then give Mark a call!
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Dave's Upholstery Shop
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C.P.'s Mufflers
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Dockside Mobile Marine
Hanover Industrial Air Park

Capital Windshield Repair
Richmond Steve Fine

Air Conditioning Services
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Mike O'Conner 743-8339
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Jeffe Locke
Professional Appraiser of Antique, Classic and Special Interest Vehicles. $50 a car when in group of four.

W.B. & Son Auto Care & Detail
Detail Shop
Gary Sager 354-0980

Beach Construction
Roof Contractor
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Carroll's Tree Service
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2025 Boulevard
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Batteries Plus
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10070 Midlothian Turnpike

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NAPA Genuine Auto Parts
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Wednesday, July 7th 2004 at 7:30 PM
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