The Galloping Gazette

     The Official Newsletter Of The

     Central Virginia Mustang Club

January 2004 
Issue 205


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A Look Ahead!

By Tony Hall

          I hope everyone had Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

          I would like to say... the following for being elected into office for the next two years.

President; Tony Hall, Vice President; George Bobrovsky, Treasurer; Karen Lane, Secretary; Brenda Jones, Director; George Cosier, Director; Don Lane

, Director; Bob Overbey, Director Jimmy Clements; and Director Dave Dickey

      Thank you for serving CVMC for the next two years.

          Before we take a look ahead lets take a brief look back. Two years ago on January 1, 2002, we were holding our meetings at Richmond Ford, we had $ in the Treasury and we had eighty-six members. We also participated in Asphalt Angels Rod & Custom Show as a club, participated in four to five parades a year as a club, did a couple of cruise’s a year and held one car show a year.

          So, where are we today? As of January 1, 2004, we are holding our meetings at the Science Museum of Virginia, we have about$4500.00 in the Treasury and we have one hundred and 130 members. We participate in Asphalt Angels Rod & Custom Show as a club, Motor Trend Virginia International Auto Show as a club, Annual Display at the Science Museum of Virginia as a club; we also do three to four parades a year as a club, did a Club Cruise to local Cruise Ins every weekend, Go Kart racing is becoming a regular monthly event, did a big Club Road Trip to Dearborn, Michigan and increased the size of our annual show dramatically to name a few.

          So, where are we going in the future? Well, this totally depends on you the CVMC member. Remember the sky is the limit. We can do what ever the membership wants to do. I know we will continue to do what we have been doing over the past two years and then some.

          Lets look at what we have in mind for 2004. We will be participating in the Asphalt Angels Rod & Custom Show as a club; Motor Trend Virginia International Auto Show as a club; MCA’s 40th Anniversary of the Mustang Celebration in Nashville, Tennessee as a club; Hosting the 2004 MCA Pony Drive as it arrives in Richmond; Science Museum of Virginia Display as a club; Go Kart Racing and of course our annual show which promises to be bigger and better than ever.

          Here are a few things that we are looking at participating in for 2004; possibly two cruise’s per month to local and out of town restaurants and Cruise Ins; a possible small car show at the Virginia Bazaar kind of like a top twenty five Show; hopefully we will be able to add a few more parades; possibly submitting an application to host a MCA National here in Richmond for 2006 or 2007 and more. Who knows what else might come along.

         Of course like I have stated before it is all dependent on your participation. The more you participate the more we can do, it is that simple.

          I have a feeling that 2004 will be the best year yet for CVMC. What do you think?

News From The Blue Oval




          Its something never seen on a production car before, but it will be on the all-new Mustang. A color-configurable instrument cluster can be backlit in any of 125 backgrounds by "mixing" three primary colors with the turn of a dial. The effect can be subtle or dramatic, particularly at night, as the speedometer and tachometer illuminate in variations of blue, green or red hues, creating a unique, personalized driving mood.

          It uses six light-emitting diode (LED) lights that are selectable in order from green, blue, purple, white, orange and red. The LEDs are filtered through innovative "light pipe" fittings on the sides of the speedometer, tachometer and vehicle operation indicator panel to create the numerous color options.

          Ford also is allowing customers to take a piece of the new Mustang home early. A screen saver that teases the new car and illustrates how the new color-configurable instrument cluster will work is available at


          A hydrogen internal combustion engine powered car affectionately called "Kermit" for its green paint has won the gold award for CO2 emissions at the world's premier clean vehicle competition, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

          The H2 ICE Ford Focus was made even stronger for the event with the installation of a new supercharger with a Lysholm positive displacement screw-type compressor, providing more low-end torque and better off-the-line response.

          The power train is a supercharged and intercooled 2.3-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine combined with a five speed manual transmission.

          An oversized fuel rail on the engine is designed to dampen out the pulsation of the gaseous fuel. In the rear of the vehicle is a 5,000-psi aluminum fuel tank strengthened with overlapping carbon fiber that holds five kilograms.

          The H2 ICE engine has many benefits versus hydrogen fuel cells. H2 Ice’s are all-weather capable, requiring zero warm-up and have no cold start issues. H2 Ice’s can easily achieve SULEV emissions, or better, and have more than 99% reduced CO2 vehicle emissions.


          Ford automatic transmission quality will benefit from a new sophisticated Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) test facility at its Advanced Engineering Center. Dedicated this fall, the $8.4 million facility represents a significant step forward in the company's ability to detect and reduce "unusual transmission noise," a top-five customer concern.

          The state-of-the-art facility enables Ford to measure, at a very low frequency (roughly 90Hz) transmission pump noise, which is a common source of unwanted transmission sound. Transmission noise typically occurs at lower speeds and load conditions, such as in parking lot and rush hour crawls.

          High speed combined with low load conditions, present when cruising at 70

mph, may also produce the noise. Through advanced technology, the two new dynamometers in the AEC trick the transmission into thinking that it is actually connected to the engine and drive shafts, just like it's in a complete vehicle.

          The new facility is capable of engine torque simulation and cold temperature testing using a fluid cooling system.



          Ford research has produced exhaust catalysts with greater thermal durability so they last longer; its developed new catalyst formulations using less-costly materials; and it was instrumental in helping introduce low-thermal-inertia substrates into Ford products providing greater performance.

          Ford is the leader in catalytic converter research. This November, President George W. Bush awarded the National Medal of Technology to Dr. Haren Gandhi of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, for breakthrough development of automotive exhaust catalyst technology. Among Gandhi's many scientific contributions is the development of the monolithic three-way catalyst, which revolutionized the way the automotive industry approaches emissions control.

          Gandhi's also had a major contribution to the efficient and wise use of the precious metals platinum, palladium, and rhodium that are the key active components of automotive exhaust catalysts. These strategic and expensive metals convert pollutants - hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides to harmless carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen gas.


          The grand award winner in the auto technology category is a vehicle called S2RV, which stands for "Smart

Safe Research Vehicle." It combines advanced accident avoidance systems and intelligent vehicle technology in a modified Ford Explorer.

          "Best of What Is New" culminates a year of searching, testing and deciding from among a huge range of products, all of which stand to change the way we live, work and play. Only the best of the bunch-those products that inspire awe, envy, and admiration-are awarded inclusion in "Best of What's New." The highly anticipated December issue is the most widely read issue of Popular Science of the year.

          The telematics and accident avoidance systems in the S2RV simplify life for customers and help keep them safe. Voice control and touch screens access the S2RV's smart and safe features, which include re-configurable displays, moveable switches, rearward and frontal cameras, night vision and advanced telematics. There has never been a research vehicle containing more advanced technology than S2RV.

          And, of course, may you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Dave Marchand

Mustang/Thunderbird Club Center Coordinator

Phone: 1-800-576-PONY/1-800-TBIRD10

Fax:      1-248-488-3696

Address: PO Box 2909

Farmington Hills, MI 48333



Membership Dues! This is a reminder that you’re Membership Dues were due January 1, 2004. Please submit your Dues as soon as possible. 2004 promises to be a Very Big year for CVMC and we want you with us every step of the way. Membership Dues are $25.00 per year.

          So far CVMC has 36 members signed up for 2004.

          If you have any questions please call or e-mail...

Karen Lane

Phone: 1-800-379-5353



George Bobrovsky

Phone: 804-355-4180


          Thanks for being part of CVMC! We at CVMC hope you will be with us for many years. By Tony Hall

Mechanicville Christmas Parade!

Subtitled round & round or first to last.
We had a great turnout of 16 Mustangs, 1 Cougar & 1 Boss truck. Thanks for everybody who came out on a cold day especially Bob & Carroll. I thought we
had a good starting position at # 26 but we were sent up the wrong street & had to go around two times to start the parade. We ended up at the back of the parade finishing just before dark. Any way thanks again for the great turnout.
By Llew Stakes

TCMC Children’s Hospital Toy Run!

The Tri-Cities Mustang Club invited CVMC to their annual Toy Run for the Children’s Hospital December 13th.

          At our December Meeting Bret McCrea and Ed Turner from TCMC came by to tell us about the Tony Drive. CVMC donated $100 to TCMC for toys to give to the kids.  We met at Willow Lawn in front of Starbucks at about 10:30am. When we started the Toy Run there were 24 Mustangs in the pack. Of the 24 Mustangs there were 10 CVMC Mustangs. Great turn out guys!

          It was a very cold and windy day and we thought the kids would stay inside but after we arrived about 6 of them came out to see the Mustangs. They stayed out there longer than I thought they would.   We all had a great time and a ton of toys were donated.

          When you see what these kids and their families have to deal with everyday of their lives it makes you appreciate how lucky we are to be healthy. It also brings in to perspective how trivial our differences with other people really are.

          CVMC Members in attendance were... 

Tim Posey & Erin, Ted & Cathy Roberson, Llew Stakes, Richard & Brenda Jones, Ben & Cynthia Brown, Kim McDaniel, Steve Coleman, George Bobrovsky, Mike Noble & Pam Dosier and Tony Hall

... Thanks for supporting a worthy cause!

By Tony Hall

CVMC Christmas Party & Toys-For-Tots!

My hat is off to everyone who came to the CVMC Christmas Party. It was a HUGE success. We had CVMC members from near and far, literally. We only had a few no shows. I hope some of them didn’t get lost!  Tony & Mary Donatella came from Leesburg, Virginia. Hey Tony, you were suppose to take your other right!  Anyway I hope everyone enjoyed the party and we look forward to an even better one next year.

By Tony Hall

CVMC At G-Force Karts!

CVMC Speed Racers were at it again on December 14th. Talk about Beatin and Bangin this was a wild CVMC turnout this time. There was some outright Slamin “Swerving Irvin Style” and some Rubbin “Earnhart Style” and an awful lot of Tire Screechin!

          All said, we had a blast as usual. So with out further to do here are the times.

BLT = Best Lap Time

ALT = Average Lap Time

Mike Noble: 0:25.106 BLT; 0:26.192 ALT

George Bobrovsky: 0:25.653 BLT; 0:27.075 ALT

Tony Hall: 0:25.705 BLT; 0:27.272 ALT

Rusty Wiseman: 0:25.925 BLT;

0:27.641 ALT

Ted Roberson: 0:26.081 BLT; 0:27.071 ALT

Pam Dosier: 0:26.439 BLT; 0:27.825 ALT

          Come on out folks and have a blast Go-Kart Racing. If you don’t feel like racing come on out anyway and watch the excitement. Besides we usually go out to eat after the Racing.

          The next foray into G-Force karts will be January 18th. We will do the usual. Meet at Willow Lawn at 2:00pm or you can meet us at G-Force Karts at 2:30pm.

Till Next Time!

“Here’s Tire Smoke In Your Eye”

By Tony Hall

CVMC Director’s Meeting!

The next CVMC Directors meeting will be held January 11th at Famous Dave’s on Broad Street next to TGI Friday’s at 3:00pm. It is very important that ALL CVMC OFFICERS & DIRECTORS attend.  This meeting will be discussing the events for the next year plus possible club purchases. As usual ALL CVMC MEMBERS are welcome to attend the meeting and give your point of view.

This Directors Meeting will be a little different. I want ALL CVMC OFFICERS & DIRECTORS to suggest at least 1 thing they would like to see CVMC do this coming year.

CVMC Is Your Club! Get Involved!

42nd Annual Asphalt Angels Rod & Custom Car Show!

Will be held February 13th to the 15th at The Show Place, on Mechanicville Turnpike. CVMC will be participating as a club at the show. So, far CVMC has 7 Members signed up for the show. They are...

George Godsey-1969 Mercury Cougar Hardtop; Steve Coleman-1999 35th Anniversary Mustang GT Coupe; Dave Dickey-1967 Mustang Sprint Coupe; Rusty Wiseman-2003 Mustang Mach 1; Ben & Cynthia Brown-2001 Mustang Bullitt; Billy McDaniel-1970 Mustang Mach 1; Ed Adams-1969 Mustang Mach 1

CVMC participates in this show every year and it is an excellent show so long as the weather cooperates (Big Grin). Last year we had 8 Mustangs, 1 BOSS Truck and 1 Cougar.  Hope to see you at the show!

By Tony Hall

Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show!

This show is shaping up very nicely. We have 15 Mustangs Lined up for the show. We may be able to have 20 Mustangs total. We will know more, as the show gets closer. The Mustangs we have lined up for the show are as follows... 

Steve Coleman – 1999 Black 35th Anniversary Mustang GT Coupe; George Bobrovsky – 1989 Black Mustang GT Convertible; Dave Dickey – 1967 Aqua Mustang Sprint Coupe; Richard Jones – 1964 ½ Red Mustang Convertible; Llew Stakes – 1969 Green Mustang Convertible; Rusty Wiseman – 2003 Blue Mustang Mach 1; Ben & Cynthia Brown – 2001 Blue Mustang Bullitt; Billy McDaniel – 1970 Yellow Mustang Mach 1; Carroll Lipscombe – 1964 ½ Blue Mustang Convertible; Tony Hall – 1995 Red Mustang SVT Cobra; Don Smith – 1970 Blue Mustang Boss 302; Thomas Victory – 1984 Black Mustang SVO Hatchback; Kendall Turner – 1985 Red Mustang Saleen hatchback; Mike Rowe – 1999 Red Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible; Lane Ramsey – 1969 Blue Mustang Shelby GT-350 Fastback

This is an excellent line up for the show. Like last year this is a great opportunity to let people know about CVMC and to recruit members. There will be more on this show in the coming months.

By Tony Hall

40th Anniversary Update!

Hello CVMC Members, as you know I have taken it upon myself to plan a trip to the 40th Anniversary Celebration on the Mustang in Nashville, TN at the Nashville Super Speedway. I had reserved 9 rooms at a Hampton INN and 9 rooms at a Super 8.  They are gone. I do have 9 rooms reserved at a Days Inn but they are a lot more expensive then the previous rooms. For the entire stay the days INN will run around $635+tax. But if you want to go I do have those rooms. The following people are slated to be going...

Bill and Billie Jarvis; Paul Oliver; Steve Coleman; Ted & Cathy Roberson; Rusty Wiseman; Betty Wiseman; Billy & Kim McDaniel; Mike Noble; Ray & Judi Weidman; Tony Hall; Don & Karen Lane; George & Linda Cosier; Don Smith & Family; Melissa Riddle; Kathy McWilliams

          The hotels are approximately 16 miles from the Nashville Speedway. As I found out the Host hotel, which is more expensive (although the Days Inn comes close), is over 30 miles from the speedway. The plan is to Cruise up on Wed April 14th and leave Monday Morning April 19th. If this does not work for you then I may be able to change the room dates, but I don’t think you will want to miss a thing.

          I want to try and get everyone together to talk about the trip sometime in March and then at the beginning of April. Most likely this can happen after the Monthly meetings. If you are interested please let me know. You can email me at or call me at 804-357-6196.

          This is a very special celebration you won’t want to miss and Ford is slated to Debut the Next Generation Mustang on April 17th at the Event. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back next month, Same Mustang Time, Same Mustang Channel!! 

By Rusty Wiseman

MCA’s 2004 Pony Drive II!

Yes, folks “The Great American Pony Drive II” is coming to Richmond. What is “The Great American Pony Drive II” you ask? In general it is a Cross Country Cruise that starts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee to Lubbock, Texas to Los Angeles, California to Dearborn, Michigan to Albany, New York to Roanoke, Virginia to Richmond, Virginia and finally to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

          CVMC plans for this event is in the preliminary stages. There will be much more on this in the coming months. David Turnbull the organizer of this event has told me that between 200 to 300 Mustang’s will be involved. We need volunteers to help with this event. This is a HUGE opportunity to promote CVMC on a Regional, State and National level. I know I can count on you to be there when CVMC needs you.

          Those interested in helping please contact me...

 Tony Hall

Phone: 804-285-0759

Phone: 804-282-0592 (leave message)


          If you would like to check out “The Great American Pony Drive II” website you can either click the logo above or the link below.

By Tony Hall

Thanks! I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has contributed to the Galloping Gazette and let everyone know that if you have an article that you wrote on anything Mustang and or Ford related please send it to me to be used in the newsletter.

          Ideas for articles are but not limited to the following… Car Shows that you attended; Parades; Restoration Projects; Unique Mustang’s and or Ford’s; Unique people connected with Mustang’s and or Ford’s; etc… Please include any pictures.

          Be sure to send your articles to Tony Hall at 7702 Hudson Drive Richmond, Va. 23229. Or hand them to me at the next club meeting. You can also e-mail them to me at

News From MCA

By Paul Oliver

          First and foremost I wish to extend a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years to all!  Now that the show season is over for most of the country, clubs have time to breathe and finalize plans for next year’s events. This is also when elections are typically held and when bylaws should also come into review. Enjoy the peace between all the havoc of the season!

          Yes, I mentioned Bylaws! Often we forget about them but clubs need guidance to fall back on and quite often a set of bylaws is just what is needed.

          This edition of Regional Club Roundup is mostly written to assist clubs with bylaws. I have received several questions on bylaws from regional clubs, mostly asking general questions but others wanted to get some tips on making them more user friendly.

          For a regional club, a great set of rules to follow would be your own bylaws. They should be written out and available to all members of club and reviewed by an appointed bylaws committee either each year or every other year. The best backing for bylaws that I have used has been from using Roberts Rules of Order. For MCA, Roberts Rules of Order is used to cover anything not covered by the written bylaws. You may want to consider that also when reviewing your bylaws. The book in paperback form is just under twenty dollars.

          If you are in a new club and do not have bylaws, use the MCA web page and go to "regional clubs" and e-mail a few clubs and ask if they would share what they have with you. Some even have the bylaws of their club right on their web pages!  Another clubs bylaws can be a great foundation for yours! Ensure everyone in your club has some input to the bylaws. They need to be something everyone can view and have input on. 

          If your club already has bylaws, it is easiest to appoint a committee to review them at specified intervals and make sure that all members always have full access to them. If the committee finds there are changes that they recommend making, then you bring it before the club and have the members vote on it.  Always include the membership on any changes! No one should be left out of that. A club with informed members turns out to be a more together club. No secrets are kept, no hidden rules to pop up when anyone least expects it, and when people learn that you have a well-run club and they are more apt to want to join up! Isn't that the most important part? Keeping your membership level climbing? 

          Take a good look at your bylaws and share them with your membership. We are doing the same thing at MCA. Just a few years ago there were 23 changes made and many clubs have sent in questions and suggestions for the bylaws as they stand today and we as a committee sit with almost another 30 changes to consider. This is all from what was once written at someone's kitchen table several years ago. As MCA continues to grow, our bylaws need to change with it. Pull out your bylaws and read them again. If they are not clear in every subject, or just don't make any sense. This off-season is the time to get people busy on clearing them up!

          MCA should (or may already) be at the 10,000-membership level, which represents almost a 2000 gain in membership over the past two years. That is from many things helping, like the web page, better magazine advertisements, people staffing booths at events nationwide and the regional clubs getting members to join. I'd like to personally thank you in the regional clubs for your help!

          Next April is MCA's 40th Anniversary celebration on the launching of the Mustang. I looked at just today, and at some of the different groups teaming up to caravan to several cities and the 40th

Anniversary show hosted by MCA. If you live along the way of any of those groups caravanning, you will see hundreds of Mustangs! It all leads to the 40th, and then afterwards continues on and ends in Virginia Beach, Virginia in early June!

          This event will definitely gain even more members for MCA, just as your regional shows do for your club. You have seen Jim Silverman and Bob Perkins as your Head Judges taking the lead on several items, all towards the betterment of making the hobby more enjoyable. That’s why you want to look at the rules you have in force. The judging guys are reviewing the judging rules; the Bylaws committee is doing a major overhaul of the bylaws and I have caught wind of several wonderful ideas that have been brought up by regional clubs. MCA is a major player in the car show and car event arena. Attend an MCA event or even a Fun Ford weekend and see why the thrill is still there!

          Continue to send in your questions and ideas. We work for you and with you!

          Need a form for insurance when you have a show? Let me know and I will e-mail it to you to keep on file!        

          For all interested clubs, if you send me the e-mail listing of your membership, I will send all MCA news and events directly to your members for you!

          Visit the MCA WebPage for the 40th Anniversary Monopoly game. It will be a prized collectors item. Order now online and beat the Christmas rush!

          Also as a reminder, the official mailing address for MCA is...

Mustang Club Of America

4051 Barrancas Ave.  PMB 102

Pensacola, FL  32507

Take care! Aloha!

Jim Keenan (22619)

MCA Club Support Co-Chair;

Bylaws Chairman

FAX 1-435-304-0974

Home 1-808-836-7669

The 20th Annual Mustang & Ford Show Update

By Rusty Wiseman & Dave Dickey

          We are proud to announce that the 20th Annual Mustang & Ford Show will be held on September 18, 2004, at the beautiful Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Complex. Located at Staples Mill Road and Broad Street.

          Be sure to check back in the coming months for future updates and announcements.

CVMC Humor

          You have got to hand it to these Cubans. They wanted to leave so bad that they turned a Classic Truck into a boat (it has to be a Ford).

Dave’s Mustang Trivia

By David Lythgoe

          Look for more great Mustang Trivia from Dave in next month’s Newsletter.

Rick’s Tip’s

By Rick Nochta

Getting An Old Mustang Running

          Back in November we went through the steps needed to get an old Mustang running. Before we go on I need to clarify a couple of things.

          The first clarification concerns cleaning of the radiator. This should have been draining the radiator. I suggest disconnecting the lower radiator hose and running water through the radiator for a couple of minutes until the water comes out clean.

          The second problem I noticed was the disconnection of the gas tank at the fuel pump. This will eliminate the tank, which after twenty years is rusty or beginning to rust. Next make a small gas tank from a can or a bottle and connect it to the fuel pump. You are now ready to get an old Mustang running and drivable.

          I strongly recommend replacing all the brake parts including the lines. The last thing you need is to loose the brakes. It is also advisable to replace the gas lines and of course the tank sending unit. Replacing the brake and fuel line clips is a good idea because they are usually rusty and will probably stain your new lines. I like to use stainless lines because they will not rust like the thinly plated lines, which can rust if scratched.

          In National Competition points are deducted for stainless lines but I believe this will eventually change.

          If you have any questions concerning parts and / or restoration needs. Please feel free to call me during the day at 804-321-5383.

          I have MCA and Shelby Club Concourse Judging experience and can help with those difficult questions concerning your Mustang.

Happy Cruising!


News From The CCCCVa

Council January 2004 News

By Fred Fann

          The hobbyist news for this month is just as bleak as the weather. I know this is a surprise but I’d like to write about something positive happening for a change.

            The EPA - backed by the DEQ - wants to expand the stricter pollution requirements faced by Northern Virginia south to include Fredericksburg, Caroline County, Fauquier County, Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties. The stricter requirements have resulted in an increase in pollution in Northern Virginia so why not try them farther south? The Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization as well as the EPA and DEQ have already approved this plan. What can the citizens who live in the area do about it? The short answer is nothing. Everyone involved in the decision was either appointed or hired by an appointed person. No politicians who we can vote out of office were involved. Part of the plan includes federal money (our tax dollars) being spent on commuter rail, HOV lanes and other projects. There has been no mention of auto emission testing simply because that always ticks the citizens off. But you can look forward to it if you live in the Fredericksburg area. I really liked how they sneaked this through without ANY citizen input.

            The General Assembly hasn’t met yet and the newly proposed bills are not going to be online until the 15th of the month but articles about DUI bills have already been published in some newspapers. There will be at least 15 bills introduced mainly because deaths caused by drunken drivers have been on the increase. The Assembly has been proposing stricter DUI laws for over 20 years. What the newspaper articles did not mention is that all but a couple of DUI bills have been killed in committee the last few sessions. Passing a bill making a behavior illegal doesn’t stop people from continuing that behavior and the members of the Assembly are not going to pass any super tough laws to combat DUI.

            Mercury has been in the news lately. Mercury from power plants can enter water and taint fish. Young children and developing fetuses can get brain damage from the mercury they consume or their pregnant mothers consume. Since no one wants to be viewed as against mothers and young children, the Bush administration has proposed new rules to clean up the mercury pollution from power plants. The plants have been given 15 years (!) to reach the recommended requirements! Coal fired power plants produce 40% of the nation’s mercury pollution. In 2001 in Virginia nearly five thousand pounds of mercury pollution was released from plants.

            The Supreme Court will decide if VP Cheney has to release info from his meetings with the energy task force. The court will also hear the case about allowing Mexican trucks and buses on US highways. The vehicles have been kept out because of safety and environmental concerns.

            A small bridge in Chesterfield destroyed by the hurricane will soon be rebuilt. The delay was caused by the 15 state and federal environmental agencies that had to approve its rebuilding. VDOT has hired a consultant to do an environmental study of the I-81 improvement project. The consultant firm will be paid just under  $11 MILLION DOLLARS!

Fred Fann
Visit the Car Club Council of Central Virginia's Site:

Central Virginia Mustang Club

Minutes of Car Show Meeting, November 30, 2003

By Karen Lane

          The meeting began about 3:35pm with Tony Hall, Rusty Wiseman, Ted Roberson, Larry & Mike Noble, Pam Dosier, Dave & Judi Dickey, David Lythgoe, Don & Karen Lane in attendance.

          The 2004 show date is tentatively set for September 18, 2004. The format for the show will be much the same as last year. If it works, why change it? Registration forms and invitations to our show will be mailed in advance. Pre-Registration numbers will be parking space number, door prize numbers, etc. registration will stop at 11:00am or 11:30am.

          Judging will begin early as the “Ready To Be Judged” signs are displayed. Since there was some confusion parking cars last year, we need to have some parker training, each person parking cars need to know the layout of the field and how the numbers are running so their job will be made easier. There will be judging seminars again this year and it was mentioned that maybe these seminars should be split up so that some of them can be held at the Lay-Oak Warehouse and some on the north side of the town to give everyone that is interested in helping judge an opportunity to attend at least one seminar. The points spread for judging will be looked at, but will probably stay close to the current range. Don Lane will contact MCA National Judges to try to get tests for those that wish to become “Certified” through MCA.

          Ray Weidman did a fantastic job last year with the vendors and vendor setup, he will be contacted by the Show Chairman to see if he will help us out in that area again this year.

          We need a person to take over Show Promotions for this year. Jim Myracle did a Great Job last year but is unable to do it again this year. However he is willing to share his information and knowledge with the new person in charge of Show Promotions.

          Charles Minshew was chosen to do our Trophies and Dash Plaques again this year. He does a great job.

          We need more tables this year and maybe some chairs also. We also need a trailer to haul all our supplies for the car show in. Sizes were discussed but not agreed upon. We need to check into cost of insurance for trailers.

          Invitations to the Ford Dealers need to be sent out to see what kind of financial help we will have this year from our sponsors.

          The plaques this year had the name, place won and sponsors name if applicable. It was mentioned that the car class should also be included. Good Idea!

          Last year we had two clubs put up banners at our show. Banners, tents, starting cars during show hours and recruiting from other clubs were discussed and it was decided that these items need to be covered in the Show Rules.

          There were a couple of ideas that need to go before the membership for a vote. First we need to decide on a one or two day show.

Central Virginia Mustang Club

Minutes of Meeting, December 3, 2003

By Brenda Jones

          Minutes of the Central Virginia Mustang Club meeting held at The Science Museum of Virginia on December 3, 2003.

          Tony called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. He asked if we had any visitors. The only ones that we had were Ed and Brent from the Tri- Cities Mustang Club. They were the first thing on the agenda because they wanted to ask us if we wanted to participate the toy run to the Children's Hospital on Saturday December 13, 2003. They will be meeting at Willow Lawn at 10:45 and we will then cruise over to the hospital. A motion was made by Brenda Jones to donate a $100.00 to the toy run. Donnie Nichols seconded the motion. 

          Karen gave the Treasurer's report. We had a beginning balance of $4064.06. We had income/deposits of $610.00  (donation $100.00, Show shirts $50.00, Merchandise $15.00, Membership $175.00, Christmas Party $270.00). We had expenses of $239.14, Pizza Hut $101.77, Printing envelopes etc. $107.37, S.C.C. $25.00, Newsletter $5.00. We had an ending balance of $4434.92.

          Judy Wiedman will be handling the merchandise for Sharon Burke during the winter. See her for any hats, shirts etc.

          Rusty and Dave Dickey brought us up to speed on the show. Show will be on September 18, 2003 due to Nascar changing the Richmond race date. We decided to keep it a one-day show for now. We will be forming a committee to do a study for a two-day show.

          Rusty gave a report on the 40th anniversary. All of the rooms that he had are gone. He does have 9 that are more expensive than the original 18. We will be leaving April 14th for Nashville, Time and place to be announced later. Meeting to discuss the trip will be sometime in March.

          Karen gave a report on the upcoming Christmas party. We have 41-42 signed up so far. The cost is $10.00 a person with the club picking up the rest. A map is available for those who need one. The date is December 13,2003 at Howlett's Tavern in Chesterfield.

          Tony talked about the Virginia International Car Show at the Richmond Convention Center. The dates of the show this year are March 5th to the 7th. We have a sign up sheet. Tony also had a sign up sheet for the Asphalt Angels show in February at the Showplace.

          G-Force Go Karts - We had an impromptu race after the Ashland parade.  We had one red flag and 2 yellows. Michelle ran into the wall this time (I think this was Brenda’s fault - Tony).


          We had the drawings. Mike Noble won the 50/50 of $22.00. It pays to come to the meetings sometime. A directors meeting will be held on January 11th at 3:00. The tentative location is Famous Dave’s on Broad Street. Details forthcoming. 

          Tony adjourned the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

New Member’s

          Welcome! We at CVMC hope you will be a member for many years.

Renewed Member’s

Billy Sutton, Donnie Nichols, Ted Roberson, George Bobrovsky, Steve Coleman, Kathy McWilliams, Rick Jones, Melissa Riddle, Ben Brown, David Lythgoe, Brenda Jones

          Thanks everyone for joining and coming back for another great CVMC year!

January Birthday’s

Looks like we have a bunch of birthday Guys & Gals!

January 5th, Thomas Enroughty; January 6th, Chris Byrne; January 7th, Andy Phaup; January 14th, Ben Brown; January 15th, Sharon Burke; January 16th, Gail Enroughty; January 17th, Brett Hunnicut; January 17th, Paul Meade; January 21st, Brittani Jorgensen; January 23rd, Andrea Whitney; January 26th, Marti Fann; January 28th, Cynthia Brown; January 31st, Karen Bobrovsky

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

Upcoming Car Shows For January & February

MCA Events

Non-MCA Events

January 10th Hot Rod Builder Shows Latest Projects -Posies Open House Info: Bill Weigard 219 N Duke St, Hummelstown, PA 17036 or 717-566-3340, FAX: 717-566-5440 or web site at

January 15th to the 19th Baltimore International Auto Show at One W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD Info: 410-649-7000 or web site

January 16th to the 18th 47th Carquest World of Wheels at Washington, DC Washington Convention Center 900 Ninth Street NW - Info: 202-371-1050 or web site at

January 23rd to the 25th 45th World of Wheels at the Baltimore, Maryland - Convention Center. Info: 248-293-1700 or web site at

January 24th - 7th Annual Polar Bear Run Gets better every year - Info: Fred Fann 804-590-9583 or register at the website:

February 13th to the 15th - 42nd Annual Asphalt Angels Car Show - The Show Place, Richmond, VA Best Indoor Rod & Custom Show on East Coast Info: Brian 804-266-1483 or web site:

February 13th to the 14th - AACA 68th Annual Meeting Philadelphia, Pa.

February 28th - SCMC Spring Shootout at Jackson, SC The SCMC will be having it's Spring shootout at Carolina Dragway in Jackson, SC. Take your Mustang, SVT Cobra, or Ford and see what it will do against the clock. There will be trophies and more to be given away at the bracket racing ceremony. This event is open to all makes and models. For more information...



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See Ya there!!