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Tony Hall

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Tom & Donna Gouldy’s ’89 Mustang Police Interceptor
It’s The Ultimate Power Trip
By Jim Smart
Photography: Tom Rounds



          Pennsylvanians Tom and Donna Gouldy enjoy a good life because they have consistently met their goals along the way. A case in point is this ’89 Special Service Mustang Police Interceptor acquired from the Florida Highway Patrol. It took the Gouldys more than a year to nail down this one, but it was worth it. The Gouldys bought this Mustang through a dealer in Syracuse, New York, who had purchased the car at a Florida auto auction.

          When the ’89 was doing pavement duty in Florida, it was known as Unit No. 1526, stationed at Troop H in Madison. Since the Florida Highway Patrol will not sell these retired cars in the FHP colors, the car was repainted in white, and then

sent off to auction. It had just 72,000 miles showing.



          The Gouldys decided to restore the SS Mustang back to its as-delivered condition. The restoration took the expertise of Glazier’s Mustang Barn in Souderton, Pennsylvania, where the bodywork and painting was done. What discouraged the Gouldys’ during the restoration was the pricing and limited availability of Fox-Chassis Mustang parts. What surprised them was how many of the parts are obsolete today, just 10 years after the car rolled off the Dearborn assembly line.



          Without a doubt, a Mustang such as this has a wealth of memories from its time as a Florida cop car. The Gouldys’ found a spent 9mm shell in the trunk, a mud dauber’s nest on the fuel tank and gasoline receipts (with enabled them to talk with the trooper who drove the Mustang) and more.


          Taking the wheel of a ride such as this is the best part about owning an SS Mustang. It’s a real road car with a five speed, 5.0L H.O. performance and extraordinary handling. The 3.08:1 axle ratio allows excellent acceleration, coupled with a top end of 160 MPH. Those blue cooling system hoses are specific to the SS Mustang. They are designed to take extremes of heat and pressure that come with long idle periods and sudden blast onto the super slab. Other SS Mustang features include a relocated remote deck-lid release, an engine oil cooler, reinforced front floor pans, a single key locking system, an auxiliary transmission cooler (automatics only), a heater hose inlet restrictor, and black cast aluminum wheels.



          The Gouldys’ also enjoy a 1965 Mustang convertible clad in Caspian Blue, that’s driven occasionally as Pennsylvania weather permits. And this brings home a point. You can have it all when you’re committed to excellence, preserving history and the finer quality called special performance.

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A View From The Inside… SVT

By Dave Dempster SVT/Engineering


Greetings Tyler and to all CVMC members!


          This is an excellent question Tyler.  The answer is actually a combination of all the scenarios you mentioned. Many times concepts vehicle designs are driven from upper levels of management when a specific theme or style of vehicle is desired, such as the GT90, Mach III, Tremor, or the Indigo. These are the vehicles you would normally see at the large international auto shows.



          Then there are vehicles such as the Boss Mustang that was conceived from a PR idea to have a head to head challenge with Chevrolet with their hottest Camaro.

          The Mustang Super Stallion was an idea that John Coletti came up with to showcase Fords ability to use alternative fuel (in this case alcohol) in a high performance application.



          There are also some vehicles in our fleet that were conceived in 'freeform style' or as you put it "I would really like to see a _______". Our latest project, nicknamed Lightning Bolt, is a Ranger truck with an F150 Lightning power train and chassis and is a good example of this.



          Finally there are the vehicles that are driven by public demand for increased performance. More horsepower, superior handling, improved braking, etc. are essential to enthusiasts and racers.  The progression of Cobra R Mustangs from 1993, 1995, and 2000 are great examples of this.


          Whatever the rational for developing concept or show vehicles, the basic intent is always to highlight our great products to polish the Ford oval.

          See you all next month! Drive smart and drive safe.

          Digging a hole to China, one burnout at a time....




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CVMC Friday At The Track

By George Bobrovski


          The goal is to get club members together and go to Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) Friday after work.


July 12th


          We will meet at Starbucks in Willowlawn at 5:30 pm or 6:15 pm (for the Southside folks). So, don’t be shy and come on out and have a great time Racing at VMP.


Cruise In’s For July And August

By Tony Hall


          Ok folks it’s time to go Cruise In. Come on out and join other club members as we tour the area’s Cruise In’s. We will meet every Saturday (weather permitting) at Willowlawn Parking Lot in front of Starbucks at 5:30 pm. We leave at 5:45 pm. Those members who live close to the Cruise In can meet us at the site. But, the idea is to Cruise together. Nothing like seeing a long line of Mustangs pulling into the Cruise In parking lot.


July 6th Target on Midlothian; Tony Hall

July 13th Shell/Bill’s BBQ on Route 250 in Centerville, Goochland Co.; Tony Hall

July 20th Garden Ridge; Tony Hall

July 27th Zero’s on Route 36 in Hopewell; Tony Hall

August 3rd Target on Midlothian; Tony Hall

August 10th Shell/Bill’s BBQ on Route 250 in Centerville, Goochland Co.; Tony Hall

August 17th Garden Ridge; Tony Hall

August 24th Zero’s on Route 36 in Hopewell; Tony Hall

August 31st Target on Midlothian; TBA


          That’s the schedule for July and August.

          I would like to thank everyone who participated in all of the Cruise In’s for June.

          Be sure to attend as many as you can. Let’s show Richmond that CVMC is a club to be in.

          I also want to let the club know that there are other Cruise’s on Friday Night’s. There is one at the Ukrop’s off of Route 10 near the Chippenham Parkway Interchange in Chesterfield County. There is another one at South Park Mall in Colonial Height’s. There is yet another one at a new gas station/store on Route 5 near the I-295 Interchange in Henrico County (Varina).

          So, be sure to check these little hot spots out and see what’s cookin.


Super Cruise To Manassas, Va.

By Tony Hall


June 15, 2002


          June 15th was a fantastic day for a cruise. We met at the Holiday Inn (formerly know as the Howard Johnson’s) on Parham Road at the I-95 interchange at 3:30pm. Those participating were Billy & Kim McDaniel’s in their AC Cobra Replica, me in my 1995 SVT Cobra, Rusty Wiseman (he rode with me), Laura Thompson in her 2001 Mustang, Ben & Cynthia Brown in their 2001 Mustang Bullit, Tom Enroughty in his 1988 ASC McLaren Mustang, Tom & Katie Harlow in their AC Cobra Replica & another Ac Cobra Replica and Richard & Mary with their Corvette from the Richmond Corvette Club.



          Like I said the weather was perfect. We took off up I-95, the traffic was heavy but moving along at or above the speed limit. The trip went by fast. Along the route I had Rusty hanging out of my window to get some pictures of the group going up the road. Little did Rusty know but if he dropped my camera I was going to hit the Eject button.



          The drive took about an hour and a half. As we rolled into the Cruise In, the place was already full. But, we found a few place’s to squeeze into. There must have been at least 17 AC Cobra’s there. Most of them were kit cars but I think there was a real one there too. There was at least that many Mustang’s there too.



          There was your usual number of well maintained and beautiful Street Rod’s, Muscle Car’s & Antique’s. We even saw an old Pink Thunderbird with a Rumple Seat in the trunk.

          We passed out every Show Flier we had (Kenny, we need more fliers). We also, ran into some members of the NCRMC passing out their fliers for the up coming MCA National Show in Fairfax, Va. We introduced ourselves and talked for a while. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at the MCA National.

          I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Super Cruise. I hope we can have another one in August to another part of the state.


Gloucester Car & Craft Show

By Bob Overbey


May 25, 2002

          The Gloucester Show was not as well attended by CVMC as in past shows, but it was a great show, and the weather was beautiful (no hard downpours). The
cruise to
Ware Academy is always enjoyable to this writer. The traffic was heavy, but the old '67 289 3-speed (with one egg shaped rear tire) kept up with
the flow with ease.

          There were 389 vehicles, with lots of new cars I hadn't seen before. There were only 3 antique mustang convertibles, an abundance of antique coupes and
numerous late models including Cobras, SVT's, a Bullet edition and a Jack Roush Mustang (WOW).
   Our club participants and their awards were:
Kenny Fischer - 1st place with his 1965 Fastback
Nellie Fischer - 1st place with her 1989 LX
Bob Overbey - 1st place with his 1967 Convertible
A.C. Harris - 1st place with his 1965 Fastback
      (Best Mustang)

          The cruise back to Richmond was enjoyable, the shrimp, oysters, crab cakes, etc. at Nick's was as good or maybe a little better than usual. When I left Nick's, Kenny, Nellie, Jason and Marcus were still eating. Let's hope they didn't get lost again on the return trip home.





Patrick Henry High School Show


By Carroll Lipscombe


          Another beautiful day in Virginia and yes another great Car Show. The place was Patrick Henry High School in Hanover County.

          The show was sponsored by the Hanover Community Center, Inc. The show was a big success. 175 beautiful cars attended the show.

          CVMC members made out very well at the show. Ben & Cynthia Brown won 2nd place in their class with their 2001 Mustang Bullit. Carroll Lipscombe won 1st Place in his class (original antique) with his 1964½ Mustang Convertible.

          Congrats to Carroll, Ben & Cynthia. Way to go!


Bon Air Parade

By Tony Hall


May 11, 2002


          It was a beautiful May day for a parade. You just couldn’t ask for anything better. We met at the Bon Air Presbyterian Church. CVMC had a good turn out. Seven members made it to the parade. They were Llew Stakes, Nigel Harris, David Koogler, Jimmy Norwood, Bob Overbey, Nancy Overbey and myself.



          While we were waiting for the parade to get started Llew looked down at his right rear tire and noticed that it looked a little low. I leaned over and low and behold Llew had a piece of wood sticking out of the tire. Yes, folks you heard me right. A piece of WOOD!



          As the time was near for the parade to start we had to pull a pit stop CVMC style. Llew pulled out his jack and spare tire. I got my trusty ACME Patented Lug Wrench. Llew had that car jacked up and tire changed in no time flat.

           The parade started on time and there was a good crowd as we wound our way through Bon Air’s windy narrow streets. If you like old Victorian Style Homes then Bon Air is the place to go.

          The parade took about a ½ hour to 45 minutes to complete. We all had a great time as usual and Llew didn’t have any more flats.

          Thanks to everyone who participated.


CVMC Annual Summer Splash!!!


          Yes folks it’s that time again for the CVMC Summer Picnic & Pool Party. So, break out those bathing suits and beach towels. Dust off those Jimmy Buffet CD’s. It’s TIME TO PARTY!!!

          Where is this Big Bash you say. It’s at Don Smith’s house (directions below).

          When is this Shin Dig you say. It’s July 27th and starts at 12 noon and last til when ever.

          Who will be there you ask. You will.

And many of your CVMC friends.

          How do I get there you ask. Go to the intersection of Midlothian Pike & Courthouse Road. Go south on Courthouse Road until you get to the light at Hull Street Road. Continue south on Courthouse Road until you get to Qualla Road. Take a right onto Qualla Road. Drive about 6 miles on Qualla Road until you get to an intersection with a four way stop at Spring Run Road. Continue through the intersection until you get to Donegal Drive, which is your second road on your right. Take a right onto Donegal Drive and Don Smith’s house is the second house on the left. 12431 Donegal Drive. In case you get lost Don’s phone number is 790-1211.

          There will be plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers. Bring a side dish like baked beans, chips and potato salad. You know, that kind of stuff.

          So, come on out and have a blast. See ya there.


18th Annual CVMC Car Show Update        

By Tony Hall


          I would like to thank the following sponsors for helping to make this show a success.

          Burford’s Exxon is sponsoring the Best Of Show Trophy for Early Mustangs.

          Bill Johnson is sponsoring the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Trophy’s for 1965-1966 Mustang Fastbacks.

          Weaver’s Transmission is taking out a Quarter Page Ad in our Program.

          Mary’s DugOut Restaurant & Bar is sponsoring the 1st Place Trophy for 1971-1973 Mustang Fastbacks.

          Foster & Miller, P.C. is sponsoring the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Trophy’s for SVO’s, SVT Cobra’s & Saleen’s


          It’s time to start registering for the show. Besides getting a $5 discount you will not have to worry about getting it in at the last minute.

          Two and a half more months till SHOW TIME so, spread the word, pass out fliers, tell them about the website .


MCA National

Stars, Stripes & Stangs

Hosted By: The National Capital Regional Mustang Club

By Tony Hall


          Be sure to tune in next month for the whole truth and nothing but the truth on how CVMC members fared at the MCA National in Fairfax. There should be plenty of pictures in the newsletter and even more on the website.


          July Birthday’s


          Looks like we have a bunch of birthday boys and girls this month.

July 9th, Mike Young

July 16th, Judy Gupton

July 19th, Larry Crow

July 27th Silina Nichols

July 30th Paula Ramsey

July 30th Bob Overbey


Congrats and Happy Birthday to all.



Regional MCA Shows

MCA National

July 12th to the 14th, 2002, Youngstown, Ohio  
National Mustang Stampede hosted by the Mahoning Valley Mustangs at Holiday Inn Metroplex. Contact Joe Horne at (330) 792-1004 or John Hougelman at (330) 448-0215. Show website:

July 13th     Paulsboro, NJ 
Cruise hosted by South Jersey Mustang Club at Rita's Water Ice, W. Broad Street, 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.southjerseymustang or call Charles Van Leuven at (856) 423-7750.

July 21st     Randolph, OH
The Northeastern Ohio Mustang Club will sponsor the 20th Annual All Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Car Show, Car Corral and Swap Meet at Randolph Fairgrounds on Sunday, July 21st, 2002. Randolph, OH is 15 miles west of Akron.  The show has 24 classes with 3 trophies per class and Best of Show. Music, food, trivia, door prizes, 50/50 raffle. Proceeds to benefit a local charity. Registration is 8:00 am to 12:00, judging at 12:00 and trophies awarded by 4:00pm. Admission is $10 for show cars ($7 pre-reg), $6.00 for car corral and $3 for spectator (under 12 free). For info call Becky 330-376-0915 leave address for flyer or e-mail

July 27th to the 28th      Muncy, PA 
The North Central Mustang Club presents the 6th Annual "Fords at the Mall" All Ford-Powered Car Show. 50 Mustang and Ford-powered show classes, SCCA autocross, Ford SVT and race car display, chassis dyno, hundreds of door prizes, etc. Info at or Tom Shreiner (570) 584-5547, Rod Dieffenbacher (570) 435-0807.

July 28th     Cincinnati, OH
22nd Annual Mustang and Ford Show July 28, 2002 Cincinnati, Ohio hosted by the Tri-State Mustang Club.  Open to all Mustangs and Ford-powered cars and trucks. 32 Classes.  Forest Fair Mall (Note Location Change from 2001).  I-275 at Winton Road Exit 39 (Forest Park/Fairfield Exit) Forest Fair Mall is in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati Take I-75 to I-275.  Registration: 9AM to Noon. For more information: See our Web Site for details on classes, Registration Form, maps, photos and more or call Farrel Buis (513) 821-4928 Al Friedel (513) 771-4558

August 3rd      Chesapeake VA
Mustang Club of Tidewater proudly hosts The Mid Atlantic Car show at the Chesapeake City Park. All makes, Models and vendors welcome 1st, 2nd and 3rd places awarded in all classes, best in show, Judges Choice and Club Participation awarded also. Entry fee $20.00 and 2 cans of food for the Oasis Food Bank. For more information contact Jim Ray at 757-468-6719 or

August 4th     Erie, PA
Lake Erie Mustang Owners Club and Sears Tire & Auto Center present the 14th Annual Mustang Round-Up at Sears Tire & Auto Center at Millcreek Mall.  Nine Mustang classes (164 1/2 - present) three trophies per class plus two Best of Show (1964 1/2 - 79 and 1980 - present) and other special awards.  Awards presented at 4 p.m.  Wall plaques to all participants.  Registration 9 a.m. - noon.  Preregistration $10; day of show $12.  All proceeds benefit Greater Erie Area Habitat for Humanity.  For more information call (814) 825-5421, (814) 838-8153, or (814) 664-9460

August 10th to the 11th      Atco, NJ 
2nd Annual NMRA Ford Nationals at Atco Raceway. Car show hosted by South Jersey Mustang Club. For more information, visit or call Herb Sharp at (856) 768-8428.

August 11th     Lithia Springs, GA
Georgia Regional Mustang Club's 15th Annual John Bleakley Ford Summer Mustang and Ford Show.  Judged show with typical classes and awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Show located at John Bleakley Ford on Thornton Road.  Gates open 8 a.m.  Registration 8:30 a.m. - noon; awards at 4 p.m.  Registration $20; early registration postmarked prior to July 27th, $15.  For information, contact Joe Krumpelman at (770) 578-1354 or e-mail

August 17th     Newport News, VA
All Ford Car/Truck Show and Swap Meet at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.  Show sponsored by Styling Stangs of Hampton Roads.  Show and vendor information - Mark Falin (757) 988-0989 or Jeff Whitt (804) 693-7864, or visit

August 17th     Chattanooga, TN
The Thunder Valley Mustang and Ford Club hosts its 7th Annual Mustang and Ford Powered Show to benefit the Barth Syndrome Foundation. Located at Hamilton Place Mall parking lot, between Sears and Just For Feet, off of I-75. Judging with modified MCA rules. 25 Classes with photo plaques for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Award of Excellence. Trophies for Best of Show, Best Engine, Longest Distance Traveled, Best Club Participation, and Sponsor's Choice. Registration 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Registration for all classes $25, Pre-Register $5.00 off, MCA Members $5.00 off, Vendors Fee $25.00. Registration form available online. For more information contact Ralph Flynn at 423-870-4946, Sherry Dickey 423-332-4474, or visit

August 18th     Coopersburg, PA
The First Pennsylvania Mustang Club Presents: The 26th Annual Coopersburg Collector Car Show and Flea Market on Sunday, August 18th, 2002 from 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. at Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park Route 309, Coopersburg, PA.  For more info contact: Blair Rittenhouse (President) 2600 Northwood Ave. Easton, PA 18045 (610) 923-6255 (BEFORE 8:00P.M. EST) or visit our website

2002 MCA Grand National
August 29th to September 1st, Charlotte, NC

Thunder in Carolina hosted by the Carolina Regional Mustang Club at Lowes Motor Speedway.  Jack Roush will be the banquet speaker.  Contact Carol Barker at (704) 542-8093, Pat Suddeth at (704) 455-1232, or Betty O'Neal at (704) 0474-5929,  
Application Form
Hotel Information
Show Highlights
- updated 5/21
Vendor and Sponsor Application
Kids Night Out

Sponsor Levels

Track Event
- updated 5/17
Mustang Madness


Non-MCA Events

July 3rd to the 4th   Roanoke, Va.    Big July 4th Celebration in Roanoke! July 3rd is a cruise around the main strip in Roanoke. The police have set aside their cruise restrictions for this event. There will be bands plus free food and refreshments. On July 4th the downtown area will be closed for a car show. Registration is 8 to 10 and the show ends at 2 PM. There will be lots of vendors and food. All money from the show goes to help the auto gallery of the Transportation Museum. The cost is $25 before June 15th. You will receive a dash plaque, special t-shirt and goodie bag. After the show you can participate in a parade. That evening there will be fireworks and you can visit the Salem Fair. I will post the application for this show later. If you wish to go please email me at

July 4th   Yorktown, Va.        Yorktown Auto Show & Forth of July Celebration. Sponsored by The Classic Cruisers Car Club & Gloucester Toyota. Awards to the Top 25 (provided by York Awards). Open to the first 80 Antique, Classic or Muscle Cars (pre-1982). $15 registration only on the day of the show. Gates open at 9am. Cars must be in place by 11am. Judging starts at 11:30am. Awards given out at 3pm. Dash plaques, goodie bags and door prizes will be available. For more info. Call Yorktown 4th of July Celebration Committee, Debbie Hipple at (757) 898-4562, or Dave Arnold at (757) 820-3909; E-mail , Hal Hartel (757) 867-6336; E-mail , or visit the Classic Cruisers Car Club website at

July 12th to the 14th   Ohio            5th Goodguys PPG Nationals at he Ohio Expo Center, Ohio State Fairgrounds. Rods, Customs & Classics through 1972. Friday Night Drags. Info. (925) 838-9876 or Fax (925) 820-8241 or website at

July 13th    Frederick, MD
3rd Annual All-Makes Car and Truck Show and Vendor Swap Meet Hosted by the Mid-Maryland Ford Club with 32 classes, 150 trophies, to include all years, makes and models. Participant voting. Walkersville Fire Company Carnival Grounds. Route 194 and Frederick Street off US 15. 9am – 3pm. For show info call weekdays before 5pm (410) 760-0072 and after 6pm Dave (301) 570-2077 or Ron (301) 694-7093.

July 13th to the 14th   Dinwiddie, Va. Muscle Car Power fest at Virginia Motorsports Park. All makes and models Car Show. Celebrate the history of horsepower. Car Show and Nostalgia Drag Racing. Info: (804) 862-3174 or visit VMP website at

July 20th    Colonial Beach, Va.

10th Colonial Beach Truck and Van Show sponsored by Purvis Ford Lincoln-Mercury and Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. Trophies will be awarded. T-shirt, cap, dash plaque for the first 75 entries. Horseshoe tournament, poker run with cash prize, games, puppet show, karaoke contest with cash prize and Truck and Van Parade. All proceeds go to the Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. For info call Pat at 804-224-8068 or Carlton at 804-224-0989.

July 26th to the 28th   Carlisle, Pa.   Summer Carlisle Show at the fairgrounds. For info: (717) 243-7855 or the website at

August 1st to the 4th   Louisville, Ky. 33rd NSRA Street Rod Nationals - Louisville, KY Fair & Exposition Center Info: 901-452-4030 or web site at

August 3rd     Charleston, WV
The 6th Annual Fall Intl. Late Model Mustang Owners Club & Registry Mustang car show and Cruise-In will be held at the Southridage Center. In front of Hampton Inn & Toy-R Us parking lot in back lot store, in Charleston, WV. The show part is open for all 1979-2002 Mustangs and the Cruise-In is for all fox body’s cars. The show will be held from 10:30pm-4: 30pm. 1st 50 get dash plaques. The cost for the show is $10.00 and $5.00 for the Cruise In. All proceeds from the show goes to the Ronald McDonald House of Charleston. WV. From interstate I-64 take exit 58A Oakwood RD. then take US RT 119 South 4 1/2” MI South from the exit. For info 304-562-6742or 304-610-3508 e-mail

August 3rd    Radford, Va.          Ninth Annual David "Pud" Memorial Car Show. Top 50 Awards, best in show, best paint, Fire Chief's Award, best engine, longest distance traveled and much more. Early entry is $12, $15 day of show. Location is Bissett Park, Radford VA. For more Info call (540) 731-3617 or (540) 731-3618 or email Michael Walters at

August 11th   Danville, Va.       Piedmont Vintage Tin Street Rods Run In the Park, Danville, VA

August 17th to the 18th   Colonial Beach, Va.                          Colonial Beach Rod & Custom Show Info: 804-224-9691

August 10th     Kernersville, NC
The SVT Cobra Mustang Club (Carolina Chapter) announces its First annual SVT Cobra/Mustang Car Show at Ciener-Woods Ford in Kernersville, NC. The event starts at 08:00 am and has 9 Mustang/Cobra classes and 1 Special Interest class. There will be three trophies per category, raffle prizes, 50/50 drawing, and more to be given out. The awards presentation will be at 4:00 pm. For more information and a registration form go or contact John Pearson at or call (336) 712-4109

August 24th   Chester, Va.          MDA Benefit Show at Great Coastal Trucking on Route 10 near I-95 in Chester, VA. More info on the web site

August 24th     Hagerstown, MD
6th Annual All Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Mustang Car and Truck Show and Vendor Swap Meet. Hosted by the Mid-Maryland Ford Club at Mason-Dixon Dragway on US 40, 5 miles East of Hagerstown, Maryland with 43 show classes, all years. Participant voting, drag racing all day – Ford Powered ONLY. 9am – 3pm. For show info call weekdays before 5pm (410) 760-0072 and after 6pm Dave (301) 570-2077 or Ron (301) 694-7093.

August 31st Littleton, N.C. 8thAnnual Littleton Craft & Car Show Route 258, Littleton, NC Info: 252-586-5785


Track Events

July 28th Dinwiddie, Va.        Autocross at Virginia Motorsports Park


Central Virginia Mustang Club

Minutes of Meeting,

June 5, 2002

By Brenda Jones


          President Tony Hall called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. Tony asked if we had any visitors. We had one. Karen gave the Treasurer's report. We started the month with a balance of  $2128.49.  We had income and deposits of $1850.00. This gave us a balance of $3978.49. We had expenses of $262.94. This gives us an ending balance of $3715.55. 

          Kenny gave his report on upcoming car shows.

           June 8th - Fairfield Commons show - 1st annual

           June 15th - Richmond AACA regional show- only members of AACA may show their cars this time.  They already have over 400 pre-registered.

           June 28-30th - Stars, Stripes and Stangs - Fairfax - National Show

           June 29-30th - Fun Ford Weekend - Virginia Motorsports Park

           October 19th - Gloucester Car & Craft Show

          Llew gave his report on parades. These have slowed down. The next parade that Llew knows about is the Autumn Harvest on October 14th. 

George Bobrovsky - Told us about the Dinwiddie Friday night plans. They get down there on Friday nights. They will be having another autocross on June 16th and 27th.

Tony gave a report on the Cruise Ins.  We have had a pretty good turnout so far. This Saturday (6/8/02) the cruise will be up at the Shell station on Broad Street.  There is a Bill's Barbeque in the service station. They usually have around 100 cars show up. Meet at Willow Lawn at 5:30 to cruise up. Tony went to the show at Roanoke on May 4th. He took 3rd and Donnie Nichols took 1st. There will be a super cruise on June 15th. Meet at Howard Johnson’s on Parham & 95 at 3:30 p.m. We will cruise up to Manassas from there.  Kim and Billy McDaniel also said that Arnold's in South Hill is another cruise in spot. 

          Linda Cosier gave her report on picnics and parties. The Christmas party will be December 14 at The Vinings clubhouse. We have to be out of there at 10:00 p.m. The annual pool party will be held at Don Smith's house again this year.  There will be a map in future newsletters.  The date of the pool party is July 27th. 

          Tony asked if anyone was going to the National show at Fairfax on June 28-30. Living Legends will be at that show.  They should have several neat cars to show off.

          Bob Overbey gave a report on the Gloucester show. Kenny took 1st with his 1965 fastback, Nellie took 1st with her 1988 LX, A. C. Harris took 1st and Bob Overbey took 1st also.  Kenny and Nellie took the new road and got lost but they eventually made it down there.

          Tony has received several emails.  Dave & Judy Dickey are moving to Richmond from Northern Virginia and want to join a club when they get here.  They have a 67 Sprint Mustang. Tom Tignor has contacted Tony and told him that Mustang Bill will be closing out and be gone by the end of the summer. If you need any parts for your cars, contact and see Bill for specials and closeout prices.  Amy Bluenthal's husband has been sick since September. He has a bone marrow disease and in presently undergoing tests.  Place him in your prayers. 



          WE had the drawings for the door prizes and the 50/50. Tonight the pot for the 50/50 was a little larger than last month.  Ronald Martin won. Tony adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m. 



President: Tony Hall

Vice President: George Bobrovski

Secretary: Brenda Jones

Treasurer: Karen Lane

MCA National Director: Paul Oliver


Carroll Lipscombe

George Cosier

Don Lane

David Lythgoe

Bob Overbey

Mike Rowe


Newsletter Editor: Tony Hall

Assistant Webmaster: Rusty (Obi-Wan) Wiseman

Webmaster: Tyler (Yoda) Owen

Awards and Trophies: Mike Young

Club Merchandise: Nellie Fischer

Car Shows: Kenny Fischer

Membership: Karen Lane

Door Prizes: Brenda Jones

Cruises: Tony Hall

Parades: Llew Stakes

Judging: Don Lane

Track Events: George Bobrovski

Refreshments: Brenda Jones

Technical Advisors

Sonny Coble 282-4932

Kenny Fischer 743-1490

Bill Jarvis 262-2137

Carroll Lipscombe 329-5901

Rick Nochta 321-5383

Richard Jones 740-2096


Club Sponsors
Present your club membership card at the following business to receive valuable discounts.

Harold Sales
Kar Kraft & Mirror Glaze Products

First Class Towing
Lloyd Liggan

NAPA Genuine Auto Parts
Reference Cash Account #1918

Ray Broyhill Ford
Hopewell, VA

Richmond Motor Company
4600 West Broad St.

Rick's Restorations
1400 Valley Rd.

Seredni Tire & Auto
Northside 266-4955
Southside 232-4515
Mechanicsville 730-1440

Lay Oak
Don Lane

Advance Mobile Glass

Weaver Transmission
2406 Mechanicsville Pike

Dave's Upholstery Shop
5702 Mechnicsville Pike

Midas Muffler & Brake Shop
3700 Hull Street Road

Dockside Mobile Marine
Hanover Industrial Air Park

C.P.'s Mufflers
3320 Mechanicsville Pike

Air Conditioning Services
All Types
Mike O'Conner 743-8339
Kevin Kean 271-0771

Capital Windshield Repair
Richmond Steve Fine

W.B. & Son Auto Care & Detail
Detail Shop
Gary Sager 354-0980

Jeffe Locke
Professional Appraiser of Antique, Classic and Special Interest Vehicles. $50 a car when in group of four.

Carroll's Tree Service
10% discount to club members
Carroll McCauley

Beach Construction
Roof Contractor
Jimmy Beach 271-5225

Batteries Plus
10% discount to club members
10070 Midlothian Turnpike

Truck Outfitters
10% discount to club members
2025 Boulevard
Colonial Heights, VA


Next Meeting

Wednesday, July 3, 2002 at 7:30 PM
Upstairs at Richmond Ford On West Broad Street!
See Ya there!!

August Meeting
Wednesday, August 7, 2002 at 7:30PM