The Galloping Gazette
Issue 182
February 2002

"The Snake PIT"

"General Beware, The Terminator has Arrived"

BY Tony Hall
CVMC Club President

Last August I was very lucky to take a VIP Tour of the SVT Skunk Works. As we walked through the door, low and behold. What did my eyes see? Why, it was 10 Terminators smiling at me. You know, I could have sworn that I heard whispers coming from those Terminators...."Buy Me, Buy Me, You Know You Want Me!" I must confess there was a Terminator in particular that I fell in love with but, that's another story for another day.

     The following is an article published on Stangnet.Com. It's a story about the FIRST unveiling of the 2003 SVT Cobra, commonly know as....

SVTOA Presents - 2003 Mustang Cobra Reveal


     It's Tuesday, February 5th 7:02pm at the Arlington Heights Ford Dealership in Arlington Heights, Illinois. A group of 75-80 people are huddled around a mass of iron and aluminum covered in a blue tarp. Beneath the tarp lies a snake whose poisonous venom can sedate even the powerful shriek of a firebird. As the tarp is removed the 2003 Cobra's definitive muscular stance is revealed. The 2003 Cobra is powerful...70 more pounding horsepower than the previous Cobra to be exact. A more powerful Mustang at an affordable price answers the call from Mustang, SVT, and car enthusiasts worldwide. SVT improved the Cobra with 390 hp and 390 ft/lb of torque on a lightweight price tag of ~$35,000. No other production model Mustang has been driven off the lot with this much power. Tom Scarpello, SVT Marketing Director, along with other members of the Ford SVT gave us the lowdown.
      Starting with the engine, the 4.6L DOHC engine has been redesigned with the only carry-over from the previous Cobra power plant being the crankshaft itself. The block is cast-iron with new Manley forged H-beam connecting rods and forged pistons, similar to those found in the SVT Lightning. The flywheel is a lightweight aluminum unit that is similar to the 2000 SVT Cobra R. On top of the engine lays newly designed aluminum heads specifically made to compliment the boost and higher flow. The intake has an integrated water-to-air intercooler to increase the effectiveness of the Eaton Roots-type supercharger's 8 psi of boost. The engine is rated to produce 390 hp at 6,000 rpm and 390 ft/lbs of torque at 3,500 rpm in comparison with the 2001 Cobra's 320 hp at 6,000 rpm and 317 ft/lbs of torque at 4,750 rpm. The engine is married to a TTC T-56 6-Speed manual transmission with an aluminum driveshaft fitted with upgraded universal joints behind it. The rear end now contains a much-desired 3.55:1 gear ratio. The independent rear suspension received upgraded bushings and an additional tubular cross-brace to maximize stability under heavy loading. The coupe gets higher rated springs of 600 lb/in in front and 600 lb/in in the rear. Ford also has designed the convertible with its own suspension tuning of 500 lb/in front springs and 470 lb/in rear springs. All four corners receive Bilstein dampers and the rear brake pads have been upgraded with new material. The exterior and interior of the Cobra receive new treatment including:
  • New front fascia
  • Functional dual vent-scoop hood
  • Reshaped rocker panels Color-keyed foldaway outside mirrors
  • Integrated spoiler in the rear deck
  • Lightweight composite construction of the hood and rear deck
  • New high-quality sound insulating cloth on the convertible top
  • New front bucket seats with power adjustable thigh and side bolsters and power lumbar
  • Titanium-color gauge faces including a boost gauge and electroluminescent lighting
  • Metal-trimmed pedals
  • 9" wide wheels wrapped in 275 rubber

As someone said at the presentation, "I pity the SS driver who mistakes this snake for an older model." Ford has really made an effort to give the buyers something they want. You spoke, they listened, and now we have the ability to drive a 390 hp Mustang off the lot and all for approximately $35,000.
After I was thoroughly impressed with the reveal and presentation by the SVTOA I was getting ready to leave and I happened to see them drive the Cobra out of the building. As they turned onto the street, with barely a grunt, the Cobra kindly left me its autograph on the pavement. With that in mind I look forward to seeing what Ford will bring next.

Article courtesy of -AdamJ and pictures courtesy of Stangnet.Com


Xtra!! Xtra Read All About It!!

New Addition to the CVMC Newsletter

Well, folks, this is a new addition to the newsletter. I hope everyone enjoys it. The purpose of this feature is to have an inside look at SVT. My friend Dave Dempster (SVT/Engineering) has agreed to participate in this feature. So, if you have any questions about past or current SVT vehicles, or how SVT operates please send them to me via e-mail or phone; (804) 285-0759. Make sure if you use e-mail to put SVT in the subject line. I will be sending Dave ONE question per month so it's a first come first serve basis. I have asked Dave to introduces himself to the club. So, without further delay here's Dave.



From the Inside... SVT

By David Dempster,Powertrain Systems - Special Vehicle Team/Engineering (SVT)

     Greetings CVMC members and Mustang enthusiasts! First of all, thank you for asking me to be a contributor to your monthly newsletter! One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is interacting with customers and fellow enthusiasts around the country. One on one feedback from customers, be it positive or negative, is an invaluable tool for future product planning and engineering, and we take that feedback seriously at SVT Engineering.
     My good friend Tony Hall has asked me to give you a little background and a brief (Me? Brief? Hmm...)insight as to what I do at SVT Engineering. I was born and raised in the heart of auto industry, Detroit Michigan. I came knocking to Ford Motor Company's door in the fall of 1978 with a passion for cars inherited from my Dad and an enthusiastic desire to build hot cars. I initially worked building prototype and one off vehicles with "experimental" engines, then moved on to calibration development engineering on the MN12 Thunderbird and Cougar platform for several years before getting the nod in September of 1995 to work in what was then know as SVE (Special Vehicle Engineering.) My first assignment here was to simultaneously help develop two preliminary powertrain calibrations for a supercharged V8 automatic F series pick up truck, and a 5.0L H.O. V8 manual Ranger pick up for market research.
     With my partner (there were only two powertrain engineers here at that time) we completed them and the trucks went out for the research. The end result? The tire melting F150 Lightning you see today! Sadly, the Ranger did not make a good business case, so the project was shelved. (Of course we continued to "massage" it with a supercharger, GT40 aluminum heads, suspension and chassis upgrades, etc.!) I moved on from that to being assigned as the powertrain systems engineer for the 1998 SVT Contour. My primary function as a powertrain systems engineer at SVT Engineering, on any program I am assigned to, is to insure that all powertrain related testing and development is performed properly and complies with or exceed all requirements. These include mandatory compliance for safety, regulatory, and internal corporate guidelines and requirements. Performance is of course a big part of the overall equation here, but safety, emissions and fuel economy are also important aspects of vehicle development. The SVT Contour was a great platform to begin working on here because it was a true enthusiasts car with many great features that made it a blast to drive, and equally crucial, it was SVT's first entry into the sports sedan market. The car was a huge success for SVT and Ford. Regrettably the SVT Contour was quietly retired early in 2000 when the entire Contour Mystique line was discontinued. Next up, it was on to (yawn) the 2000 Mustang Cobra "R" for me. Seriously, this car is one hot piece! Those of you who may have had an opportunity to drive one, (or better yet OWN)! Know what I'm talking about. My current assignment you ask? The 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra. Nuff said?
     Additional duties include responsibility for the SVE concept and show vehicles such as GT90, Boss Mustang, Super Stallion,
and the Indigo to name a few. I handle all requests for these vehicles for shows and displays and insure they get to their respective venues around the world. (I think this is how I acquired the title of "Coletti's Henchman...) I can sum this up in a few basic words. I am proud to be a Ford employee and blessed to have a great job here at SVT Engineering. I look forward to speaking with and meeting many of you at future events.

"Digging a hole to burnout at a time!"


Elected Club Officers

This is the schedule for April & May Cruise In's. We will meet in the Willow Lawn Parking Lot at the corner of Willow Lawn Drive and Broad Street between 5:30pm to 5:45pm (weather permitting of course). Then we will caravan to the Cruise In. Those of you who live near the Cruise In site for that date and don't feel like driving to Willow Lawn. Then meet us at the Cruise In. I hope everyone in the club will participate in at least one Cruise In per month. Even if your car is not in Show Condition, bring it anyway. I have seen plenty of Works In Progress at these Cruise In's. Let's have some fun.

Tony Hall

  President Tony Hall 285-0759
  1st Vice President George Bobrovsky 355-4180
  2nd Vice President Susan Morris 421-0292
  Secretary Brenda Jones 740-2096
  Treasurer Karen Lane 748-6889
  National Director Paul Oliver 744-4587
  Directors David Lythgoe  
  Don Lane 748-6889
Carroll Lipscombe 329-5901
George Cosier 271-2139
Bob Overbey 272-3598
Mike Rowe 559-2681
    Newsletter Editor J.T. Wells 400-3312
  Awards & Trophies Mike Young 730-3993
DATE - APRIL 6th   Car Shows Kenny Fischer 743-1490
PLACE - TARGET ON MIDLOTHIAN TNPK.   Club Merchandise Nellie Fischer 743-1490
CVMC Member - Billy McDaniels   Door Prizes Herbert Hudson 748-6014
    Membership Susan Morris 768-0342
  Parades &Cruises Llew Stakes 262-5789
DATE - APRIL 13th   Judging Steve Shaver 768-1209
PLACE - BILL'S BBQ IN CENTERVILLE, GOOCHLAND COUNTY   Refreshments Brenda Jones 740-2096
CVMC Member - Billy McDaniels   Parties & Picnics Kim McDaniel  
      Linda Cosier 271-2139
SPECIAL EVENT   Scrapbook Bonnie Fischer 276-3384
DATE - APRIL 20th   Technical Advisors Sonny Coble 282-4932
PLACE - GARDEN RIDGE   Kenny Fischer 743-1490
CVMC Member - Billy McDaniels Bill Jarvis 262-2137
  Carroll Lipscombe 329-5901
SPECIAL EVENT Rick Nocha 321-5383
DATE - APRIL 27th Richard Jones 740-2096
CVMC Member - Tony Hall  
DATE - MAY 4th DATE - MAY 4th
CVMC Member - Tony Hall CVMC Member - Tony Hall
DATE - MAY 11th DATE - MAY 18th
CVMC Member - Tony Hall CVMC Member - Tony Hall
REMINDER Asphalt Angels Car Show
  By J.T. Wells
The Great Steak Place Cruise is scheduled for March 9th . Anyone that is interested should meet at the New Kent Rest Stop at 3 p.m. It was yet another good turn out of spectators and participants in this years "Asphalt Angels" show that was held at the "The Showplace in Mechanicsville. As usual the Mustang Club had a good showing of cars of all ages and shapes. Several CVMC Members did well with their cars. Congratulations to the following CVMC Members:
First Place Winners
  • Richard Jones - 1964 ½ Mustang Convertible

  • Billy McDaniels - 1970 Mustang Mach 1

  • Tony Hall - 1995 Mustang Cobra

The St. Patrick's Day parade will be held on March 17th.
  Second Place Winners
  • Carroll Lipscombe - 1967 Mustang GTA

  • Herbert Hudson - 1936 Ford

  Third Place Winners
  • George Godsey - 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

Asphalt Angels Pictures
Meeting Minutes
6 Feb 2002

President Tony Hall called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. New members/guests present included: Andy Helquist, who owns a '94 GT; Brett Hunnicutt, who owns a '69 Boss 302; and Carolyn Bushaw, who owns a '66 coupe, which also happens to be for sale.

Treasurer Karen Lane reported a beginning balance of $1177.67 with deposits of $160.00 (RRC tickets) and $454.00 (membership dues), and withdrawals of $170.00 (Christmas party), $25.49 (phone bill), and $10.00 (Car Club Council membership dues), for a final balance of $1576.28. There are presently 44 paid members.

At the Board of Director's meeting held in January, it was decided to increase CVMC membership dues to $25.00, effective April 1, 2002. The car show fees will increase to $15.00 for pre-registered vehicles and $20.00 for day-of-show registration; this should help with the change problem at the registration desk. Tyler Owen is the webmaster for the official CVMC site. It costs $40.00 per year, and is easier to access than the former sight through Hemmings. Presently, there are no passwords needed for access. The vendors on the website offer discounts if merchandise is ordered via Internet. Eastwood offers 12% of the sale back to the club; Ford Collection offers 3% of the sale back to the club; Advance Auto offers 5% of the sale back to the club (self-pickup the merchandise at the nearest store). The bulletin board offers an area to showcase member's cars, sale items, and the current newsletter. There was discussion regarding how to put the newsletter on the site vs. continuing to mail via snail-mail at a fairly great expense.

J.T. Wells is editor for the newsletter. The current edition is in black & white only, but he hope to be able to do color. He would like to feature member's cars.

George Bobrovski reminded members about a couple of autocrosses in February and another in June at Summitt Point, WV. He proposes having "Fat Friday at the Track" at the Virginia MotorSports Park for an evening of fellowship, working on cars, and pizza or wings, about once a month, perhaps the first Friday after the monthly meeting, April to October. Also, the Virginia International Raceway, in Milton, North Carolina, is
hosting the 50th Anniversary of the Austin-Healy.

Kenny Fischer listed the following car shows and activities:

Mar 2 Chesapeake Auto Swap Meet
Mar 9 CVMC cruise to The Great Steak Place in Norfolk
Mar 22-23 MCA Gulf Coast Shootout, Pensacola
Apr 7 CVMC Adopt-A-Highway

May 24-26 MCA Georgia
June 28-30 MCA Fairfax
July 12-14 MCA Youngstown, Ohio
Aug 31-Sep 2 MCA Grand National, Charlotte

Members going on the cruise to Norfolk will meet at the New Kent rest area on I-64 at 3:00 PM. Adopt-A-Highway will have trash pickup on April 7,
meet at the Midlothian K-Mart at 9:30 AM, followed by lunch at the Pizza Hut.

George Cosier reported from the Car Club Council, and Fred Fann, there is a bill currently before the Virginia General Assembly that would fund car
crushers. Please contact your representatives to urge defeat of the bill.

Kenny was selected to be Car Show Chairman. Don Lane will serve as Head Judge, with David Lythgoe as assistant. Joan Tucker and Karen Lane will handle registration. Paul Oliver and Larry Kidd will manage marketing (securing sponsors, donations, etc.). Richard Jones will coordinate parking. George Bobrovski will assemble the public address system. Brenda Jones will solicit donations for doorprizes and will make arrangements for the portable toilets. Carroll Lipscombe will borrow a trailer to use as a
mobile command post. There was discussion regarding
designing an official show t-shirt.

Tony reported that SVT has confirmed they will attend the show with the '02 Focus and the '03 Cobra Terminator, and a couple of other specialty vehicles. David Lythgoe has been in contact with XL102. Joan has not been able to contact the gentleman who has been
the disc jockey for the show for the past couple of years.

Llew Stakes reminded members of the St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 17. We will meet at the K-Mart on Glenside Drive at 11:30 AM; we must be inside the former Reynolds' Metals complex by noon. The parade steps off at 2:00 PM. On April 27, there will also be
a parade in King William to celebrate it's Tricentennial. The parade steps off at 10:00 AM. We don't have information regarding the Azalea Parade
yet, but it will be either April 20 or April 27.

Congratulations to Ben and Rhonda Kale on the birth of their son, Zachary Benjamin Kale, on January 28, 2002.
Proud grandparents are Don and Karen Lane.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, March 6th 2002
At 7:30 p.m., upstairs of
Richmond Ford on
Broad Street.

See Ya there!!